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Updated October 22, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
White House Defends Drone Strikes
  US Drone Strikes Could Be Classed as War Crimes, Says Amnesty Int'l
  Follow-Up Strikes Launched Against People Rescuing Wounded
  US Targets Suspects With Drone Strikes Who Could've Been Captured
NSA Revelations Set Back Police State Schemes
  NSA Spying Scandal Grows Amid Anger in France and Mexico
  Doc Shows TSA Doesn't Think Terrorists Plotting to Attack Airplanes
White House on NSA Complaint: 'All Nations' Spy
  NSA Recorded 70 Million French Calls in 30-Day Period
  Hollande to Obama: 'Deep Disapproval' of US Spying
Iran Diplomacy Hinges on Battle in Congress
  Would Israel ‘Go It Alone’ and Bomb Iran Amid Warming US Relations?
Without Rebel Support Syria Peace Talks Unlikely
  The 'German Camp': Jihadists From Germany Set Up Base in Syria
  Record Numbers of Foreign Jihadists Surpass Afghan-Soviet War
  How One Syrian Radio Station Took on al-Qaeda
Amnesty Accuses US of War Crimes Over Drone Strikes
Afghan Govt: Differences Remain on US Pact
US Aims to Calm Saudi Anger Over Syria, Iran Diplomacy
Only Two US Army Brigades Now Combat Ready, Chief Says
US Increasingly Supporting Government Repression in Africa
Better to Not Protest the NSA Than to Hold Hands With Libertarians, Says Progressive Scribbler  by J.D. Tuccille
A Peek at the Ideology of a Prominent NSA Defender  by Conor Friedersdorf
Brothers Grim Left Legacy of Mischief  by Paul McGeough
The Coming Era of Tiny Wars and Micro-Conflicts  by Tom Engelhardt
The Myth of the Better War  by Christopher Preble
From Dissident Gold to Imperial Dross: The Neutering of the NSA Archives  by Chris Floyd

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New NSA PRISM Slides From Glenn Greenwald
An Interview With Pierre Omidyar
The Man Who Fights Iran
New NSA PRISM Slides From Glenn Greenwald
Zombie CISPA Bill Pushes Forward With NSA Support
Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to ADL List
Spying on Everyone
Rep. Amash Announces Plans to Introduce Bill to Curtail NSA Spying
Library of TV News Clips on Recent Revelations About the NSA
Feinstein Defends NSA Data Collection and Insists Program Is 'Not Surveillance'
Even Spy-Crazy France Is Surprised by America's Giant Surveillance Net
US Admits: French Surveillance Revelations Raise 'Legitimate Questions'
NSA's Section 702 Success: 150 Gigs of Defense Contractor Data Protected
US High Court Asks Obama Administration's View on Bank Secrecy
The NSA Files: How They Affect You - Video Animation
NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Discusses Meeting Snowden andMost Critical Revelations From Him (So Far)
The War at Home
Child Victims of CIA Drone Strike to Appear Before Congress
DoD Loses Spending Flexibility Designed to Blunt Effects of Sequestration
Judge Says Whistleblower Protections Don't Apply Abroad
The Alarming Mistakes Police Made After the Boston Bombing
Chief Guantanamo Prosecutor Agrees That Al-Libi Should Be Tried in Federal Court
The Navy Is Building a Stealth Battleship Strike Force
$7 Billion Warship: US Navy's Largest Destroyer Ever Built Gets Ready to Set Sail
US Drone Strike Kill Top Taliban Leader in Kunar Province
Afghanistan Rejects Release of 2500 Pakistani Prisoners
Families Suspect SEAL Team 6 Crash Was Inside Job on Worst Day in Afghanistan
Pakistan Train Blast Kills Seven in Balochistan
Pakistani Taliban Attack Border Check Post in Spin Boldak
Relative Arrested After Family of Five Killed in Islamabad
NASA Reverses Ban on Chinese Scientists
Visiting China, Pentagon Officers Step Up Dialogue
China Oil Imports From Iran Rise 24% in September
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Raises Defense Budget
Egyptian Christians Fear Chaos After Wedding Bloodshed
Student Protests at Egypt's Al-Azhar Challenge Army
Egypt's Army Chief Rides Wave of Popularity Towards Presidency
NATO to Advise Libya on Strengthening Its Military
Is Libya on the Brink of a New Civil War?
Gadhafi Widow Demands Return of Libya Dictator's Body
Nigerian Government Under Fire for Expansion of Surveillance Programs
Cholera Kills 50 in Northern Nigeria in a Week
US Military Investing Heavily in Africa
Many Civilians Killed, Wounded in South Sudan Village Attacks
Mozambique Government Troops Surround Base Housing Opposition Leader After Violent Clashes
DR Congo Peace Talks Suspended Again
Sahrawis Clash With Police as UN Envoy Visits
In Other News
Google Sends a Lifeline to Internet Users in Iran and China
UN Passes New Resolution on Women's Role in Peace Processes
Iran Nuclear Deal Could Allow It to Enrich Up to 5%, Russia Says
Iran Sees Nuclear Talks With Powers Finishing Within Year: Official
Netanyahu's Mission: To Head Off Iran Sanctions Relief
US Negotiator to Brief Congress on Iran Talks
Iranian Officials Debate Confidentiality of P5+1 Talks
Foreign Minister Connects With Iran Youth on Facebook
Nuclear Talks Secrecy Allows Iran's Hardliners to Argue US Has Upper Hand
Iran Gives Russia Copy of US Scaneagle Drone as Proof of Mass Production
Today in Syria
Why Syria Peace Conference Is a Tough Sell for Kerry: Assad Wants to Come
Syrian Rebel-Held Suburb Appeals for Urgent Help
Syrian Troops Kill Prominent Army Defector
Syria Warplanes Strike Near Damascus to Halt Rebel Push
Syria's Assad Says No Obstacle to Running in 2014 Election
Polio Cases Spark Alarm Over Rise in Diseases Including Flesh-Eating Parasites Due to Civil War
Syria and the World
Rebels Along Lebanon's Border With Syria Brace for Government Offensive
2 Syria Mortars Land in Golan Heights
Number of Syrian Refugees in Turkey Exceeds 600,000: Turkish Official
Rockets Fired From Syria Hit Lebanon's Hermel
Jordan's Rural Poor Chafe Under the Burden of Hosting Syrian Refugees
Norway Launches Interpol Hunt for Two Teenage Girls Bound for Syria to 'Help' Rebels
Ex-Shin Bet Chief: No Chance of Peace in Current Israeli Political Climate
The Only Palestinian Running for Jerusalem City Council
Former Senator Weicker Says He Was 'Lobbied' to Be Silent About Palestinian Suffering
Bennett Calls on Netanyahu to Bring Jerusalem Bill for Urgent Cabinet Vote
US Envoy Indyk Staffs Up to Intensify Israeli Palestinian Peace Push
Bomb Discovered Along Gaza Border Fence
EU Head Lithuania: Israel Must End Settlements
Palestinians Slam Israeli 'Incitement' Against Abbas, Say It Hurts Peace Talks
30 More Palestinian Prisoners to Be Released, Sources Say
Liberman: Arab Spring Proves Israeli Occupation Not a Problem
Gunmen Attack Police as Baghdad Sees More Bombings, 22 Killed
Russians Begin Arms Shipments to Iraq Under $4.3 Billion Contract
Kurdish Concern Over Iraq's Growing Military
Middle East
Report: US Cancels Drone Deal With Turkey
Clashes in Bahrain Following Burial of Young Fugitive: Video
Amnesty: Saudi Arabia 'Failing to Address Human Rights Concerns'
6 Killed in Suicide Attack in Southern Russia
Russia Identifies Suicide Bomber as Woman From Dagestan
Dutch Take Russia to Maritime Court Over Greenpeace Ship
Student Pleads Guilty to Attacks on British Mosques
EU Rights Court Deals Blow to Spain Over ETA Prisoners
Poland Disappointed With European Ruling Over the 1940 Katyn Massacre
Former Informant Suing US for Abandoning Her in Colombian Jail
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