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Updated October 23, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
US Drone Strikes Radicalizing a New Generation
  US Drone Strikes Killed Pakistani Grandmother, Laborers
  Follow-Up Strikes Launched Against People Rescuing Wounded
  US Targets Suspects With Drone Strikes Who Could've Been Captured
White House Defends Drone Strikes
  America 'Back in the Business of Killing'
  US Drone Strikes Could Be Classed as War Crimes, Says Amnesty Int'l
  CIA Drone Strikes Could Encourage Use by Hostile States, Lawyer Warns
Geneva in Doubt: Syrian Rebels Reject Talks
  Al-Qaeda Complicates Syria Peace Talks
  Al-Qaeda Occupies Syrian Christian Town, Kills Nine
Iran Talks: Devil Is in the Details
  Top Israeli Minister: Keep the Boot on Iran's Neck
NSA: America's Powerful Electronic Spy Service
  Court: NSA Doesn't Have to Hand Over Presidential Order
  The US Has Been Spying on France Since Before the NSA Existed
  Leaks 'Undermine Washington's Ability to Act Hypocritically'
Army Chief: US Not Ready for Huge Future Wars
  Boeing Routinely Overcharges Pentagon, Robbing Taxpayers Blind
Bombers, Gunmen Leave 47 Dead, 97 Wounded Across Iraq
Docs: Dead Boston Marathon Suspect Tied to 2011 Killings
Instead of Confirming Jeh Johnson, Senate Should Abolish Homeland Security  by Gene Healy
Eric Schlosser, Bard of Folly  by Konstantin Kakaes
Obama Could Lift Iran Sanctions Tomorrow, if He Wanted To  by Yochi Dreazen
The Price of War  by Letta Tayler
Egypt's Lobby by Proxy Wields Outsize Influence in DC  by Zaid Jilani
NSA Programs Overseas Violate Americans' Privacy, Yet Escape Oversight  by Jennifer Granick

More Viewpoints

HRW Report: 'Between a Drone and al-Qaeda'
State Dept. Claims Only US Govt Can Count Civilian Drone Casualties Accurately
House Panel Nixes Grayson's Request for Syria Intel
UN Atomic Agency Suffers 'Malware' Attack
Armed Citizens May Be the Solution to Terrorism, Says Interpol Secretary General
Netanyahu to Prod Kerry on Iran After Vatican Visit Scrapped
In Iran, Relations With US a Matter of National Interest
US California Pastor Detained in Iran After Protest
Iran's Hardliners Planning 'Death to America' Rally on Anniversary of US Embassy Attack
Norway Mulls Destroying Bulk of Syria's Chemical Arsenal
UK's Hague Stresses Support for Syrian Opposition
Search for Belgium Teen Who Went to Syria, but Was He Radicalized?
Child Killed in Lebanon Clash Over Syria
Israeli Planes Reportedly Overfly Southern Lebanon
Einstein Letter, on Sale at eBay, Blamed Jewish Terrorists for Risking 'Catastrophe' in Palestine
Peres Warns Enemies of Israeli Air Force's Hidden Abilities
Abbas: Israel Will Be Responsible for Any Failure of Talks
Wanted Palestinian Militant Killed in West Bank Raid
In a Harvest, Palestinians Cast a Light on Hardship
Gaza's Poorest Struggle to Survive
Palestinians, Israelis Discuss Water in Latest Peace Talks
US University to Open 'Peace Campus' in Nazareth
Palestine 'A Demographic Bomb', Former US Envoy Says
Bombers, Gunmen Leave 47 Dead, 97 Wounded Across Iraq
Four Mayors Resign After Receiving Threats
Report: Turkey Could Annul Secret Cooperation Agreement With Israel's Mossad
EU Agrees to Restart Turkey Membership Talks Next Month
Rights Group Warns Against Bahrain's Use of Tear Gas Against Protesters
Bahrain Sentences Six Protesters to 10-Year Jail Terms
US Missile Attacks Killed Civilians in Yemen: Rights Group
Yemen: Police Quell Sanaa Prison Riot
Pakistan PM Sees Ending Drone Strikes Key to Fighting Extremism
8-Year-Old Girl on Drones: 'When They Fly Overhead I Wonder, Will I Be Next?'
Drones? What Drones? Obama and Pakistan's Sharif to Accentuate the Positive
Ex-Envoy Says Misunderstanding Runs on Both Sides of US-Pakistan Ties
PM Nawaz Sharif Says Pakistan Ready to Go Extra Mile With India
'Pakistan Plans to Enhance Defense Exports in Near Future'
3 Local Police Killed in Kandahar 'Insider Attack'
8 Afghan Soldiers Killed, 8 Others Injured in Taliban Attacks
US Officer Says Taliban Will Fight This Winter
Front-Runners Survive Cull of Many Presidential Candidates
NATO Optimistic About US-Afghan Security Agreement
Investigators Raid Agency of Military in South Korea
UN Criticizes China's Rights Record at Geneva Meeting
Spying on Everyone
NSA Tapped 1.8 Million Dutch Phone Numbers in One Month, Dutch Media Reports
Critics Condemn New EU Data-Protection Legislation
French President Hollande Berates US Over Spying Claims
France Wants US Spying Allegations on European Summit Agenda
Mexico Calls on US to Widen Spy Probe After New Allegations
Civil Liberties Group Sues Canada Over Spying
Clapper Memo Reveals Rationale Behind NSA Review Group Secrecy
When Will the Govt Correct False Claims It Made to the Supreme Court About NSA Surveillance?
Guantanamo Guards Accused of Seizing Private Legal Documents
Despite Obama's Promise, Just Two Out of 84 Cleared Prisoners Freed From Guantánamo
Defendants in 9/11 Case at Gitmo Seek Right to Pursue Claims Under Global Torture Treaty
The War at Home
US Troops to Use Android App to Order Airstrikes
Security Check Now Starts Long Before You Fly
White House Official Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name
Lawyer for Accused al-Qaeda Figure Says Case Will Take Months to Prepare
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers From Chelsea Manning's Lawyer
Prosecutor Cites Statement by Terror Suspect
Libi Health Deteriorated Since US Capture: Family
Army Acknowledges Its Artillery Started Massive Stuart Creek Wildfire in Alaska
Egypt: Attack in Sinai Kills Soldier, Civilian
GOP Senator Holds Up $60m in Economic Aid to Egypt
Egypt Police to Be Tried Over Detainee Tear-Gas Deaths
Egyptians Abandoning Hope and Now, Reluctantly, Homeland
Libya: Militias, Politicians Meld in Explosive Mix
Libyan Media Claims Terrorist Cell Arrested
Benghazi Brigade Detains Foreigners Over Bombings
North Africa
Tunisia Govt Expected to Resign Ahead of Crisis Talks
Morocco Journalist in 'Terrorism' Trial Seeks Bail
Mozambique Ex-Rebels, President Want to Avoid War
US Concerned About Mozambique Violence, Urges Dialogue
Mozambique's Renamo: Four Decades on the Losing Side
Nigeria Military Says Killed 37 Boko Haram Militants
Rebels Claim Blaze at Nigerian Oil Refinery; Officials Say No Cause for Alarm
Islamic Police in Nigeria's Kano Launch Immorality Crackdown
Gunmen Wound Somali Reporter
Kinshasa Accuses M23 of Recruiting Soldiers in Rwanda
Spain Releases ETA Convict After European Court Ruling
Tory MP Says Guardian Should Be Prosecuted
Rasmussen: NATO Won't Extend Membership to Ukraine, Georgia
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