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Updated October 24, 2013 - 11:14 PM EDT
NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders
  NSA Spied on 124.8 Billion Calls in One Month
  Claim on 'Attacks Thwarted' by NSA Spreads Despite Lack of Evidence
  US Won't Say If They Tapped Merkel's Phone
  US Spy Chief: French Spy Report 'Misleading'
Iran Halts 20 Percent Uranium Enrichment
  Israeli Intel Minister: Iran Serious About Nuclear Deal
  Despite AIPAC Lobbying, Obama Admin Pacifies Congress on Iran Talks
  Netanyahu Warns Kerry Against Iran Deal
Pakistan PM Adamant: Drone Strikes Must Stop
  Secret Memos Reveal Explicit Nature of US, Pakistan Drone Agreement
Syria Chemical Disarmament Deadline Will Be Met
  Kerry and Top State Officials Split Over Syria Talks
  Syrian Rebel Infighting Hastened Release of Lebanese Pilgrims
78 Killed, 53 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Horror
AFRICOM Chief: No Plans to Scrap AFRICOM
US Scrambles Amid Saudi Threats to Downgrade Ties
A Government of Secrecy and Fear  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Ten Explosive US Government Secrets About Israel  by Grant F. Smith
Time for the Truth About 'Targeted' Killings and US Drones' Civilian Victims  by Naureen Shah
A Response to Eric Alterman  by Max Blumenthal
When Justice Is an Accomplice to Murder  by Rami G. Khouri
The Tragic History of US Military Supremacy  by Nicolas J.S. Davies

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Stars Take a Stand Against NSA Snooping
Bahrain Bought More Tear Gas Canisters Than It Has Citizens
British Links to Al-Shabab Revealed
No Progress on NATO, Russia Missile Defense Row
Boston Bomb Suspect Named in Triple Murder
Greenwald Wants to Return to US, but Afraid to Do So
Germany Helped US With 'Illegal' Drone Attacks
White House Meeting With Congress on Iran Thursday, May Ask for Delay in Sanctions
Sheldon Adelson Says Obama Should Fire 'Atomic Weapon' at Iran, Not Negotiate
Iran's Hardliners: Weaker but Louder
Iranian Hardliners Sic Media on Top US Nuclear Negotiator
Iranian Who Survived Execution Will Be Spared Second Hanging
UN Envoy Says Iran Human Rights Record Should Not Be Overlooked Amid Overtures
Iran Sends Out Feelers for Any Return to Oil Markets
Syrian Army Siege East of Capital Tightens as Food, Supplies Dwindle
Jihad and Back: German Fighters in Syria
Much of Syria Blacked Out by Rebel Attack on Gas Pipeline: Government
Damascus Says 'Only Syrians' Will Choose Leader
NATO: Russia May Assist in Destruction of Syria's Chemical Weapons
Report: Israeli Warplanes Bomb Hezbollah Missile Shipment on Lebanon-Syria Border
Low Turnout, No Major Upsets Mark Israel Local Polls
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Mayors Keep Posts; Right-Wing Populists Register Successes
Masked Settler Beats Palestinian With Metal Pipe
Middle East Peace Talks Go On, Under the Radar
Abbas Urges EU Firms to Boycott Settlements
Palestinian Cameraman Shot in the Head by Israeli Soldier While Covering Military Operation Near Bil'in
78 Killed, 53 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Horror
Rawa Police Chief Arrested
Iraq Sees Hefty Return to Oil Growth in 2014
Middle East
Yemen Foils al-Qaeda Prison Break
Bahrain Teenager Killed by Blast in Shi'ite Village
2 Killed, 27 Injured in Clashes in Northern Lebanon
Mysterious Website Seeks Names, Phone Numbers of Alleged Hezbollah Agents
Focus on Arab States to Fill Saudi Security Council Seat, Kuwait a Front-Runner
Afghan Election Candidates Warned Over Phone Bombs
Afghan Bomb Squads in Short Supply as NATO Set to Leave
Couple Beheaded in Helmand Province for Having Love Affair
British Marines Murder Trial Hears Afghan Prisoner 'Executed'
India Says Soldier Killed in Cross-Border Firing
Pakistan Accuses India of Intensifying Violations
India and China in Border Defense Agreement
Tibetan Villager Denies China Government Account of Cousin's Self-Immolation in Rare Interview
China Paper in Detained Journalist Plea
South Korea Election Meddling Scandal Threatens Park
Fresh Protests in Cambodia Over Disputed Poll
UK Navy Now Has 15 Times as Many Commanders as Warships
UK Marines Accused in Court Martial of Executing Afghan Insurgent After Clash
Swiss Fighter Jet Crashes, 2 Crew Missing
Hungary Recalls 1956 Uprising, Awaits 2014 Vote
Spying on Everyone
Anger Growing Among Allies on US Spying
Merkel Spying Claim: With Allies Like These, Who Needs Enemies?
Mexico Slams US Over Claims That NSA Hacked President's Email
Australian Senator to Call Summit on International Surveillance Scandal
EU Parliament Urges Suspending Data Deal With US
Government Changes Policy on Warrantless Wiretap Defendants
US Agencies Moving Slowly to Tighten Data Security, Despite Major Leaks
NSA Surveillance Creeps Onto Tech's Lobbying Agenda
White House Twitter Renegade
Fired White House Tweeter Accused Official of Leaking Stuxnet
Stung by a Twitter Renegade, Group in Obama Administration Launched Sting of Its Own
@natsecwonk Was Poised for a Leading Pentagon Job
Records: Guantánamo Inmate Injured in CIA Custody
Guantánamo Defense Attorneys Want to Accuse US of Torture – but Can't
US Military
US Army Chief: Despite High-Tech Arms, War Requires Ground Troops
Pentagon Federal Credit Union at TSA Headquarters Robbed
Sequester Could Ax F-35 Jets
Ex-Judge Advocates Ask Congress to Investigate Top Marine Officer
Forrestal, Navy's 1st 'Supercarrier' and Site of Disaster, Sold for 1 Cent
Army Lets Air Out of Battlefield Spyship Project
China Yangtze River Yields American WWII Bomber
Egypt Military Officers Back Army Chief for President
Egypt Considers Law That Could Sharply Limit Protests, Months After Coup Against Morsi
Key Suspects in Benghazi Attack Include Former Courier, Bodyguard for al-Qaeda: Sources
Insecurity Casts Doubts Over Libya's Political Transition
Tunisia Security Forces Killed in Militant Attack
Thousands Protest Before Tunisia Crisis Talks
Our President Is Too Busy for a War Crimes Trial, Kenya Tells UN
Norwegians Tried to Stop Kenya Mall Attack Suspect From Joining Somali Militants
Kenya's General Karangi Rebuffs Army Looting Claims
'White Widow' Lived Near Other Kenyan Mall
Two Chadian Soldiers, Civilian Killed in Mali Bombing: Army Source
West African Bloc Urges Members to Send Troops to Mali
'Renamo Attack' on Mozambique's Maringue Police Station
Zimbabwe Warns Mozambique's Renamo Not to Resume War
UN Set to Send Mission Guards to Central African Republic
Protesters in Sudan Seek Justice Via Twitter
Somali Pirates Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison
Head of DC-Based Russian Cultural Center Being Investigated as Possible Spy
Russia Replaces Piracy Charges Against Greenpeace Activists With Hooliganism
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