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Updated October 25, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
Rally Against Mass Surveillance Saturday in DC
  'Stop Watching Us' Eyes Big Rally Against NSA Surveillance (Q&A)
NSA Chief: Reporters Must Be Stopped
  Ex-NSA Chief Spills Secrets While Riding Amtrak
NSA Monitored Calls of 35 World Leaders
  Obama Defiant, But NSA Surveillance Alienates Allies
  Germany, France Demand 'No-Spy' Agreement With US
  US Warns NSA Collaborators: Snowden Docs Would Out You Too
Report: Syrian al-Qaeda Leader Killed
  Lebanon Unlikely to Attend Syria Peace Talks
  Syria Releases 61 Female Detainees in Three-Way Swap
  In Syria, Fear of Spies Pervades Rebel and Government Ranks Alike
Dems Could Break With Obama on Iran Sanctions
  Legislation Authorizes Military Force Against Iran
Israel: More Settlements for Prisoner Release
  Palestinians, Israelis May Be Talking, but Tension Mounts by the Day
Afghan Contractors: Anatomy of a Failure
Former Drone Operator Shares His Inner Torment
US 'Concerned' After Turkey Buys Chinese, Not US Arms
US Ex-Official: Yemen Drones Strikes Create More Enemies
Bashing 'Isolationists' While at War in the World  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Liberals Should Unite With Libertarians (sometimes)  by David A. Segal
Israelis, Saudis Just Getting Started in Opposing US-Iran Detente  by Mitchell Plitnick
Confessions of a Drone Warrior  by Matthew Power
Blame Liberals for Obama's Illegal Drone War  by Noah Feldman
It's the Spies, Not the Leaks, That Threaten Our Security  by Seumas Milne

More Viewpoints

American Foreign Policy in the Age of Leaks
by Henry Farrell & Martha Finnemore
Nigeria Pirate Attack: US Sailors Seized
Glenn Greenwald: Enemy of the State
Interview: Glenn Greenwald and the Future of Leaks
8 Years Ago: NSA Spied on UN Diplomats in Push for Invasion of Iraq
Guantánamo Prisoner Shaker Aamer Not Allowed to See Film of His Plight
Spying on Everyone
Europe Falls Out of Love With Obama Over NSA Spying Claims
Germany, Brazil Turn to UN to Restrain American Spies
Spying Between Friends 'Just Not Done': Merkel
Germany and France United in Fury Over US Spying Accusations
Did Obama Lie to Merkel in Berlin?
Student Group Gets Nod for Irish PRISM Challenge
ACLU Asks Justice Dept. to Probe Surveillance of Muslims by NYPD
Merkel Demands US Trust at EU Summit
UK Spy Chiefs to Testify in Public at Intel Committee for First Time
US Spied on Italian Government: Magazine
Did State Dept Leak National Security Secrets to NY Times?
The War at Home
Guantanamo Official Defends Cell Searches Amid Complaints That Private Papers Were Seized
UC Davis Pepper-Spray Officer Awarded $38,000 for 'Suffering' of Getting Suspended With Pay
Appeals Panel Upholds Conviction of Ghailani, Ex-Detainee
Who Is WikiLeaks' Sarah Harrison Really?
US Military
GOP Hawks: Spare Defense Spending
Hagel Set to Scuttle Internal Think Tank
Fort Hood Soldiers Say Army Warned Them Off Tea Party, Christian Groups
2 Injured, Suspect in Custody After Shooting Outside Tennessee Naval Base
US Watchdog Slams $500-A-Gallon Fuel for Afghan Hospital
Afghan Farmers Pay Taxes to Taliban on Govt Farms
Taliban Kill 4 Police in Afghanistan
Despite Billions in Aid, Afghans Can't Find Work
Afghan Defense Minister: Security Deal Will Pass
21 Afghan Children Recruited for Suicide Bombing Trainings Arrested
Opposition: Sharif's Drone Opposition Too Weak
Former Pakistan PM, Officials Deny US Drone Collusion
US Backs Pakistan Move to Hold Talks With Taliban
North Korea
North Korean Diplomats Finish Trip to Negotiate Release of Crew on Ship Seized in Panama
Mother: Reunion With US Man Jailed in North Korea 'Emotional'
China Paper in Second Front Page Plea Over Journalist
Manila Expects Early UN Ruling on Sea Dispute With Beijing
Norway's Somalis Worry Extremism Is Spreading
Russia Denies Running Espionage Trap in Washington
Poland's Role in CIA Torture and Rendition: Court Hearing Set for December 3
US Fines Mexican Police Chief $10 Billion for Drugs
Australia Fires Flare as Military Blamed, Pilot Killed
South Africa Plans Big Food Sales to Iran Once Sanctions Ease
UN Nuclear Agency Chief to Meet Top Iran Negotiator
Israel, Saudis Speaking Same Language on Iran: Livni
EU May Re-Impose Sanctions on Iran Ship Line Despite Court Order
Iran Blasts 'Unfair' UN Human Rights Report
Iran Export-Led Growth Strategy Depends on Sanctions Relief
Syria Troops Close in on Suburbs Hit by Chemical Attack
Hardships Mounting for Refugees Inside Syria
At Least 22 People Suspected of Having Polio in Syria
Israel Orders Demolition of 2 Palestinian-Owned Buildings
Israeli Military, Hamas Correspond on Twitter, Inadvertently Create Dialogue
Jewish Home to Present Bill Prohibiting Prisoners' Release
Report: Israel Alerted to Terror Plot Targeting Nationals in India
Europeans Discuss Terms for Israel's Return to UN Human Rights Council
Seven Suicide Bombers Attack Security Post; 24 Killed, 54 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Forces Begin al-Qaeda Crackdown in Anbar Province
Gunmen Kill Journalist in Mosul, Third This Month
Hungary Intends to Open Consulate in Erbil
US Pledges Support to UN Trust Fund for Resettlement of Camp Hurriya Residents
Maliki Calls for International Conference to Combat Terrorism
Middle East
Four Killed in Sunni-Alawite Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
The US-Saudi Breakup That Isn't
Greenwald to the Yemen Times: 'Even if Hadi Wants to Stop Using American Drones, I Don't Think He Has the Power to Do That'
Egypt Rights Groups Slam 'Repressive' Protest Bill
Egyptian Strongman El-Sissi Being Pressed to Seek the Presidency
Muslim Brotherhood Kick-Starts Protest Campaign for Morsi's Trial in Egypt
Eastern Libyans Declare Autonomous Government
Algerian Troops Find Huge Arms Cache on Libyan Border
Libyan Court Charges Gadhafi-Era Figures
Mutinous Soldiers Captured and Killed in Purge
UN and French Forces in 'Large-Scale' Operation in Mali
Westgate Attack: Kenyan Police Warn Journalists About Reporting Army Abuses
Thousands March in Tunisia Calling on Govt to Step Down
Madagascar to Hold Election in Attempt to End Political Deadlock and Recover Foreign Aid
Thousands of Desperate Eritreans Fleeing Rights Abuses: UN Envoy
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Hands Off Glenn Greenwald!

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The Sorrow and the Pity

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Crying Wolf Over Iran

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As in Iraq, Completely Withdraw US Forces from Afghanistan

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Ode to Miriam Carey, Post-9/11 Harbinger

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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