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Updated October 28, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
WH Rebuts Feinstein: Won't Stop Spying on Allies
UK PM Says Likely to Stop Media on Spy Leaks
  NSA Official: Obama Informed of Spying on Merkel
  NSA Denies Discussing Merkel Phone Surveillance With Obama
  Rep. Mike Rogers: France Should 'Pop Champagne' Over NSA Spying
  Has the NSA Protest Hit Critical Mass?
Family of Woman Killed by Drone Heads to Congress
  Drone Strike Kills Two Suspected Militants in Somalia
  UN Consensus Grows for Greater Transparency on Drone Civilian Deaths
Syrian Rebels: Attending Peace Talks Is 'Treason'
  Syria Meets Deadline for Chemical Weapons Plan
  Syrian Kurds Rout al-Qaeda, Seize Iraq Border Crossing
Bomb Kills 20 Afghans on Way to Wedding
  Amid Soaring Corruption, NATO Rethinks Afghan Mission
Car Bombs Kill 88, Wound 203 People in Iraq
Arms Companies Gripe About Sequester as Profits Soar
Dialogue Between Glenn Greenwald and NYT's Bill Keller
How Fear of al-Qaeda Hurts US More Than al-Qaeda  by David Rohde
America's Most Beloved War Criminals  by Justin Doolittle
Invented (and Real) Criticisms of the Human Rights Watch Report on Targeted Killings in Yemen  by Ryan Goodman
Please Tell Me, Mr. President, Why US Drone Assassinated My Mother  by Rafiq ur Rehman
Playing Hard to Get in the Middle East  by Stephen M. Walt
Bomb Me, Big Sheldon  by Matthew Duss

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Woodward: 'Secret Govt' at the Root of Problems
Group Smears Rep. Amash as Marxist 'Fellow Traveler' for Opposing NSA Spying
Pentagon Considers Delay in 9/11 Tribunal
Lawyers Ask Obama to Declassify CIA Prison Plan
Book: Castro Questioned by Warren Commission
NSA Disclosures Put US on Defense
Iranian Capital Takes Down Some Anti-American Posters
Sunni Group Takes Credit for Attack That Killed 14 Iranians
Iran Guards Kill Three Rebels in Kurdish Region
Reformists Agree on Nateq Nouri as Candidate in Next Parliamentary Election
Iran Sends Out Feelers for Any Return to Oil Markets
Dick Cheney: Military Action Against Iran May Be Inevitable
Biggest Barrier to Peace Is 'Unlimited' Funds Given to AIPAC, Says Ex-UK Foreign Secretary
Israel Agrees to Release Palestinian Prisoners
Germany Warns Israel to Face UN Rights Panel: Report
Israel Resuming Cooperation With UN Human Rights Council
Netanyahu Fails to Back Livni on Prisoner Release
Israeli Tunnel Hit by Cyber Attack, Experts Say
Experts: Israeli-Palestinian Security Cooperation Stronger Than Ever
Israel Attacks Possibility of Iran, Syria Joining UN Human Rights Council
Christian Zionists Help Settler-Farmers Take Over Palestinian Lands
Were Palestinian Shepherds Arrested on False Pretenses? Army Promises Probe
The World's Only Ethnic Time Zone
Netanyahu Halts Distribution of 'Loyalty' Poll to US Jews, Israeli Expats
Two Mortar Shells From Gaza Hit Western Negev
Death Toll in North Lebanon Clashes Rises to 13
Lebanon Army Ups Presence in Tripoli as Death Toll Rises
Middle East
Iraq: 88 Killed, 203 Wounded, as Bombs Target Baghdad and Mosul
Bahrain: We Use Tear Gas on Protesters 'Appropriately'
Turkish Kurds Hope for Linguistic Freedom
Spaniards Protest at European Ruling Benefitting ETA Inmates
Georgia PM Ally Giorgi Margvelashvili Wins Presidency
Colombian Rebels Free Former American GI
Spying on Everyone
Embassy Espionage: the NSA's Secret Spy Hub in Berlin
The Ever-Widening NSA Spying Scandal
PATRIOT Act Author Writes NSA Rollback
US Intercepts Tens of Millions of Phone Calls in Spain – Report
Brazil Fires Agent Seen as US Intelligence Source
German Minister Demands 'Complete' Answers From US Amid Anger Over Merkel Snooping
Can Germany Call on Snowden as a Witness?
NSA Knew All About Merkel Before Rest of World Met Her
Snowden's Leaks Most Serious in US History: Ex-CIA Official
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Govt Warns of Halting NATO Supplies
Kabul to Ask Pakistan About Taliban Chief's Whereabouts
North Waziristan Attacks: Solider Killed, Five Injured
India Election: BNP's Modi Rally Hit by Deadly Blasts
Thousands Rally Against Indian Kashmir Operations
Philippine Police Say 22 Killed Over the Past Month Ahead of Countrywide Village Elections
Bangladesh Opposition Strike Marred by Deaths
China Newspaper Apologizes Over Chen Yongzhou Reports
Al-Shabaab Menace Lingers Along Mogadishu's Edge
Somali Police Force Radio Station Off Air
Somali Journalist Dies in Hospital After Attack
In Libya's East, a Former Rebel Commander Tests Tripoli
Caught Between Sudans, Region Tries to Pick Side
Mozambique's Former Rebels Deny Fresh Attacks
Westgate Attack: Kenya Sacks Immigration Officers
Madagascar Election Is Free and Fair, Observers Say
MoD Has 'Serious Questions' to Answer Over Camp Bastion Raid
Young British Army Recruits at Higher Risk of PTSD and Suicide, Says Report
Britain's 'Forgotten' Nuclear Test Veterans Bring Their Battle for Compensation to Commons
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