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Updated October 30, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
NSA Steals Google, Yahoo Users' Data
  How NSA Collects Too Much Data From Yahoo and Google
  NSA Chief Denies Yahoo/Google Hacking Allegations
  Google, Yahoo Furious Over Reports That NSA Intercepts Data Links
Amash, Others Push Reform Over NSA Objections
  Amash, Others Push Surveillance Reform Over NSA Objections
  Intel Officials Defend Surveillance Tactics in Congressional Hearing
  Violations Led Judge to Consider Viability of Surveillance Program
  Embattled NSA Chief Rejects Calls to Limit Agency's Power
  Intelligence Vets: Of Course Obama Knew About NSA Spying
Proof Leaked, NSA Insists Spying on Allies 'False'
  NSA Surveillance Puts US-EU Trade Deal in Jeopardy
  Obama Spokesman Evades Question on Monitoring Netanyahu's Phone
  US Snooping Makes It a Neighborhood Pariah
Civilian Drone Strike Victims Appear in Congress
  Watch Tuesday's Hearing in Congress
  Only Five Members of Congress Attend Drone Testimony
  Drone Victims Share Dreams of a Life in Pakistan Without Fear
  'Not a Militant, but My Mother': US Drone Victims Testify
Iraq's Maliki Seeks US Arms, Offers to Mediate on Syria, Iran
  Suicide Bombers Attack Banquet, 50 Iraqis Killed
Syria Vice PM Fired Over Secret Meeting With US Envoy
  Syrian Military, Rebels Coordinate to Let 1,800 Civilians Flee Fighting
Over Obama Objections, Senators Ready New Iran Sanctions
US: No Idea How Many Afghan Troops Living in US Barracks
Islamic Extremist Attack on Nigerian City Leaves 128 Dead
Obama, Congress Owe Snowden Thanks, and a Pardon  by Robert Scheer
Don’t Take Your Eye Off Regime Change  by Ted Snider
How NSA Anger at Obama Undermines the Surveillance State  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Deep State  by Peggy Noonan
The Case for NSA Reform  by Sen. Patrick Leahy & Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
British Journalists Lock Each Other Up and Throw Away the Key  by Nick Cohen

More Viewpoints

The Fantasy of a Clean War
by Jeremy Scahill & Tom Engelhardt
This Year's Price Tag for NSA Is $52.6 Billion
22nd Time: UN Urges End of US Embargo on Cuba
Kremlin Slipped Spying Gadgets Into G20 Summit Gift Bags: Reports
Two New Journalists Join Greenwald's New Venture
Attacks on Aid Workers Hit Record in 2012
The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic
White House Meets Jewish Leaders to Press for Delay in New Iran Sanctions
ADL's Foxman Slams Kerry Remarks to Jewish Leaders
UN Nuclear Watchdog Says Iran Meeting 'Very Productive'
US Senators Seek to Cut Iran's Oil Sales in Half – Again
UN Envoy Meets Syrian Opposition Figure
UN Envoy Warns of 'Somalization' of Syria
Polio Outbreak in Syria Threatens Whole Region, World Health Organization Says
Syrians Under Siege in Egypt
400,000 Syrian Refugees Find Little Work, Crowded Schools in Jordan's Cities
Life Goes on in Tripoli's Warring Districts
Nasrallah Blames Israel for 17,000 Lebanese Missing Persons
Israel Rejects Lebanon Economic Zone Compromise
Israel Frees New Batch of 26 Palestinian Inmates
Abbas Said to Soften Stance on Interim Peace Agreement
Israel Roundly Rapped During UN Human Rights Review
Israeli Bulldozers Demolish Apartment Building North of Jerusalem
Lapid: Israel's Definition as Jewish and Democratic Is an Unsolvable Contradiction
EU Weighs Israeli Proposals to Resolve Settlement Guidelines Dispute
Suicide Bombers Attack Banquet, 50 Iraqis Killed
Senators Warn Obama That Maliki May Be Leading Iraq Back Toward Civil War
Disfigured Iraqi Girl Blocked From Urgent Surgery
Cheney Insists Iraq War Was Worth It Because of WMD
Middle East
Bahrain Teargas Stockpile Plan Faces International Opposition
Rights Group: Saudi Activist Given 3 Months in Prison for Signing Letter Calling for Reforms
Pakistan's PM Asks Taliban to Join Peace Talks
33 Small Blasts Across Sindh as Province Braces for Strike
Meet the One-Man Legal Machine Pursuing Justice for Pakistani Drone Strike Victims
Police Focus on Uighurs After Tiananmen Car Attack
Chinese Pianist Lang Lang Becomes UN Messenger of Peace
Is South Korea Stealing US Military Secrets?
Japan Minister: China Threatens Peace in Islands Row
A Decade Later, Toxins From Albania's Chemical Weapons Are Sitting in the Open Air
Bomb Found at Stormont Castle in Belfast
Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Charged Again
UK Home Secretary: Independent Scotland Would Face Greater Security Risk
Spying on Everyone
House Committee Hearing on FISA and Surveillance: Video
A Tale of Two Surveillance Reform Bills
Justin Amash, Bipartisan Group Introduce Bill to Curb NSA Spy Programs
Full List of Cosponsors for the USA FREEDOM Act
Spying on the World
Europeans Shared Spy Data With US
Spain Announces Inquiry Into Alleged Surveillance of Citizens by NSA
As It Denounces US Spying, Europe Delays Privacy Protection at Home
US Spying on Europeans a Symptom of a Paranoid Government, Germans Say
The World at Home
Al Jazeera America Announces Accelerated Growth Plan
The Department of Homeland Security Helped Itself to a Journalist's Documents
Federal Agents Raid Reporter's Home, Question Her About Prior Negative Stores and Seize Documents and Journalistic Notes
US Lawmakers Criticize Egypt Aid Cuts, Consider Changing Law
Egypt and Brotherhood Should Pursue Reconciliation: Minister
Egypt Athlete 'Stripped of Gold Medal' for Morsi Support
Egypt Arrests al-Qaeda Militant Previously Jailed for Sadat Murder
Dozens of Egyptians 'Missing' in Libya Desert
US Commandos Were Poised for Raid to Capture Benghazi Suspect
Gunmen Seize Truck Carrying More Than $50 Million in Cash in Libya
DR Congo
Six Dead in DR Congo Munitions Depot Attack
DR Congo M23 Rebels 'All but Finished', Says UN
Mass Graves Found as Troops Retake Congo City From Rebels
Five Held Over Kenya Massacre
Kenyan Soldiers Jailed for Westgate Looting
Sudan Arrests Seven University Professors in Crackdown on Protests
Mozambique Forces Overrun Second Ex-Rebel Base
Four French Hostages Freed in Niger: President Hollande
UN Official Describes Atrocities Pitting Christians vs. Muslims in Central African Republic
Uganda Arrests Peacekeepers Who Once Served in Somalia Over Alleged Theft of Gas, Rations
Britain Says 'Nonsense' That Liberia's Taylor Ill-Treated in Jail
Uruguay's Mujica Says He'll Withdraw Country's UN Peacekeepers From Haiti, but No Date Yet
5 Bodies Found Inside Abandoned Car in Western Mexican State Troubled by Drug Violence
Argentina Court Rules Controversial Media Law Constitutional
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Surveillance Is for Peons

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Turkey's Arms Purchase Should Jolt US Alliance Policies

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Taking Big Brother to Task

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The Sorrow and the Pity

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Crying Wolf Over Iran

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Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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