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Updated October 31, 2013 - 11:05 PM EDT
White House: Israel Attacked Syria Airbase
NSA Infiltration of Google, Yahoo Even Deeper
  NSA Breaks Into Google and Yahoo, Collects Millions of Records Daily
  How NSA Collects Too Much Data From Yahoo and Google
  NSA Chief Denies Yahoo/Google Hacking Allegations
  Google, Yahoo Furious Over Reports That NSA Intercepts Data Links
NSA Pushed 9/11 'Sound Bite' to Justify Programs
  NSA Non-Denial Denial 241,352,052
  Greenwald on NSA Claims About Misreporting of Two Slides
Obama Offers Tentative Support for NSA Reform
  Report: NSA Tapped Vatican Phones During Papal Conclave
  Tap on Merkel Provides Peek at Vast Spy Net
After US Resumes Aid, Pakistan Skews Drone Data
  US Drone Attacks North Waziristan Bazaar, Killing Three
Obama Struggles to Sell Congress on Iran Talks
  Despite Iran Concessions, Hawks Spread Fear of Deceptive Quest for Nukes
In Iraq, Sunni Attacks Spark Shi'ite Calls to Arms
Israel Issues Plans for 5,000 New Settlement Homes
Syria Peace Talks Face Delay as Big Powers Split
'Strange Bedfellows' Are Rolling Back NSA Surveillance  by Michael Tracey
Peace Process Is Doomed to Fail While Israel Stalls for Time  by Jonathan Cook
No, You Still Can't Trust What the NSA Says  by Peter Hart
Spying on the President  by Andrew P. Napolitano
A Welcome US/Saudi Reset  by Ron Paul
Why Do We Keep Insisting That Use of Force Be 'On the Table'?  by Stephen M. Walt

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Where's the Suspicion in Government's 'Suspicious Activity' Reports?
Rights Attorneys Working With German Politicians on Asylum for Snowden
Poland Asks Court to Hear CIA Jails Case in Private
Who Runs Gitmo Library? Navy Not Quite Sure
US Embassy in Australia Promotes Anti-Drone Movie
Spying on Americans
Our Best Chance Yet at Reining in Dragnet NSA Surveillance
How the NSA Is Infiltrating Private Networks
PRISM Already Gave the NSA Access to Tech Giants. Here's Why It Wanted More.
NSA Bombshell Shocks Former Spooks: 'Why in the World Would We Burn Google?'
NSA Sketches Explain User Data: Can You Do Better?
Congressional Duo Launch NSA Overhaul Bill
DNI Declassifies More Documents Regarding NSA Telephone Records Metadata Program
Even After NSA Revelations, Yahoo Won't Say if It Plans to Encrypt Data Center Traffic
Verizon Responds to Public Records Request With More Than 300 Totally Blacked-Out Pages
6 Steps Silicon Valley Can Take to Protect Users From NSA Spying
Lavabit and Silent Circle Join Forces to Make All Email Surveillance-Proof
Former Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge Doesn't Want the NSA Looking at His Emails
Spying on the World
NSA Director Hints at Scaling Back Some Surveillance of Foreign Leaders
US Tells UN It Won't Spy on World Body
Germany and Brazil Want UN Vote on NSA Spying
NSA Denials Are 'Implausible,' France Says
Tap on Merkel Provides Peek at Vast Spy Net
Report Says US Tapped Cardinals' Phones Ahead of Conclave
NSA: We Didn't Spy on Pope
Chinese Cities Victim of US Spying Scheme
EU Spying Backlash Threatens Billions in US Trade
Spain Colluded With NSA Spying on Its Citizens, Spanish Newspaper Reports
Greenwald Backs German Calls for NSA Whistleblower Snowden to Testify Before Bundestag Inquiry
London Mayor Defends Guardian's 'Salient' NSA Snowden Reports
High-Ranking Muslim Brotherhood Leader Is Arrested in Egypt
Egyptian Police Disperse Pro-Morsi Students at Al-Azhar
Shariah, Military Power Haunt Egypt's Secularists as They Amend Islamist-Era Constitution
Egyptian Comic Winds Up in Court After Mocking Military, Revolution
UN Seeks Surge in Anti-Al-Shabab Campaign, Says Advance Has 'Ground to a Halt'
Somali Pirates Convicted of Attacking Spanish Warship
Congo Officials: M23 Rebel Stronghold Falls to Army as Thousands Flee to Uganda
Suicide Blast in Tunisian Resort of Sousse
Central African Republic's UN Protection Force Approved
Kenya Crackdown on Militants Troubles Muslims
France Accused of Paying Mali Rebels Ransom for Release of Four Hostages
Morocco Withdraws Ambassador From Algiers Over Western Sahara Dispute
UNHCR Appeals for Open Borders for Nigerians Fleeing Islamic Uprising, Military Crackdown
Mozambique: Opposition Fighters Wound 4 in Attack on Vehicles Amid Political Tension
Russia Denies Reports That It Bugged G-20 Goody Bag
Bombs Blasts in Russia's Volatile North Caucasus Kill Two
Activists Feel Powerful Wrath as Russia Guards Its Arctic Claims
EU Official Says Iran 'Undoubtedly' Has New Approach to Nuclear Talks
Nuclear Chief Says Iran Will Keep Enriching to 20%
Iranian FM to Visit France Ahead of Geneva Nuclear Talks
Group Led by Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Pushes Congress to Undermine Iran Talks
Assad Says Foreign Support for Syrian Rebels Must End
Saudi-Proposed UN Resolution Would Condemn 'Gross' Rights Violations by Syrian Government
Fears for Syrians 'Still Trapped' in Damascus Suburb
Little Joy in West Bank as 26 Palestinian Prisoners Return Home
Settlers Destroy Over 600 Olive Trees in Nablus
New Settlement Plans Panned by US, Palestinians
Israel 'Destroying Peace Process' With New Housing
The Curious Israeli Half-Battle Against 'Palestinian Incitement'
32 Killed, 63 Wounded in Iraq As Attacks Continue without Relief
Iraqi Government Complicit in Deadly Attack at Camp Ashraf on Iranian Refugees, Report Shows
Sadrist MP: Maliki Visit to US Will Only Wreak Havoc for Iraq
In Telephone Call Biden, Barazani Discuss Iraq's Political, Security Situation
Bahrain Police Raid Uprising Exhibition
Bahraini Opposition Shuns Bogus Dialogue
Turkish Lawmaker Gets Ready to Break Parliament's Headscarf Barrier
In Eastern Turkey, a Rare Renaissance for Middle East Christians
20 Killed, 100 Wounded in Sectarian Conflict in Northern Yemen
Salafists 'Killed in Rocket Attack on Yemen Mosque'
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Jails Jordanian Convicted of Spying for Israel
Afghan Negotiators to Meet Baradar in Pakistan: Officials
Clashes Leave 2 Afghan Soldiers Dead in Sar-E-Pul Province
Meet the Most Crooked Cop in Afghanistan
Kunduz Trial: New Scrutiny for Deadly Afghanistan Attack
Accused UK Marine Believed Afghan 'Already Dead'
Bombing in Quetta Kills Five, Injures 17
New Video Shows Czech Hostages in Pakistan in Fragile State
China Says 5 Jihadis Are Arrested in Beijing Attack
Uighurs Facing New Police Scrutiny in Beijing Since Tiananmen Square Attack
Thailand Opposition to Protest Amnesty Bill
South Korean MPs Make Rare Crossing to North
US Military
Inside Big Safari, the Air Force's Top-Secret Spy Agency
Area 51 Hosted Tests for 'Secretly Acquired' Soviet Jets
'Rumsfeld's Dr. Strangelove' Joins Influential Pentagon Think Tank
Army Considers Ending Joint Basing
Report: Contract Guards at Washington Navy Yard Lacked Adequate Training
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