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Updated November 2, 2013 - 11:15 PM EDT
White House Rejects Criticism of Obama on NSA
  Document Reveals Key Role of Companies in NSA Data Collection
  Snowden Seeks to Testify on NSA
  Guardian Interactive: NSA Files Decoded
UK, Euro Spies: Partners in Mass Surveillance
  UK Officials: Greenwald Partner Miranda Involved in 'Terrorism'
  Germany May Invite Snowden as Witness to NSA Spying
  NSA Surveillance May Cause Breakup of Internet, Warn Experts
Drone Kills 25, Including Pakistani Taliban Leader
  Latest US Drone Strike Could Derail Pakistan's Peace Talks
House Panel OKs Half a Billion Dollar Hike to Israel
  Israel to Demolish Homes of 15,000 Palestinians in East Jerusalem
  Did Israel, Under the Shah, Help Start Iran's Nuclear Program?
Israel 'Furious' as US Confirms Latest Syria Attack
1,370 Killed in Iraq in October, Worst Since 2007
Shooter Opens Fire at Los Angeles Int' Airport
At One Million, VA Stops Releasing Data on Injured Vets
What's Bugging the Head of the NSA?  by Jeff Stein
High Court Rules: It Is Impossible to Be Israeli  by Neve Gordon
Breaking Bad: America Has Used Walter White Logic Since 9/11  by Conor Friedersdorf
America as Economic Spy  by John Glaser
The Two Amigos and the Middle East  by Paul R. Pillar
The Out-Of-Control NSA  by Eugene Robinson

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Kerry to Visit Saudi Arabia to Smooth Relations
Will NSA Revelations Lead to Balkanization of Internet?
US Offers Dialogue but No Legal Pledge to Russia on Missile Defense
Now the NSA and the State Department Are at War
Top Cop Is US Go-To Man in Honduras for War on Drugs, Denies Death Squad Charge
Panetta: US May Have to Use Military Force Against Iran
House to Senate: Get Moving on Iran Sanctions
Pro-Israel Group Denies Iran Deal With White House
Senator Levin Backs Delay on Iran Sanctions Bill
Iran FM Says if Nuclear Deal Agreed, Believes Both Sides Can Sell at Home
Khatami Urges Patience With New Administration
Iranian Kurd Leader Says West Shouldn't Be Fooled by Rouhani
UN Envoy Says No Preconditions for Syria Peace Talks
Key Northern Syria Town Taken by Military
Israeli Official: We Don't Expect Syria to Retaliate
UN Report on Chemical Weapon Use in Syria Delayed Until Early December
On Zaatari's Street of Widows, Syria Refugees Survive on Kindness
Largest Camp for Syrian Refugees Becoming a City
Jordan's Main Camp for Syrian Refugees in Numbers
Israel Kills Four Hamas Fighters in Raid on Gaza Tunnel
Army Calls Off Protection of Settlement Following Violent Assault on Soldier, Driver
ADL Rebukes Kerry, and – Ambassador Power Embraces ADL
Pro-Israel Activist Josh Block Attacks US Foreign Service as Working for Arab States
Hagel: US to Speed Up Sale of Six V-22 Osprey Aircrafts to Israel
Gaza's Sole Power Plant Shuts Down Due to Fuel Shortage
16 Killed in Iraq Small Arms Attacks
Surge in Iraqi Violence Reunites Maliki and Obama
Obama Tells Iraqi Leader That US Wants 'Inclusive' Iraq
Obama Administration Open to Iraq PM Maliki's Request for Surveillance Help
Shi'ite Rebels Attack North Yemen Town, Death Toll Rises
Red Cross Urges Immediate Ceasefire in North Yemen
Turkey Expels Saudi Intelligence Over Diplomatic Rift
US Attempts to Convince Turkey Not to Buy Chinese Missiles
Erdogan Praises Turkey MPs for Headscarves in Parliament
Lebanon Authorities Want to Question Head of Alawite Party in Mosque Bombings That Killed 45
US Envoy Says Mistakes of the West 'Prolonged Afghan War' and Cost Lives
10 Injured in Attack on Afghan Wedding Party
21 Taliban Militants Killed During Operations, Clashes in Ghazni
Girls' School in Afghanistan Wonders 'What Tomorrow Brings'
Pakistan Condemns US Drone Strike in North Waziristan
Pakistani Taliban Confirm Death of Hakimullah Mehsud
Khan Saeed Appointed New Pakistani Taliban Chief
Six Shi'ite Coalminers Gunned Down in Machh
Indian Tribal Groups Protest Against Paying Taxes to Multiple Separatist Organizations
India Bihar Blast Injured Suspect Dies
Two Killed in Russian Courtroom Grenade Attack: Report
Jailed Pussy Riot Member Missing Following Prison Transfer
UK to Protest to Spain Over Gibraltar Armed Standoff
John Gorman, 56, Charged Over Scottish Terror Probe
Shooting Kills 2 Golden Dawn Members in Greece
Spying on Americans
Not Even Feinstein Calls Her Bill, Which Legalizes and Expands Surveillance, 'Reform'
Feinstein's Fake FISA Fix Appears to Further Extend Searches on US Persons Under Section 702
Tax Delinquents by the Thousands Have Security Clearances, GAO Finds
DNI General Counsel: Isn't Weakening Encryption Our Job?
NSA Apologists Now Blaming Snowden for NSA's Own Cyberdefense Failures
Spying on the World
NSA Spying Torpedoes American Business Dealings in Europe
Brazil and Germany Propose UN Resolution to Protect Right to Privacy Against Eavesdropping
China Demands US Explanation Over Spying Row
China's Xinhua Says 'Peeping Tom' US Risks Own Security by Spying on Allies
Russia's PM Says US Hurt by Evidence of 'Cynical' Spying
German Envoys Push for Spying Concessions
Germany Looks at Keeping Its Internet, E-Mail Traffic Inside Its Borders
Private US Firms 'Spying in Germany'
Australia Ambassador Summoned Amid Asia US Spying Reports
Indonesia Says It's 'Not Cricket' for Australia to Spy for the US in Asia
The Heroic Whistleblower
NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Says US 'Treats Dissent as Defection'
Snowden Seeks the World's Help Against US Charges
German Lawmaker: Edward Snowden Wants to Testify, Says He's No 'Enemy of America'
Text of Snowden Letter Released by German Lawmaker
The War at Home
Senators Growing Impatient With Inspector General Under Investigation
Star Benghazi 'Witness' May Not Have Been an Actual Witness
AP Editors: Obama Relies on Staged Propaganda Photos
Countdown to Declassification: Finding Answers to the Able Archer 83 Nuclear War Scare
US Military
US and British Military Personnel Stranded in Siberia After Surveillance Plane Grounded
West African Navies Must Cooperate, US Says After Kidnappings
Pentagon Ends Influential News Compilation After 50 Years
Kerry to Make First Trip to Egypt Since Morsi's Ouster
Gift Glut Gives Egypt Oil Trade New Headaches
Egypt's Jon Stewart Taken Off the Air Minutes Before Showtime
Kenyan Military Claims Airstrike on Al-Shabab Training Camp in Somalia
Kenyan Press Up in Arms Over 'Draconian' Media Bill
DR Congo
Military Hunting Down Remaining M23 Rebels After Recapturing Most of Their Towns
Gruelling Ordeal for Congolese Refugees as Fighting Rages
Congo Rebels Retreat, but Unclear if Rebellion Near End: US Envoy
Violent Protest in Mali's Gao Over Talks to Heal North
Dutch to Send 380 Troops to Mali
Guinea-Bissau Postpones Election Until 2014, First After Coup
Horn of Africa Piracy 'Netted $400m' From 2005-12
Venezuela's President Denounces Attack by Twitter to Remove 6,000 Followers and Destabilize Govt
Venezuela Seizes US-Owned Oil Rigs in Dispute Over Unpaid Bills
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Pressured to Reverse Controversial Nationality Ruling
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