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Updated November 3, 2013 - 11:30 PM EST
Edward Snowden: A Manifesto for the Truth
The NSA's Quest for Total Surveillance
  No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming NSA
  Documents Show NSA Efforts to Spy on Both Enemies and Allies
  Senate Bill Would Validate NSA's Harvesting of Phone, E-Mail Records
  NSA Files Decoded
UK Police Detained Miranda for 'Political' Causes
  Germany, France, Spain Carry Out Mass Surveillance: Snowden Files
  'US, Germany to Ink No-Spy Deal'
Drone Attack Kills More Than Taliban Chief
  Divided Pakistan Fears Violent Revenge Over Mehsud Killing
  Tribesmen Open Fire on US Drone After Taliban Chief Killed
US to Boost Military Aid to Iraq
How a War Game Brought Us to the Brink of Nuclear Disaster
What's Bugging the Head of the NSA?  by Jeff Stein
High Court Rules: It Is Impossible to Be Israeli  by Neve Gordon
Breaking Bad: America Has Used Walter White Logic Since 9/11  by Conor Friedersdorf
America as Economic Spy  by John Glaser
The Two Amigos and the Middle East  by Paul R. Pillar
The Out-Of-Control NSA  by Eugene Robinson

More Viewpoints

Majority of Americans Want More Checks on NSA Spying
Snowden Won't Pose Threat to US, Putin Aide Says
DARPA Plans to Arm Drones With Missile-Blasting Lasers
Police Batten Down Security Hatches for NYC Marathon
Turkey, US Hold Talks on China Missile Deal
Russia to Send 30 Copters to Afghan Forces by 2014
Spying on Everyone
Feinstein's Fake FISA Fix: Roamer Pre-Emergency Exigent Excuse to Be Used on Internet Content
US Agencies Moving Slowly to Tighten Data Security, Despite Major Leaks
Plumbing the Depths of Surveillance With Submersible Drones
Former Heads of State Gather in Rome, Encourage EU to Spy on 'Intolerant' Citizens
NSA: Australia and US Used Climate Change Conference to Spy on Indonesia
Malaysia Protests at 'US and Australia Spying' in Asia
Agent Provocateur: Inside the Secret Archives of East Germany's Secret Police
The War at Home
Police Batten Down Security Hatches for New York City Marathon
LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia's Motive a Mystery, Authorities Said
LAX Shooting Comes Amid Mounting Aversion to the TSA
I Found bin Laden: Michigan Man Sues Govt for $25m Reward After He 'Provided Tip That Led to World's Most Wanted Terrorist'
Iran Warns US Not to Let Nuclear Deal Slip Away
Iran Arrests Head of Reformist Daily: Wife
Car Bomb Explosion Kills 10 Near Damascus
Gulf Nations Move to Boost Aid to Syrian Rebels
Warplanes Strike Rebel Area Near Damascus: Monitor
Russia Says Better to Remove Most Chemical Weapons From Syria
Stick Figures and Stunted Growth as Warring Syria Goes Hungry
In Midst of Syrian War, Giant Jesus Statue Arises
Alawites in North Lebanon Assaulted in Sectarian Attack
No Peace in Sight for Troubled Tripoli as Violence Plagues City
Kidnapped Germans Freed in Lebanon but Held Over 'Drugs'
Syrian Children in Lebanon Need Urgent Help Ahead of Winter: UN
Settler Violence Season
5 Broken Cameras Star Among Those Shot in Bilin by Israeli Forces
Israel to Drill for Oil in the West Bank
Kissinger Wants Israel to Know: the US Saved You During the 1973 War
Bombers, Gunmen Leave 20 Dead, 72 Wounded
Iraq Oil Pipeline Bombed, Pumping Shut Down
Turkey Rejects Claims of Cooperation With Israel in Syrian Strike
Turkish FM: Turkey Will Never Cooperate With Israel Against a Muslim Country
Sectarian Clashes Kill 55 in North Yemen
Islamists, Shi'ite Rebels Cease Fire: Yemen Military
Middle East
Fire Breaks Out in Saudi Prison, Riots and Gunshots Reported
Bahrain Opposition Leader to Face Prosecutor
Taliban Differ Over Appointment of New TTP Chief: Sources
Pakistan Taliban Secretly Bury Leader, Vow Bombs in Revenge
Mehsud Drone Strike: Anger on Pakistan Streets
Pakistan Summons US Envoy After Death of Pakistan Taliban Leader
Pakistan on High Alert After Taliban Leader Killed by US Drone Strike
Pakistan Will Not Let US Drone Strike 'Kill' Peace Talks: Information Minister
Pakistan to Review US Ties After 'Attack on Peace,': Interior Minister
Imran Vows to Block NATO Supplies in KP
Supreme Court Orders Door-to-Door Checking of Illegal Weapons in Karachi
Unabated Violence Kills Another Seven People in Karachi
100 Clerics Urge Taliban to Surrender in Pakistan
Another 87 Suspects Held in Karachi
Japan, Russia to Expand Defense Ties
Japan: The Man Who Would Be Warlord
Myanmar Rebel Groups Agree on Peace Plan
Myanmar 'God's Army' Twins Reunite, Seek Comrades
Egypt to Look Beyond US for Arms: Foreign Minister
Egypt Considers Expanded Powers for Military in New Constitution
Egypt to Lift Curfew on Nov. 14
Trial of Egypt's Morsi Fraught With Risks
Two French Journalists Killed in Northern Mali After Abduction
Mozambique Opposition Say Offices Attacked by Military
Tunisian Parties in Deadlock Over PM
Kenyatta Vows to Ensure Controversial New Media Law Is Constitutional
South Sudan Opposition Leader Returns From Exile
Georgian PM Names Successor, Ties With Russia a Priority
Controversial Honduras General Denies Death Squads
Kidnappings Soar in Mexico, With Police Often Among the Perpetrators
Chilean Exile Wins Compensation Over Pinochet-Era Torture
Cuba Cracks Down on Private Cinemas, Game Salons
US Military
Pentagon Orders Navy SEALs to Remove 'Don't Tread on Me' Navy Jack From Uniforms
Study: Even Lead-Free Ammo May Harm Lung Function of Shooter
US Investigators: 2012 Sea Dragon Crash in Oman Could Have Been Prevented
Four Extra Sites Opened to Search for US Troops Missing in Vietnam
Americans Still Dying
Vigil Held for Richwood (LA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Norfolk (VA) Soldier Originally From the Virgin Islands, Dies in Kuwait
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