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Updated November 4, 2013 - 11:13 PM EST
How NSA Had Access to Google and Yahoo Data
  What Yahoo and Google Did Not Think the NSA Could See
  One Month, Hundreds of Millions of Records Collected
  The NSA's Three Types of Cable Interception Programs
  Snowden Documents Reveal Surprising Depth of NSA Activities
  NSA Files Decoded
Edward Snowden: A Manifesto for the Truth
  White House, Congressional Leaders Reject Clemency for Snowden
  50 High-Profile Germans: Germany Should Offer Asylum to Snowden
US Broke Vow of No Drone Strikes During Pak Talks
  Pakistan to Review Relations With US After Drone Kills Taliban Leader
  Last Year Obama Told Aides He's 'Really Good at Killing People'
US Promises to Consult With Israel on Iran Deal
  Iran Supreme Leader Warns Hardliners: Don't Undermine Nuclear Talks
  AIPAC: No Pause in Lobbying for Iran Sanctions
Syrian Opposition Rules Out Peace Talks
Kerry Praises Egypt Junta, Vows US Support
East Libya Declares 'Autonomy' from Tripoli
Israel Announces 1,859 More Settlement Homes
America's Top Diplomat Is Lost in Space  by Peter Van Buren
Keep US Troops in Afghanistan? Let Congress Vote!  by Robert Naiman
UK Spy Chiefs Won't Be Losing Any Sleep Over Their Summons by MPs  by Andrew Rawnsley
What Cannot Be Said About Iraq  by Ron Paul
NSA Stenography at CBS  by Peter Hart
Terrorism Could Never Threaten American Values – the 'War on Terror' Does  by James Fallows

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Afghan, Iranians on Canada Flight With Fake Tickets
New Film Exposes Secret US Drone War
Bangladesh Sentences UK and US Residents to Death Over War Crimes
Kerry Aims to Bridge Gaps With Saudis
Three Killed in Yemen Sectarian Clashes as Truce Fails to Take Hold
Benghazi Whistleblower Says He Was Smeared
Spying on Everyone
Snowden Says Calls for Reform Prove Intel Leaks Were Justified
UK Government Reaction to NSA Leaks Eroding Freedom, Rights Groups Warn
NSA Tracked Israeli Military Targets, Snowden Files Show
Obama Senior Advisor: 'Anyone Who Leaks Has to Pay the Price'
Might Snowden Get Asylum in Germany?
Human Rights Groups' Open Letter to David Cameron on Surveillance
NATO Supply to Be Halted Even at Cost of KP Govt: Imran
If You're a Civilian and You Die in a Drone Strike, It's Your Fault!
Hakimullah Mehsud's Death: Traders Demand Tighter Security in Markets
The $120,000 Farmhouse Where Pakistan Taliban Chief Died
US Attitude Hampering Peace Initiatives in Pakistan: Shahbaz
Grenade Attack in Orakzai Kills Four Shi'ites
NATO Soldier, 2 Afghan Police Officers Killed
Alone in the Field, Afghan Forces Hold Taliban at Bay but Long-Term Success Is Not Assured
That Other Big Afghan Crisis, the Growing Army of Addicts
As US Withdraws, Poppy Trade It Spent Billions Fighting Still Flourishes
China Demotes a Military Commander After Attack in Beijing
Dozens Missing as Rohingya Boat Sinks Off West Myanmar
US, Egypt Try to Put Brave Face on Strained Ties
Egypt on High Alert as Mohamed Morsi Trial Threatens to Revive Civil Unrest
Egypt Changes Venue for Trial of Ousted President
Gunmen Kill Two Egyptian Police Ahead of Morsi Trial
Lonely Advocate for Restraint in Egypt Tiptoes Around Talk of Compromise
Caustic Egyptian Comic Gets Thrown Off the Air
Libya Army Officer Killed in Benghazi Blast
16 People Wounded in Jail Battle
Attack on Nigerian Wedding Convoy Kills 30
Boko Haram Video Claims October 24 Attack That Killed 35
M23 Rebels Declare Ceasefire With DR Congo Government
Sudan's Most Popular Daily Back After Ban During Demos
Netanyahu Expected to Build Wall at West Bank and Jordanian Border
Palestinians to Take Settlement Grievances to UN: PLO
Israel to US: Syria Raid Leak 'Endangers Our National Security'
Israeli Drone Crashes Inside Gaza Strip
The Silent Axe: Driving Palestinian Olive Farmers Off Their Land
Israel Launches Limited Incursion in Northern Gaza Strip
Israel's Military Advocate: Israeli Training Inside Palestinian Villages Is Legal
To Shape Young Palestinians, Hamas Creates Own Textbooks
Pollard Campaign Manager: US Spied on Israel, but Won't Forgive Jonathan
Syrian Rebels Lose Ground to Assad Forces; Opposition Commander Akaidi Resigns
Syrian Army and Allies Push Into Southern Damascus: Activists
Syria Says Kerry Statements Threaten Peace Talks
Syria War Costs Industry $2.2 Billion: Minister
Kerry Plays Down 'Tactics' Differences on Syria
Syria: Foreign Jihadis Responsible for Polio
Syria Becoming 'Mediterranean Afghanistan': Turkey President
Bell Helicopter Loses to Iran in Appeals Court
Ryan Crocker: Talk to Iran, It Works
Kurdish Anger Against Iran Hangings Spills Across Borders
Bombs Targeting Iraq Police Leave 17 Dead, 46 Wounded
Warning Issued on US Visa Scam in Iraq
Cornell to Return 10,000 Ancient Tablets to Iraq
Middle East
Bahrain Charges Opposition Leader With 'Insults'
Lebanon Army Says Suspect Held Over Alawite Attack
Jordan King Says He Will Press Ahead With Reforms
Kosovo: Elections to Test EU-Brokered Serbia Deal
Putin Brings in Tough Anti-Terrorism Law Before Olympics
4,000-Pound, WWII Bomb Forces Mass Evacuation in Germany
Gunmen Attack Mexican Marines at 3 Spots in Border City; 13 Attackers Reported Killed
The War at Home
TSA Union Calls for Armed Guards at Every Checkpoint
St. Louis-Area Plant Suspends Production of Nerve Gas Antidote
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