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Updated November 5, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
How NSA Had Access to Google and Yahoo Data
  What Yahoo and Google Did Not Think the NSA Could See
  One Month, Hundreds of Millions of Records Collected
  The NSA's Three Types of Cable Interception Programs
  Google Chairman Blasts 'Outrageous' NSA Surveillance
Sen. Patrick Leahy: NSA 'Can't Keep Our Secrets'
  NSA Chief Expected to Lose 'Cyber Command' Post
  Poll: Most Say Monitoring Allied Leaders' Calls Is Unacceptable
  Brazil Acknowledges Spying on Diplomats From US
  NSA Files Decoded
Afghan and Pakistan Govts Slam US Drone Strike
  Pakistani Provincial Govt to Block NATO Supplies if Drones Persist
Teenagers Are Droned, and a Family Cries Out
  Fighting Continues in Northern Yemen Despite Latest Ceasefire Claims
CIA Made Doctors Torture Suspected Terrorists
Kurds Oust al-Qaeda From 19 NE Syrian Towns
Attacks on Serb Polling Sites Leave Kosovo Vote in Doubt
US-Iran Poised for Breakthrough on Hostage Anniversary
Obama's Lame Eavesdropping Excuse  by John Prados
Mirror-Image Hardliners  by Paul R. Pillar
Feinstein's 'Snowden Should Have Come to Us' Message Disingenuous at Best, Really Entrapment  by Jesselyn Radack
Is NSA Reform Too Bipartisan?  by W. James Antle III
The Saudis Are Mad? Tough!  by Fareed Zakaria
Media Hype Edward Snowden's Request for 'Clemency' – but Did He Even Ask for It?  by Greg Mitchell

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Assange May Get Chance at Senate Seat in W. Australia
John Kerry Smooths Over US-Saudi Tensions on Visit
In Political Messaging Wars, White House Deploys a Twitter Army
No to Asylum, but Germans Want to Hear What Snowden Has to Say
Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Killed in Syria
Suicide Bombing in Syrian Village Kills 6
Mortar Hits Near Damascus Citadel: Monitor
Arab League Backs Syria Peace Talks, Urges Opposition to Go
Islamist Rebels in Syria Use Faces of the Dead to Lure the Living
About 40 Percent of Syrians Need Humanitarian Aid: UN
Cost of Hosting Syrian Refugees in Jordan $5.3 Bn
Iran Urges Elimination of 'Inhuman' Nuclear Weapons Ahead of Nuclear Talks
Hardliners Mark 1979 Hostage Crisis Anniversary With Protests
From Cold War to Cold Peace? Ex Mossad Chief Sees Possible Opening
Senior MK: US to Propose Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal in January
Netanyahu: Israel Will Examine Any Peace Proposal but Will Accept No Dictates
Israel Denies Palestinians Shot Drone Down Over Gaza
MP: Jewish Prayer in Temple Mount Will Lead to Intifada
Knesset Debate on Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount Ends in Name-Calling, Walkout
Shootings, Bombings Kill 12 in Iraq
Iraq VP Sets Parliamentary Poll for April 30
Middle East
Lebanon's Jumblatt Denies Sending Letter to Syria's Assad
First Trial in Abu Dhabi of 30 Suspects Accused of Being Part of the Muslim Brotherhood
Morsi Trial Adjourned as Chaos Breaks Out in Egyptian Court
Defiant Morsi Declares Himself President at Opening of Trial
Egypt: Protester Killings Not Being Investigated
Heavy Gunfire Heard in Libya's Capital Tripoli
Russia Implores UN to Take Control of Libya's 'Unguarded' Yellowcake Uranium
Militants Kill 70 in Northeast Nigeria Attacks: Officials
'Boko Haram Killed 27 in Nigeria Last Week'
DR Congo
DR Congo Pounds Rebels Despite Truce Call
Congo Army, Rebels Clash Near Border Despite Peace Calls
4 Civilians Killed When Mortars Hit Market
DR Congo's Bunagana Town 'Empty' as Army Presses M23
African Leaders Meet to Discuss DR Congo Crisis
Westgate Siege: Four Charged Over Nairobi Attack
Four Killed as Truck Hits Landmine in Northern Mali
Tunisia's Ruling Islamists, Opposition Suspend Talks Over New Government
Mexico Imposes Military Control Over Pacific Seaport, Neighboring City in Cartel-Plagued State
Increasing Drone Usage in Latin America
Venezuela's FM Says US Relations Not Likely to Improve Soon
Protesters Burn Tires, Hurl Rocks in Haiti's Capital as US Officials Meet With President
Argentina Finds 1,500 Secret Military Junta Files
Spying on Americans
Top Obama Lawyers: Reforming the NSA Could Hurt Americans' Privacy Rights
Intel Agency Lawyers Urge Retention of Secret Data
Hacking Is NSA's 'Growth Area,' Times Says in Agency Profile
Official: NSA's Work Is Like 'Stop and Frisk'
Author of PATRIOT Act Says NSA Abused Trust, Must Be Reined In
What We've Learned About the US Government's Other Spying Authority: Executive Order 12333
John McAfee Reveals Details on Gadget to Thwart NSA
Liz Cheney Changes Her Tone on NSA Controversy
US Intelligence Agencies Have Their Own Twitter. It's Called Echirp.
NIST to Review Standards After Cryptographers Cry Foul Over NSA Meddling
Spying on the World
Lawmakers to Visit Europe Amid NSA Tensions
How Foreign Backlash Against NSA Spying Hurts US Firms
Merkel Says US Ties Must Not Be Put at Risk
'Anonymous Indonesia' Attacks Australian Websites
Germany Is Only Now Exposing Many Stasi Spies. What That's Doing to the Country.
Germany Seeks Admission to Spooks' Club
Switzerland Wants to Offer the World a Spy-Proof Cloud
Former UK Home Secretary Calls for Urgent Review of Laws Governing Security Services
Privacy Int'l Files Complaints Against Telcos for Role in UK Mass Surveillance Program
US Military
Feds: Navy Secrets Bought With Hookers, Gaga Tix
Military Sexual Assault Victims Now Entitled to Their Own Lawyer
Doctors Determine Fired Marine Whistle-Blower Poses No Security Risk
US Plans for Hypersonic Robot Spy Plane Revealed
Inspector General Cites Defense Department Security Boss for Golf, Favors
DoJ Did Not Fulfill Legally Required Disclosure on Section 215 to Congress Until After PATRIOT Reauthorization
Peace Talks Won't Move Forward Until Pakistani Taliban Appoint New Chief
Senior Taliban Leaders Meet in Islamabad to Discuss Afghan Peace
Hakimullah Mehsud: Pakistan Cabinet to Discuss US Ties
PML-Q: Pakistan-US Accords on NATO Supply Be Made Public
Pakistan Court Grants Bail to Musharraf
How Pakistan's Musharraf Shook Off Legal Cases
Fighting Alone, Afghans Said to Hold Taliban Back
17 Militants Killed During Joint Afghan-NATO Operations
Afghanistan to Purchase 22 Thousand Tons of Fuel From Russia
British Soldiers 'Posed for Photos' With Suspected Killers
Questions About Navy Officer's Cremation Deepen Mystery of Chinook Crash in Afghanistan
South Korea President Park: 'No Purpose' to Japan Talks
North Korea Sailors Killed When Ship Sinks During 'Combat Duties'
Seven Killed in Rebel Attack in India's Assam State
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