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Updated November 6, 2013 - 11:18 PM EST
FBI Monitored 6 Years: Docs Show
  ACLU Releases Records in Freedom of Press Lawsuit
  'They Can't Keep This Stuff Secret. Nothing Is Secret Anymore'
CIA, Not Pentagon, Will Keep Running Drone War
  Obama Vowed to Divulge More on Drones, Here's What We Don't Know
  If You Believe Govt Claims About Drone Victims, You Are A Sucker
Pak Govt Pressured to Close NATO Supply Lines
  With US-Pak Relations Nearing Tipping Point, Watch Border Crossings
Iran: Basic Framework of Deal Possible This Week
  Iran, Israel Take Part in Middle East Nuclear Meeting: Diplomats
No Evidence, But US 'Doubts' Syria Disarmament
  US, Russia Can't Agree on Date for Syria Peace Talks
  Al-Qaeda Gains Ground Across Northern Syria
Kerry Dismisses EU Anger Over NSA Surveillance
  Apple: US Sought More Users' Data Than Rest of World Combined
Israel to Palestinians: West Bank Wall Will Be the Border
  Israel's Lieberman Acquited of Fraud, to Return to Government
US Plans For Libya Nation-Building Riddled With Problems
Air Force Chief: Cut Bases, Personnel for Budget Savings
American Death Spiral in the Middle East  by Bob Dreyfuss & Nick Turse
The Obama Administration May Be Guilty of War Crimes  by Jeffrey Bachman
How Drone Strikes Kill Civilians and Target Rescuers  by Roqayah Chamseddine
Whither Nuclear Talks With Iran?  by Peter Jenkins
Shouting '9/11' in a Crowded Internet  by Micah Zenko
Tech Companies Slap Back at the NSA's Smiley Face  by Amy Davidson

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Former FBI Agent Mike German Talks About NSA
Michael Hastings' Brothers Shoots Down 'Truthers'
Blue Ribbon Task Force Says Army Field Manual on Interrogation Allows Torture, Abuse
Free Press? Editor Laments 'Retrogressive' Govt Action
Campaign to End Military Use of Schools Started
Violence Continues
'West May Offer Iran Cash for Halting Nuclear Program'
Potential Nuclear Deal Would Allow Iran to Keep Some Nuclear Facilities
Obama Paying 'Lip Service' on Iran Strike Option, Says Top MK
UN's Atomic Agency Mulls Tehran Invitation
Iran Minister Calls for Access to Social Networks
Iran: Music Proliferates 'Underground'
Iran's Anti-US Venom Masks Hardliners' Unease
'I Left Iran to Avoid Persecution. but Now I Must Return'
Senior Iranian Politician Asgaroladi Passes Away
Assad Asks the UN for Troops and Dozens of Armored Trucks
Russia Says Iran Must Be Invited to Syria Conference
Syria Says Will Not Hand Over Power in Geneva
Syrian Chemical Weapons Mission Funded Only Until End of Month
Red Crescent Loses 31 Volunteers During Syria's Deadly Conflict
Iran Buries Guards Commander 'Killed in Syria'
Lebanon Bombing Suspect Arrested on Border With Syria
Eight Lebanese Charged Over Clashes With Army
Kerry: No Imposed US Plan
Lapid Freezes Transfer of Funds to Settlements
Israel, Palestinians Grim on Peace Talks Before Kerry Visit
Palestinian Leader Abbas: Peace Talks So Far 'Without Results'
Kerry in Israel, Vows US to Stand by Israel
Poll: Americans Strongly Support Israel, but Don't Want to Get Involved in Middle East
Israeli Army Boot Manufacturer on Its Last Legs
New Book Claims Obama Slammed Netanyahu in 2012
29 Killed, 29 Wounded in Attacks Against Iraqi Police
Iraqi FM Urges to Keep Christians in Iraq
North Africa
Heavy Shooting Lasting Hours in Libya's Capital Tripoli
Egypt's Ousted President in High-Security Prison
Congo's M23 Rebels End Rebellion, Say Ready to Disarm
France Won't Delay Mali Troop Withdrawal
Somali Remittances Granted Reprieve
Gambia TV Host/Former Press Secretary Flees to the US
Election Violence in Kosovo Hits Serbs Hardest
Guy Fawkes Mask Protest at Parliament by Anonymous Movement
Belarus to Build Aerial Drones in Turkmenistan
Pussy Riot Convict 'Transferred to Siberia'
Spying on Americans
Intel Officials Shoot Down Spying Reforms
As US Weighs Spying Changes, Officials Say Data Sweeps Must Continue
Holder Questions NSA Phone Data Collection
Spy Court Fast Facts
Insp. Gen.: DHS Cybersecurity Tools, Training Not Up to Par
There Actually Is a Huge Difference Between Government and Corporate Surveillance
Google's 8th Ranked Lobbying Machine Takes on Spy Debate
Spy Shoes to Drones: How US Surveillance Changed
Spying on the World
US Is Losing Advantage in Spying, Report Says
NSA Spying, Rendition Fallout Dog John Kerry in Poland
Kerry Urges Europe: Don't Let NSA Surveillance Concerns Thwart Trade Talks
Kerry Tells Europeans NSA Will Strike 'Right' Balance Between Security and Privacy
Brazil Defends Spying as 'Different' From That of US
Spain Newspaper to Help Spying Probe
New Zealand Approves Email and Phone-Snooping Law
'No-Spy' Pact With Germany Unlikely Despite Snowden's Revelations
Germany Demands Explanation From British Ambassador Over 'Secret Listening Post' in Berlin
Doctors: Force-Feedings at Gitmo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives
Obama Meets With New Pentagon, State Department Envoys on Closing Guantanamo
Former Guantanamo Detainee Wants Conviction Thrown Out
The War at Home
US Border Patrol to Keep Using Deadly Force Against Rock-Throwers
Union Calls for TSA Agents to Be Armed
Hagel Warns That Defense Cuts Mean Trade-Offs
US Mercenary Business Booms, as Expert Warns UN Over 'Dogs of War' Activity
UK Soldier Killed in Suicide Attack in Afghanistan
Afghan Militant Group Faces Unusual Discontent
1 Killed, 8 Injured in Explosions at Communist Party HQ in N. China
Pakistan: 13 Killed in Karachi Violence
Patna Blasts: India Investigators Find Explosives in Jharkhand Hotel
Bangladesh to Execute 152 Soldiers for Mutiny Crimes
Japan 'Disappointed' at South Korean Leader's Remarks
Colombia's President Complains That 2 Russian Bombers Violated His Country's Air Space
Mexico Vigilante Groups Hold Off Confronting Cartel in Stronghold, Give Govt Chance to Act
Colombia ELN Rebels Demand Chilean Timber Company Leaves Country
Argentina Finds a Dictatorship's Secret Records
Guatemala Court to Restart Ex-Dictator Genocide Trial in 2015 After Conviction Was Overturned
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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