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Updated November 8, 2013 - 11:24 PM EST
Iran Deal Close, Talks Extended Into Next Week
  Kerry Making Unplanned Visit to Geneva for Iran Talks
  Senate Hawks May Foil Iran Talks With New Sanctions
  Iran Talks Move Forward, but Are World Powers Offering Enough?
Inspectors: Only 1 Syria Chemical Site Remains
  Syrian Rebels Acquiring Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  Syrian Militias Are Robbing Civilians
  Hundreds of British Islamists Fighting in Syria: MI5 Chief
Drone Kill Was CIA Revenge, Killed Pak Strategy
  Swat Valley Mullah Named as Pakistani Taliban Leader
Secret Diaries of Gitmo Detainee Abu Zubaydah
  The Case Against Abu Zubaydah
CIA Paying AT&T $10 Million a Year for Call Data
  Sources: Snowden Persuaded Other NSA Workers to Give Up Passwords
  GCHQ Chief: Media Disclosures Aiding Terrorists
  UK Spymasters Show Frustrations but Explanations Remain Hidden
  Forget the Backdoor: Feds Now Want the Keys to the Internet
US Soldiers Help Torture of Afghan Detainees
FBI Monitored 6 Years: Docs Show
Frustrated Kerry's Peace Critique a Slap in Netanyahu's Face
58 Killed, 82 Wounded as Bombers Target Iraq Army Bases
Guantánamo's Sham Trials, Now Unraveling  by Vincent Warren
Did Hassan Rouhani Dupe Europe in 2003?  by Peter Jenkins
Jacking Up Iran Sanctions Would Kill Peace Talks  by Ali Fatemi
The Cost of War American-Style  by Ann Jones & Tom Engelhardt
The Stunning Hubris of Syria Hawks  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Costs Are Crippling  by Benjamin Freeman

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NSA Files Decoded
The Terrorism That Torture Didn't Stop
Pakistan Terms Report on Saudi Nuke Sales Baseless
Judge Eases Communication Between Guantanamo Inmates, Lawyers
Heavy Fighting Rocks Libyan Capital as Rival Militia Battle
Saudi Arabia to Spend Millions to Train New Syrian Rebel Force
Spying on Americans
Hagel Defends 'Phenomenal' NSA Chief as the Rest of the Administration Backs Off
Did CIA Take Its Phone Dragnet Business to AT&T When FISA Court Enforced the Rules?
Here's How People Are Changing Their Internet Habits to Avoid NSA Snooping
Apple's First Transparency Report Gets Warrant Canaries Right
Leahy-Sensenbrenner Would Shut the Section 702 Cybersecurity Loophole
EFF Files 22 Firsthand Accounts of How NSA Surveillance Chilled the Right to Association
Senate Intelligence Swiss Cheese on OLC Memos
Google Employees on NSA: 'F*ck These Guys'
Spying on Everyone
Poll: Most Americans Disagree With Spying on Allies
Obama: I Sought Spy Details on Threats, Not Allies
NSA/GCHQ Mass Surveillance Is Violation of Euro Law, Report Finds
UK Spy Chiefs Emerge From Shadows to Blast Edward Snowden
UK Spies Aren't James Bonds, and 7 Other Things We Learned From the UK's Landmark Intel Hearing
MI5 Chief Says 34 UK Terror Plots Disrupted Since 7/7 Attacks
Germans See Snowden as Hero but Don't Favor Asylum: Poll
The War at Home
Key Issues in the New Senate Bill to Require White House Drone Strike Casualty Reports
US Sentences Mother of US Journalist Barrett Brown After He Gives Her His Laptops
TSA Uses Expensive Investigators to Fail to Investigate Security Vulnerabilities, Says Report
FAA: Drone Access to US Skies Will Take Longer
US Military
Reports of Military Sexual Assault Rise Sharply, Pentagon Figures Show
Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton Advocates Reduced Military Spending
Did the Marines' Top General Stab Another Four-Star in the Back?
New NCIS Leader Creating Swat Teams to Counter Mass Shooters
US Navy Moles Helped Malaysian Businessman Bilk Service, Prosecutors Say
How the Feds Took Down Another Navy Officer in a Sprawling Bribery Scandal
Senator Says US May Be Paying Billions Extra for Parts
Petraeus Advised Downgrading Swenson's Medal of Honor Bid, Probe Finds
Military Women Moving Into Jobs Closer to Combat
New Information About Possible US Abuses in Afghanistan
Judge Releases Afghan 'Execution' Audio
US Trashes Afghanistan Gear, Angering Afghans Who Could Use Equipment
Afghan Intelligence Foil Suicide Attack in Capital Kabul
Explosion Kill Afghan Intelligence Operatives in Khost
NATO Plans Bigger Exercises as It Winds Down Afghan Mission
Marines in Afghanistan Getting Mortar Improvements
Why Isn't China Censoring Chatter About Its Latest Bomb Attack?
North Korea Says South Korean Spy Arrested in Capital
No Standoff Between Australia and Indonesia Over Asylum Boat: Minister
David Cameron Demands Investigation Into Sri Lankan Abuses
Iran: Don't Blame US, Blame Our Tea Party
Senate Panel Will Move Ahead on New Iran Sanctions
Sen. Bob Corker Moves to Stop Obama From Lifting Sanctions
US Sanctions Threat Hangs Over Iran Talks in Geneva
Inside the Treasury Department's War on Iran
Obama Warns Against Further Iran Sanctions
Netanyahu: Compromising With Iran Would Be 'Historic Mistake'
Parliament Threatens to Remove Rouhani's Science Minister
Iran Offers to Ship Crude to India for Free to Boost Sales
Iran Denies That FM Spoke to Israeli Newspaper
Sunni Islamist Group Claims Killing of Iranian Prosecutor
Iran to Relax Visa Requirements Amid Tourism Boom
Netanyahu Turns to Twitter to Troll Nuke Talks
Saudi Arabia to Spend Millions to Train New Syrian Rebel Force
Kerry Confident Date for Syria Talks Will Be Set Within Days
Syrian Opposition Mulls Talks With Government
Syrian Army Pushes Back After Rebels Take Large Arms Depot
Syria Polio Outbreak Now Threatens Europe, Warn Experts
Killing Arafat
Israel Vehemently Denies Poisoning Arafat
Evidence Supports Arafat Poisoning Theory, Wider Probe Needed: Experts
Al Jazeera Says It Did Not Pay for Swiss Institute to Investigate Arafat Death
Israel's History of Assassinating Palestinian Leaders
Arafat Widow Says His Successors Must Seek Justice
Kerry Warns Israel of Troubles Ahead if Peace Talks Fail
Israeli Military Vehicles Enter Gaza, 'Fire at Farmers'
Israeli Army Kills Palestinian After He Opens Fire at WB Junction
Israeli Islamic Movement Leader Convicted of Inciting to Violence
Middle East
58 Killed, 82 Wounded as Suicide Bombers Target Iraq Army Bases
Turkey Seizes 1,200 Warheads Near Syria Border
Jordan Will Join UN Security Council After Saudis Reject Seat
8 'Terrorists' Killed in Sinai
Ousted Egypt President's Wife Sees Him in Prison
DR Congo
DR Congo's M23 Rebel Chief Sultani Makenga Surrenders
Congolese Army Savour Victory in Former M23 Stronghold
Kenya Tells Somalis to Avoid Rebel Sites, Hints at New Strikes
Somalia's 'One-Legged' Shebab Still Far From Defeat
'Dozens' of Casualties in Darfur Rebel Ambush: Analyst
Zimbabwe Opposition Figure Guilty After Reporting Vote Fraud
South African Cabinet: No Ban on Government Travel to Israel
Terror Suspect Who Fled in Burqa Seeks Damages From UK in Torture Case
Jailed Pussy Riot Protester Appeals to Russia's High Court
Remains of 430 Victims Exhumed From Bosnia Mass Grave
Rights Groups Hail Mexico's Top Court for Freeing Man Who Said Confession Was Due to Torture
Political Role for Rebels in Colombia Talks
Argentina Releases 'Blacklist' Compiled by Dictatorship
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