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Updated November 10, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Iran Talks End Without Deal, More Talks Nov. 20
  After Being Offered Saudi Arms Sales, France Tries to Blow Up Iran Deal
  Diplomats Furious After France Objected to a Stopgap Deal
  Israeli Intelligence Sources Contradict Bibi, Congress on Iran
  Netanyahu Attack on Iran Deal Threatens Rift With US
Drone Kill Was CIA Revenge, Killed Pak Strategy
  Pakistani Taliban Vows Nationwide Revenge Attacks
Afghan Panel to Release 80% of High-Security Detainees
US Built 'Powerful Organs of State Terrorism' in Iraq
Kerry: Why Do You Want to Build in What Will Be Palestine?
Saudi Arabia and Israel Try To Derail Nuclear Negotiations With Iran by Terrorism  by Muhammad Sahimi
Governments Worldwide Buried in the Snowden Avalanche  by Jack Shafer
NSA Blowback Could Fracture Net, Unleash State Controls  by John Kampfner
NSA Blowback  by Philip Giraldi
The Surveillance State Puts US Elections at Risk of Manipulation  by Conor Friedersdorf
A 'Bad' Deal Was Always Better Than No Deal – We Should Be Thankful if We Get One  by Justin Logan

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Codepink DC Alert: D-Day for Drones (All Week)
A Document Mule in the Internet Age
Senior US Navy Officers Under Investigation as Bribery Scandal Widens
Miami Herald Journalist Jim Wyss Released by Venezuelan Authorities
Iraqs' Kurdish Region Pursues Ties With Turkey — for Oil and Independence
Spying on Everyone
White House Considers Civilian for NSA Chief
Canada's Electronic Watchers Enjoy Secrecy Second to None
Guardian Editor to Be Questioned by MPs Over NSA Leaks
White House Push for Women in National Security Jobs Stalls
The War at Home
Power Plants and Other Vital Systems Are Totally Exposed on the Internet
Female Staff Quit Arab Rights Group in Protest
Secret Service Report Noted Aaron Swartz's 'Depression Problems'
Rice: US Must Regain UNESCO Vote
Allen Dulles's Memo Re Setting Up 'Experts' Committee to Make 'Brainwashing' Charges
US Military
US Navy to Christen New, Costly Aircraft Carrier
Stars and Stripes Boots Up for Battle
Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan Battle Lung Trouble Upon Return Home
Women Heading to Navy Riverine Combat Jobs
US Made Agreement for Drone Strikes With Pakistan Military Dictator: Haqqani
A Blame-India Movie Wows Pakistanis but Irks Some
Karachi Violence Claims 13 More Lives
Two Boys Killed in Pakistan Blast
Opposition Warns of Boycott if PM Doesn't Attend National Assembly
Two Firms Supplying Pakistan Army Helicopters Blacklisted for Leaking Info to US
Attacks on Imambargahs Kill Three in Pakistan
Gunmen Attack NATO Vehicles in Jamrud, Injure Two Drivers
Three Worshippers Killing Sparks Protest in Gujranwala
New Strategy on Taliban Talks With KP Govt's Support: Nisar
Peshawar Raids: Over 100 Suspects Detained
Pakistan: 86 Civilians, 23 Policemen Lost Lives During Terror Attacks in October
Afghan Security Succeeding but Future Depends on Outside Aid, Report Says
India Fears More Militants as US Quits Afghanistan
Supporters of China's Disgraced Bo Xilai Set Up Political Party
China: Better Friends With Bloomberg News Than Reuters
Elderly Woman's Killing Lays Bare Myanmar's Religious Divisions
Maldives: Inconclusive Election Result May Prolong Unrest
Commonwealth Summit: Sri Lanka Faces Calls for Civil War Inquiry
Boat Backdown Leaves Coalition Foreign Policy in Disarray, Says Labor
Weekend Reviews
Will Israel Go Fascist?
Imploding the Myth of Israel
Ann Jones' The Neverending War
Killing on Uncle Sam's Behalf
Enemies Within: AP Reporters Versus the State
Kerry Says World Powers Closer to Nuclear Deal With Iran
Iran Talks Strain Mideast Alliances
Congress Could Thwart Iran Deal
Iranians Dare to Hope Amid Geneva Talks
Iran Analyst Warns Against 'Repeating' Reformist Nuclear Deal
Syria Opposition Wants Pressure on Damascus Before Agreeing to Talks
Syria Rebels Recapture Army Base Near Aleppo Airport
No Explosives in Cargo Seized Near Turkey-Syria Border
Journalists in Syria Face Growing Risk of Kidnap
A Look at Some Journalists Missing in Syria
Bayit Yehudi MK to Kerry: You Are Not an 'Honest Broker' to Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Crisis Brewing in Israeli-US Relations
Russian Report: Evidence Does Not Prove Arafat Poisoning
Belgium Raises Palestinian Diplomatic Status
Attempt to Arrest Dichter, Meridor in Spain Fails
Egypt 'Skeptical' About Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal
14 Iraqis Killed in Seperate Attacks
Iraq War Inquiry Blocked in Bid to Make Bush-Blair 'Kick Ass' Memo Public
Middle East
USS Nimitz Transits Through Middle East on Its Way Home
Gun-Toting Yemenis Wish They Could Lay Down Their Arms
'60 Minutes' Retraction of Benghazi Story Adds to Confusion Over Attack
Cruz Bill Offers $5 Million Reward for Benghazi Info
Up to 11 Dead in Mogadishu Hotel Blast That May Have Started in Lobby
Somali Islamists Take Responsibility for Mogadishu Hotel Bombing
Militants Attack Somalia Prison; 3 Guards Killed
Somali President Resolute After Shebab Car Bombing
3 Tuareg Rebels Killed in Northern Mali
Mali President Replaces Junta-Linked Army Chief
Nigerian Military Kills 5 in Kano Shoot-Out
Central African Republic: Aftermath Images 'Shocking'
French Riot Police Use Tear Gas on Anti-Tax Protesters
Pussy Riot Punk 'Still En Route to Penal Colony'
Mexico Frees 61 Kidnap Victims Held Near US Border
Suriname President's Son on US Terror Charges
Argentine Judge Helps Victims of Franco Regime Seek Justice
Americans Still Dying
Westmoreland (KS) Sergeant Killed in Afghanistan Leaves Behind Wife, Three Daughters
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