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The war plans were finalized, the war planes were on the tarmac, and the news media was salivating for some "shock and awe" – but the bombing of Syria never happened!

That's because a broad-based movement spanning "left" and "right" rose up and just said NO! That cry of protest was resounding enough to scare Congress – and the White House – into saying "Never mind!" was a vital part of that protest: every day for weeks we headlined the crisis and urged our readers to call Congress. In our news and opinion columns we debunked the war propaganda that claimed this was to be a war of "liberation": we expose the Syrian "rebels" for the thugs they are, and we kept blasting away at the phony rationale for this war: that it was a "humanitarian" effort to "save lives." Yeah, and War is Peace, as Orwell put it.

But they're already ginning up another war – this time with Iran – and we can't let down our guard. Eternal vigilance is the price of peace as well as liberty. is needed now more than ever – but we can't continue our work without your financial support.

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Updated November 12, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
Israel Announces, Then Halts 24,000 Settler Homes
White House: Iran Sanctions Bills a 'March to War'
  Leaders Blame Each Other for Lack of Iran Deal
  Western Backtrack on Uranium Enrichment Killed Iran Deal
  Iran Signs Pact to Allow Broader Inspections of Nuclear Sites
  Kerry: Iran Talks Not a Race, Deal Could Take Months
  White House Applies Presidential Pressure on Iran Skeptics
Israel: Iran Deal Would Make It Hard to Start War
  Why Did France Torpedo the Iran Negotiations?
  Iran Nuclear Deal Key to Political Solution in Syria
  Iran Talks Complicate US Push on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations
  WikiLeaks Reveals 'Unintended Consequences' of US Sanctions
Turkey Frets Syrian Kurdish Gains in Northeast
  Syrian Opposition May Attend Geneva, Issues Preconditions
Kerry: Obama Didn't 'Personally' Order Spying
  Rep. Sensenbrenner Takes NSA Reform Case to European Parliament
  Merely 'Speculating' About Intel Capabilities Is Damaging to the UK
  NSA's Vast Powers Extend Far Beyond Counterterror, Despite Claims
  Oil Espionage: How the NSA and GCHQ Spied on OPEC
Pakistan: Peace Talks Can't Progress Without End to Drones
  What Haqqani Leader's Killing Means for Afghanistan and Pakistan
  Gen. Dunford: US Needs to Stay in Afghanistan for Years
Mistaking Omniscience for Omnipotence  by Tom Engelhardt
Iran Hawks' Definition of Successful Nuclear Diplomacy Is Impossible  by Peter Beinart
An Espionage Fantasy: Snowden Has Become a Chinese Spy  by Kevin Gosztola
A Deal With Iran, or War With Iran?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The US Army Discovers Africa  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Govt Hiding Illegal Surveillance From Criminal Defendants  Privacy SOS

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Senator: US Soldiers Being Killed by Terror Groups Backed With US Money
'Unlawful Enemy Combatants' or 'Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents'
'He Didn't Commit a War Crime': Omar Khadr's Lawyer Challenges Gitmo Conviction
ACLU Booted From Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Hearing
Military Suicides Drop; Unclear Why
Spying on Everyone
Poll's Lesson for NSA: Show That Surveillance Programs Actually Combat Terrorism
Survey Shows Confusion Over NSA's Role
GOP Lawmaker: Europe Can Help Curb NSA
Spying Scandal Alters US Ties With Allies and Raises Talk of Policy Shift
UK Information Commissioner Voices Fears Over Scale of NSA Surveillance
NSA Leaks: UK Home Secretary Says Editors 'Should Recognize Their Responsibilities'
White House Considers Appointing Civilian NSA Chief Amid Calls for Reform
Congress Could See Power to Confirm NSA Chief
The Daunting Challenge of Secure E-Mail
The War at Home
Yemeni to Tell Congress About Drone Strike That Killed Brother Who Stood Up to al-Qaeda
Drone Strikes on the NYT's Claim to Have Improved
Preserved as Evidence, Camp X-Ray's Dark Memories
CBS News Facing Calls for Investigation Into 60 Minutes' False Benghazi Account
Anti-Defamation League Calls Out George W. Bush
Sabotaged Peace Talks: Imran Disappointed by Reaction of 'Divided Nation'
Haqqani Network Leader Gunned Down in Pakistan
Pakistan Schools Association Slams Malala Book Ban
Afghan Taliban Threaten Traditional Assembly on Extending US Presence
Afghan Reconstruction Oversight Shrinks
China Criticises 'Kill Everyone' Remark on US Talk Show
'Two-Faced' Google, in No Position to Lecture China on Freedoms: China News Agency
Southeast Asia
Protests Escalate in Bangkok, Rattling Government and Raising Fears of Clashes
UN Court Awards Cambodia Sovereignty in Border Dispute
Moderates Fade From Political View in Polarized Egypt
Prison or Death? Egypt Coup Regime Forces Grim Choice on Palestine Refugees
Two Egypt Journalists Face Trial for 'Defaming Judges'
Official Indicates Curfew to End Thursday
Egyptian Football Star to Be Questioned Over Flashing Anti-Coup Sign
Eastern Libya's Self-Declared Government Forms Regional Oil Company in Challenge to Tripoli
Berbers Shut Gas Pipeline to Italy, Cut Major Income Source
Congo, M23 Rebels Peace Signing Delayed Over Wording of Pact
Westgate Mall Attacker Lived in Kenya Refugee Camp
French MP Stabbed at Armistice Day Event in Provence
Russia Jails Four Over 2011 Domodedovo Airport Bombing
Tymoshenko Lawyer 'Held by Police', Ukraine MP Says
Iran and the US
US Senate Will Wait Before Moving on Iran Sanctions: Aides
Kerry to Brief Senate Panel on Iran Talks
US Firms Poised to Seize Opportunities in Iran
Top US Negotiator With Iran Flies to Israel for Briefings
Iran and the World
UK: Iran to Face Tougher Sanctions Without Nuclear Deal
Britain Revives Ties With Iran, Two Years After Embassy Attack
UK: Iran to Face Tougher Sanctions Without Nuclear Deal
Iran, IAEA Ink Agreement, but Was Slain Deputy Minister Part of P5+1 Negotiations?
Iranians Angry and Bewildered After French Torpedo Geneva Nuclear Entente
Iran Media Highlight France's 'Obstruction'
Syria Rebels Recruit at Refugee Camp
Battle for Strategic Town Shows Why War Has Displaced Millions
Syria Army Seeks to Reopen Aleppo Airport: Military
Polio Virus Strain in Syria Confirmed as Being From Pakistan: World Health Org.
Why Is No One Addressing the Real Reason for the Weak Palestinian Economy?
'Because Palestinian Boys Throw Stones at Us, We Will Uproot 100s of Olive Trees'
Israel May Become First Non-European Member of Nuclear Research Group
Former Israeli Intel Chief Yadlin Delayed at Heathrow Airport
'No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal' With Israel, PA Says
IDF Soldiers Confiscate Cameras From a Palestinian Photojournalist – and Turn Them Over to Settler
Netanyahu Says Waiting for 'Palestinian Ben-Gurion' to End Mideast Conflict
15 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded in Riot, Shootings, Bombings
Angry Shi'ites Storm Camp at Iraq's Rumaila Oilfield
Iraq Keeps Eye on Kurd-Jihadist Battle in Syria
Iraq and Turkey Push Trade and Counter-Terror Ties
Lebanon to File Complaint With UN Over Israeli Border Spying
Mexico Says Former US Soldier Led Kidnap Gang
6 Inmates Killed in Fight at Mexico Border Prison
'He Didn't Commit a War Crime': Omar Khadr's Lawyer Challenges His Conviction at Guantánamo
US Military
76,000 Soldiers 'Chaptered Out' of Veterans' Benefits Since 2006
Navy Bribery Scandal Widens as Antique Carrier Is Christened
Mental Trauma and the US Military
US Veterans Face Staggering Epidemic of Unemployment, Trauma, and Suicide
Pentagon's Top Policy Chief to Step Down
Despite Setback, Boeing Remains Committed to Phantom Badger
This Drone Can Fly, Swim, Drive, Hop Its Way Through a Mission
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