Our government is watching everyone, these dark days, but they’re paying special attention to Antiwar.com.

Last year, we discovered the FBI had launched a “preliminary investigation” of Antiwar.com and its principals based purely on the “danger” represented by our opposition to US foreign policy. They decided our webmaster and our leading columnist could very well be “agents of a foreign power” – because we spoke out against the Iraq war.

That this is outrageous almost goes without saying, but we are fighting back. We are demanding the US government back off – and apologize. Of course, as the enforcement arm of the Warfare State, the FBI is naturally going to come after us: what’s shocking is the blatantly illegal manner in which they did so and are probably still doing so.

The Warfare State knows who their real enemies are: but do you know who your real friends are?

A friend in need is a friend indeed – and we need your help to fight this brazen state repression. We’re fighting to restore constitutional government in America – but we need your tax-deductible donation to do it. Please, make your contribution today!

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Updated November 14, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
Why Iran Talks Failed and Will Get Tougher
  Senate Hawks Blast Call to Delay New Iran Sanctions
  House Seeks to Tie Obama's Hands on Iran
  State Dept: Israeli Assessment of Iran 'Not Based on Reality'
Palestinian Peace Talks Delegation Resigns
  Netanyahu Vows 'Thousands More Homes' in Settlements
  How 24,000 New Settlement Homes Allowed Netanyahu to Save Face
  Israel Commander: 100,000 Palestinians 'Have Score to Settle' With Us
CIA Analysts Threated to Quit Over Syria Claims
  Syrian Rebels Declare Autonomous Kurds 'Hostile'
  Rivalries Between Commanders End in Defeat for Free Syrian Army
US Blocks Britain's Release of Iraq War Report
  Attacks Against Iraq Pilgrims Continue: 67 Killed, 152 Wounded
Zubaydah Diaries Shed New Light on 9/11
Air Force Chief Warns of Glut of Drones
DC Awards Largest Tax Subsidy in History: To Boeing
Leak: Secret Trade Pact Spreads US Copyright Rules Abroad
Guantánamo's 12th Anniversary, and There's No End in Sight  by Morris Davis
Lobby War on Iran Deal Proves Validity of Israel First Thesis  by MJ Rosenberg
Israel's Gains From Arafat's Death Cannot Be Ignored  by Jonathan Cook
Their Hardliners Are Right; Our Hardliners Are Wrong  by Ted Snider
The Snowden Principle  by John Cusack
FBI vs. the First Amendment: The Govt's Investigation of Antiwar.com  by Adam Dick

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NATO Builds $1 Billion HQ as Allies Cut Military Spending
CIA Declassifies Documents on Camp David Accords Brokered by Jimmy Carter
UK Pursuing Criminal Probe Into Guardian Leaks
John Kerry's Iran Briefing Succeeds ... in Solidifying GOP Against Him
French Envoy: US, World Powers Fell in Line With France on Iran
Kerry Warns That New US Sanctions Could Torpedo Iran Talks
No Radical Change in Iran's Nuclear Program: IAEA
Netanyahu Says 'Bad Deal' With Iran Could Lead to War
Hezbollah Chief Warns of 'War' if No Iran Deal
Iran Deal Would Double Iran Breakout Time: US Official
Hollande, Obama Say Guarantees Needed on Iran Nuclear Plans
Syrian Army Captures Suburb South of Damascus
Syria Disarmament on Track: Chemical Watchdog
Private Donors' Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria
Syrian Kurdish Leader Claims Military Gains Against Islamists
Syria Rebels Urge Aleppo Mobilization to Halt Assault
Syria Conflict Draws Rising Numbers of German Jihadists
Russia May Give $2 Million for Syrian Chemical Disarmament
When Israeli Settlers Direct Violence at Palestinian Schoolchildren
Israel Agrees to Recognize EU Ban on Funding Institutions in Settlements
Israeli Soldier, 19, Killed in Suspected Terror Attack in Afula
Killing of Israeli Soldier Further Clouds Peace Process
Settler Chiefs on Iran Talks: We'll Sell Your Mother – and Even Bibi – for New Housing
Turkey Asks NATO to Extend Patriot Deployment Near Syria Border
Raytheon, Lockheed Consider Fresh Bid for Turkey Missile Defense
Turkey to Re-Investigate 1994 Deaths After Euro Court Ruling
Middle East
Iraq: 50 Killed, 131 Wounded in Attacks on Pilgrims, Police
Al-Qaeda in Yemen Vows Revenge for Shi'ite Rebel Attack on Salafis
Despite Ruling, Egypt Holds Off on Ending Curfew
Lifting State of Emergency May Not Change Police Behavior
Memory of a Mass Killing Becomes Another Casualty of Protests
Egyptian Women Criticize Poll Calling Egypt Worst Arab Country for Women
FM: Cairo Considering Russian Arms Deal
Morsi Warns of Egypt Instability Without Reinstatement
Egypt's Morsi to Sue Rulers Over 'Coup': Lawyer
Morsi Says He Was Kidnapped Before Being Removed by Army
Libya Protesters Close Another Eastern Oil Refinery After Western Facility Reopens
Libya's Berbers Boycott Charter Talks, Protests Cut Oil Output
ENI CEO 'Optimistic' About Company's Future in Libya
US Names Nigeria's Boko Haram and Ansaru 'Terrorists'
Nigeria Offensive Drives 40,000 Refugees Into Niger: UN
DR Congo
Congo Ready to Sign Document Formalizing Rebel Defeat
Rebel Defeat Boosts Kabila but Peace in Congo Distant
Somalia: New Militant Defectors Aid Spy Service
Paris Prosecutor: Qaeda Man Linked to Mali Journalist Killings
Senegal Announces Plan to Televise Habre War Crimes Trial
Military Trial Set for Former Ivory Coast Security Chief
Guerrillas Step Up Campaign in Paraguay
Mexican Drug Kingpin Juarez Orosco Extradited to US
Remains of Brazil's Former President Joao Goulart Exhumed to Determine if He Was Murdered
Bolivian Govt Says 58 Percent of Country's Coca Crop Is Devoted to Traditional Uses
Judge Asked to Invalidate Iran-Argentine Probe of 1994 Bombing
Spying on Everyone
NSA Transparency Hurts Americans' Privacy, Feds Say With Straight Face
Our Govt Has Weaponized the Internet. Here's How They Did It
Jeh Johnson Warns Senate Hearing That US Faces 'Blind Spot' on Terrorism
In Fight Over Gag Orders, US Tech Industry Files Complaint Over FBI Legal Tactics
The Original NSA Whistleblower: 'Snowden Is a Patriot'
Next Homeland Security Chief: What Senators Will Ignore During Johnson Nomination Hearing
In Lavabit Appeal, US Doubles Down on Access to Web Crypto Keys
Surveillance Panel Gives White House Interim Report
Italian Lawmakers Say PM Assures Them Italian Privacy Wasn't Violated by NSA Spying
Top Intelligence Contractors Contribute Three Times More to Feinstein Than Leahy
The War at Home
Yemeni Drone Strike Victim Asks Obama to Meet With Him During DC Visit This Week
Holder: TSA Agents 'Unappreciated'
Govt Report Slams TSA Program to Spot Possible Terrorists
Critic of Islam Accuses Partner Organizations of Financial Motives
CBS Opens 'Journalistic Review' Into Controversial '60 Minutes' Bengazhi Report
Questions About '60 Minutes' Benghazi Go Beyond Dylan Davies Interview; CBS Conducting 'Journalistic Review'
Former Rolling Stone Editor Eric Bates Joins Omidyar-Greenwald Venture
Police Seek Possible Serial Bomber in Oregon
TSA Behavioral Screening Works 'Same as or Slightly Better Than Chance': Report
Sources: 2 Secret Service Agents Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Internet Archive Fire Shows Vulnerability of the World's Online Memory
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Mass. Man's 2011 Conviction of Trying to Aid al-Qaeda
10 Year Prison Term Sought for Anonymous Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond
Ex-Black Panther Pleads Not Guilty in 1984 Cuba Hijacking
US Military
Senator Says US Ending Buys of Russian Helicopters
Air Force to 'Add More Rigor' to Screening of Candidates for Nuclear Commander Jobs
Air Force Colonel Who Served as Sexual Assault Officer Acquitted in Assault Case
4 Marines Killed in California Training Accident
Man Overcharged the Navy for 'Untraceable' Rustic Gun Silencers
Navy to Declare Boeing's P-8A Spy Plane Ready for Use: Sources
37 Taliban Militants Killed, 17 Injured in Afghan Operations
Afghan Police Houses Set on Fire by Taliban in Kunar Province
Loya Jirga to Start Nov. 21, Karzai Reaffirms Focus on US Pact
Afghanistan, After the War Boom
Afghan Slums Turn Into 'No-Go Area'
Disqualified Presidential Candidates Form Coalition
Afghan Loses British Citizenship Over Terror Training Claims
New Taliban Chief's Rise Complicates Ties Between Kabul, Islamabad
Bomb Blasts Outside Karachi Imambargahs Wound 14
Pakistan Wants Talks Resumption With India
At Least Three 'Taliban Militants' Shot Dead in Karachi
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Turns Back Tamil Protesters Ahead of Summit
UK TV Crew Blocked From Sri Lanka's Former War Zone
Police Break Up Muslim March in Indian Kashmir
US-Israeli Computer Super-Worm Hit Russian Nuclear Plant
Polish President Apologizes for Russian Embassy Violence
Bosnian US Embassy Attacker Claims He Was 'Victim' of Extremists
MI6 Spy's Death 'Probably an Accident,' Police Say After Body Found Inside Padlocked Bag in Bathtub
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