Our government is watching everyone, these dark days, but they’re paying special attention to Antiwar.com.

Last year, we discovered the FBI had launched a “preliminary investigation” of Antiwar.com and its principals based purely on the “danger” represented by our opposition to US foreign policy. They decided our webmaster and our leading columnist could very well be “agents of a foreign power” – because we spoke out against the Iraq war.

That this is outrageous almost goes without saying, but we are fighting back. We are demanding the US government back off – and apologize. Of course, as the enforcement arm of the Warfare State, the FBI is naturally going to come after us: what’s shocking is the blatantly illegal manner in which they did so and are probably still doing so.

The Warfare State knows who their real enemies are: but do you know who your real friends are?

A friend in need is a friend indeed – and we need your help to fight this brazen state repression. We’re fighting to restore constitutional government in America – but we need your tax-deductible donation to do it. Please, make your contribution today!

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Updated November 15, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
IAEA: Rouhani Halting Iran Nuclear Expansion
  Kerry: US 100 Percent Behind Israel on Iran
  Obama Warns Against Attacking Iran
  Russian FM: Iran Backed US Nuclear Proposal
  Iranian Human Rights Activists Blast Congress's Sanctions Push
White House: NSA Transparency Too Much Work
  Americans' Personal Data Shared With CIA, IRS in Security Probe
  NSA Aside, It’s Way Too Easy For Government to Snoop On You
  Google: We're Bombarded by Govt Requests on User Data
Pakistani Taliban in Disarray Since Chief's Death
  Why the Status of Forces Agreement Is So Important for Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda in Iraq at its Strongest Since 2006
  Attacks Against Iraq Pilgrims Continue: 67 Killed, 152 Wounded
Militia Attacks Libya Protesters, 31 Killed
Diplomacy Backlash: Israel Increasingly Down on Kerry
Lebanon Threatens Retaliation After Rocket Fire From Syria
Torture Probe 'Finds UK Intel Officers Knew of Mistreatment'
Armed Drones Becoming the Norm?  by Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese
We're Shocked at the Actions of the Agency We Rigorously Oversee!  by Julian Sanchez
In Britain, an Ominous Move to Conflate Journalism With Terrorism  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Trail of Tears  by Ann Jones & Nick Turse
The True Patriots in Congress Trying to End NSA Tyranny  by Robert Scheer
Is the US Responsible for China's Military Build-Up?  by Anthony Harrington

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Sen. Leahy: Gitmo Is 'Shameful'
Court Rejects Polish Request to Keep CIA Jail Hearing Private
Asia Rivalries Play Role in Aid to the Philippines
Uranium Shipment Signals End of US-Russian Nuclear Deal
TPP Leak: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms
Spying on Everyone
NSA Chief Says Snowden Leaked Up to 200,000 Secret Documents
Fake FISA Fix Explicitly Allows Contractors to Conduct Suspicionless Searches on US Person Data
Boehner Wants NSA Separate From Defense Authorization
NSA Staffed US-Only Intelligence 'Fusion Center' in Mexico City
A Floor, Not a Ceiling: Supporting the USA FREEDOM Act as a Step Towards Less Surveillance
How Obama's Response to NSA Spying Has Evolved
DHS Nominee Faces Backlash Over Transparency
'We Still Don't Encrypt Server-To-Server Data,' Admits Microsoft
At Senate Hearing, Google Warns of 'Splinternet' but NSA Does Not Budge
Cisco's Disastrous Quarter Shows How NSA Spying Could Freeze US Firms Out of Trillion-Dollar Opportunity
NSA Director Warns Middle East Oil and Gas Firms of Vulnerability Against Cyber Attacks
The War at Home
Report: CBS' Benghazi Source Has 'Disappeared' After Receiving 'Threat'
Ex-FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Being AP Source
Lawmakers: Pre-TSA Areas 'Soft Targets'
US Military
Senate Poised to Fund Programs the Military Doesn't Want
Personnel Costs Are a Growing Threat to Defense, Military Leaders Tell Congress
Navy Ship Plan Faces Pentagon Budget Cutters
House Armed Services Member Blasts 'Arrogance' of Pentagon
The Navy Cuts Ties With Contractor Accused of Trading Prostitutes for Secrets
Russia and Egypt in 'Historic' Talks
Egypt to Resume Brotherhood Trials on December 11
Morsi Supporters Sentenced to 17 Years for Al-Azhar Protest
Car Bombing Kills Libyan Cleric in Benghazi, the Latest Targeted Killing in Eastern City
ICC Demands Libya Hand Over Gadhafi Son
Libyan Food Group Warns Against Rushed Subsidy Reform
ICC Says 20 Victims Withdraw Case Against Kenya's Ruto
Most Kenyans Want President to Be Tried at Hague for Vote Violence Crimes, Poll Finds
France Says Al-Qaeda Members 'Neutralized' in Mali
460,000 Displaced in Sudan's Darfur This Year
French Priest Kidnapped in Cameroon
El Salvador
Armed Men Burn Records of El Salvador War Missing
Netanyahu 'Unimpressed' by IAEA Nuclear Report on Iran
Obama: Sanctions Easing Can Be Reversed if Iran Does Not Deliver
McCain Calls Kerry 'A Human Wrecking Ball' on Iran Negotiations
EU to Re-Impose Iran Sanctions Quashed by Court
Kerry: US May Free 'Tiny Portion' of $45 Billion Iran Assets
Hagel 'Felt Sorry' for Kerry After Iran Negotiations Faltered
Iran to Ban Morality Police From Targeting Women
Obama Appeals to Congress to Hold Off on New Sanctions on Iran
3 Killed, 22 Wounded in Bombings in Syrian Capital
Nasrallah: Hezbollah in Syria for Long Haul
Disunity Could Scupper Syria Kurdish Region
Driving Out Jihadis, Syrian Kurds Carve Out Zone
North Korea Denies Aiding Syria in Fight Against Rebels
Norway Offers Aid in Destruction of Syria Chemical Arms
Al-Qaeda-Linked Rebels in Syria Apologize After Cutting Off Head of Wrong Person
John Kerry: US '100 Percent' With Israel
Israel Warplanes Strike Gaza After Militant Mortar Fire
Erekat Resigned Due to Israel's 'Lack of Integrity'
Israel on Brink of Isolation if No Peace Deal, Says Livni
Bennett: Israel Interested in Diplomatic Solution to Nuclear Iran
Assailants Set West Bank House on Fire, Spray 'Regards From Eden' on Wall
Attacks Against Iraq Pilgrims Continue: 67 Killed, 152 Wounded
Iraq Inquiry: 'No US Veto' Over Blair-Bush Notes
Foreigners Flee Iraq Oil Flare-Ups: Workers Leave After Shia Fury Erupts
South Iraq Oilfields Calm; Schlumberger to Return
Turkey Moves to Silence Dissenters, but With One Eye on Its Image Abroad
Turkish Interior Minister Links Co-Ed Housing With Terrorism
Qatar Approves Compulsory Military Service for Men
Forgotten in Bagram
Sri Lanka's Mahinda Rajapaksa Hits Out at Critics
France's Hollande Hits New Low in Approval Rating
Pussy Riot's Nadya Resurfaces in Siberia After Nearly a Month Incommunicado
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