Our government is watching everyone, these dark days, but they’re paying special attention to Antiwar.com.

Last year, we discovered the FBI had launched a “preliminary investigation” of Antiwar.com and its principals based purely on the “danger” represented by our opposition to US foreign policy. They decided our webmaster and our leading columnist could very well be “agents of a foreign power” – because we spoke out against the Iraq war.

That this is outrageous almost goes without saying, but we are fighting back. We are demanding the US government back off – and apologize. Of course, as the enforcement arm of the Warfare State, the FBI is naturally going to come after us: what’s shocking is the blatantly illegal manner in which they did so and are probably still doing so.

The Warfare State knows who their real enemies are: but do you know who your real friends are?

A friend in need is a friend indeed – and we need your help to fight this brazen state repression. We’re fighting to restore constitutional government in America – but we need your tax-deductible donation to do it. Please, make your contribution today!

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Updated November 16, 2013 - 11:07 PM EST
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  Turkey Warns Against Syrian Kurdish Autonomy
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Feinstein Bill Strengthens Warrantless Searches
  Antiwar.com Editor Demands FBI File Fix
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Militia Attacks Libya Protesters, 43 Killed
Nearly 1,000 Killed in Cairo Since Mid-August Crackdown
US Soldier Charged in Iraq Killings of Deaf, Unarmed Teens
Abu Zubaydah's Case Continues to Languish in Legal Black Hole  by Crofton Black
A Fraying of the Public/Private Surveillance Partnership  by Bruce Schneier
Why Does Anyone Trust the National-Security State?  by Conor Friedersdorf
JFK, Warmonger  by Justin Raimondo
No Nuke Deal? Don't Just Blame Tehran  by Fareed Zakaria
The Basis for the NSA's Call-Tracking Program Has Disappeared, if It Ever Existed  by Jameel Jaffer

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Health Care Dispute Could Delay Iran Sanctions
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One Year After Pillar of Defense, Houses Are Rebuilt but Lives Remain Shattered
Nine Killed, 20 Wounded in Northern Iraq Attacks
In Southern Iraq, Basra Threatens Autonomy
Iraq Kurd Chief Visits Turkey After Peace Process Stalls
Turkey Proposes to Mediate Iraq Energy Dispute
Iraq Forces Need 'Massive' Rights Re-Training: UN Envoy
Turkish Army Says Kurdish Militants Attack Convoy
Turkish Decision on China Defense Deal Could Take 6 Months
Middle East
France and Saudi Arabia in Joint Military Drill Near Mecca
US Urged to Consider 'Plan B' to Force Bahrain Reforms
Lebanon's Forgotten Space Program
EU Clears Spain in New Row With Britain Over Gibraltar
Spain Must Probe Civil War Disappearances, UN Watchdog Says
Bosnians Tweet About a Huge Mass Grave
Former Labor Camp Commander in Romania Denies Killing Scores of Prisoners There
Red Square Naked Nail Protester Faces Prison
United Nations
World Broadcasters Urge UN Action on Journalist Deaths
Weekend Reviews
Blumenthal's Goliath Holds Mirror to Israeli Society
Thank You for Your Service, by David Finkel
Finding Fault Everywhere He Looked
Overt and Covert: The Brothers, by Stephen Kinzer
The Brothers, on John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles
Covert Capital: US Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia by Andrew Friedman
Spying on Everyone
Crackdown That Shared Americans' Personal Data Goes 'Overboard,' Senator Says
Justice Dept. Reviewing Criminal Cases That Used Surveillance Evidence Gathered Under FISA
US Envoy: NSA Spying Causing Distress in Germany
Surveillance Infrastructure Showing Signs of Decay
Anonymous Hacker Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years for Stratfor Leak
FBI Warns of US Government Breaches by Anonymous Hackers
Silicon Valley Nerds Seek Revenge on NSA Spies With Super Coding
The War at Home
Forget the TSA, You Can Buy Bomb-Making Materials After Airport Security
Forbes Media Is Working With Bankers to Sell Company
House Republicans Introduce Resolution to Impeach Attorney General Holder
US Air Force Asked to Help in Missing Drone Search
FBI Sting and Faked Death May Have Played Key Role in Silk Road Demise
Hagel Criticizes Fired Deputy Commander of US Nuclear Forces
Afghanistan Finalizes Draft of Pact That Allows Extended Stay for US Forces
Royal Marines Challenge Naming Ruling After Afghan Case
Eight Killed in Pakistan in Attack on Shi'ite Procession
Rawalpindi Goes Under 24hr Curfew Following Deadly Clashes
Pakistan Praised for Rogue Soldier Arrest
Pakistan, Sri Lanka Agree to Deepen Bilateral Ties
India, Pakistan Agree: Emotional Google Ad a Hit
Myanmar Announces Release of 69 Political Prisoners
One Killed in Clashes as Thousands Protest in Egypt
Egyptian General Is Idolized for Deposing Former President Morsi, but Can His Popularity Last?
North Africa
US Quietly Offered $10 Million Reward for Benghazi Attackers
Hundreds Protest in Tunis, Call on Government to Quit
26 Persons Killed in Boko Haram Night Raids on Borno Villages
Nigerian Troops Claim Nine Boko Haram Members Killed
Hundreds of 'Criminals' Held Before Nigeria Poll: Police
Dozens of Mali Rebels Seen Arriving in Kidal
Mali Rebels Hand Over Administration Buildings
Budget Cuts Mean Fewer US Troops for Africa Missions
UN Rejects Africa Bid to Halt Kenya Leaders' ICC Trials
Suspected Rebels Kill One in Mozambique Highway Ambush
Somali Pirates Jailed in US Over American Deaths
Official: Detained Police Lead Mexican Agents to 18 Bodies in Mass Graves
Guatemalans Search for Wartime Missing With Portraits, Museum
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