You're half right.

It is a mess – but there's hope.

Sure, the War Party is louder and more powerful than ever. And yes, government agents are slithering through your emails – because it's "legal." It's undeniable that anyone who stands up to this crap is immediately targeted, smeared, and – like this very web site – deemed a proper subject for "investigation" by "law enforcement."

Depressing, isn't it?

But there's hope. After years of putting up with the warmongers and letting foreign lobbyists determine US foreign policy, the American people stood up and said NO to another war in the Middle East. A mass movement against the Surveillance State that transcend "left" and "right" is taking shape. And that's just the beginning ….

Or will it be the end? The problem is that the Bad Guys have their institutions, and they are very well funded. We, on the other hand – not so much.

One of the few institutions we have is since 1998, we've been debunking the War Party's lies and warning that perpetual war would mean the end of our republic. We've endured – but now we're facing our greatest challenge ever,

We must raise $80,000 in the next few weeks – because our very survival depends on it. We don't have any power-mad billionaires funding this site. Big corporations and Hollywood never gave us a dime. We depend on the small contributions of our many readers all over the world who believe that a more peaceful world is possible – if only we work for it.

Help us maintain the one enduring institution of today's antiwar movement – make your tax-deductible contribution today.
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Updated November 18, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Iran Sees Ways Around Sticking Points in Talks
  Iran Deal Will Limit Uranium Stockpile, Halt Arak Construction: Report
  Report: Israel, Saudis Plotting Joint Attack Plan Against Iran
  Netanyahu: Deal Would Allow Iran to Get Nuke in Three Weeks
  Hollande Assures Israel: France Will Oppose Iran Deal
US-Afghan Talks at 'Profound Impasse' Before Vote
  US Unlikely to Be Happy With Next Afghan President
  Six Contractors Found Beheaded in Afghanistan
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Supreme Court Turns Down Surveillance Case
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  Diplomats' Hotel Bookings Being Tracked by British Spies
Bombs Rattle Iraq: 54 Killed 116 Wounded
  Blackwater Founder Unapologetic on Company's Role in Iraq
31 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Rebel Bombing
The Slacker Torturer: The Shock and Awing of America  by Ximena Ortiz
The Effort to Stigmatize Privacy as Anti-American  by Conor Friedersdorf
After the NSA Revelations, Who Will Listen to US on Human Rights?  by Aryeh Neier
The Iran Question – What Next?  by Melkulangara Bhadrakumar
Talking or Walking: Deal With Iran  by Laura Secor
NSA's Metadata Program: End It, Don't Mend It  Los Angeles Times

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