You're half right.

It is a mess – but there's hope.

Sure, the War Party is louder and more powerful than ever. And yes, government agents are slithering through your emails – because it's "legal." It's undeniable that anyone who stands up to this crap is immediately targeted, smeared, and – like this very web site – deemed a proper subject for "investigation" by "law enforcement."

Depressing, isn't it?

But there's hope. After years of putting up with the warmongers and letting foreign lobbyists determine US foreign policy, the American people stood up and said NO to another war in the Middle East. A mass movement against the Surveillance State that transcend "left" and "right" is taking shape. And that's just the beginning ….

Or will it be the end? The problem is that the Bad Guys have their institutions, and they are very well funded. We, on the other hand – not so much.

One of the few institutions we have is since 1998, we've been debunking the War Party's lies and warning that perpetual war would mean the end of our republic. We've endured – but now we're facing our greatest challenge ever,

We must raise $80,000 in the next few weeks – because our very survival depends on it. We don't have any power-mad billionaires funding this site. Big corporations and Hollywood never gave us a dime. We depend on the small contributions of our many readers all over the world who believe that a more peaceful world is possible – if only we work for it.

Help us maintain the one enduring institution of today's antiwar movement – make your tax-deductible contribution today.
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Updated November 19, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Bombers Kill 26 Near Iran Embassy in Beirut
FISA Order Allowing NSA Surveillance Revealed
  Supreme Court Ducks Petition to Rule on NSA Surveillance
  Congress and Courts Weigh Restraints on NSA Spying
Afghan Pact Would Keep US Troops Indefinitely
  US Denies Agreement Reached on Final Text of Afghan Security Pact
Pentagon's Doctored Ledgers Conceal Epic Waste
  'Closing' Guantanamo Doesn't Mean What You Think
  US Officials Admit CIA Drone Accidentally Killed a Yemeni Child
  Kerry Makes It Official: 'Era of Monroe Doctrine Is Over'
  Blackwater's Founder Blames US for Its Troubles
Iran's Arak: Real Dealbreaker or Red Herring?
  Kerry: Iran Must Finalize Deal to Prove Nuclear Program Is Peaceful
  Iran Deal Will Benefit Israel: Kerry
  Putin Tells Iran's Rouhani He Sees a Chance to End Nuclear Dispute
US-Israel Tension Complicates Regional US Goals
  Kerry Postpones Israel Visit Amid Rising Tensions
Syria: No Longer a Revolution – This Is Civil War
  No EU Nation Willing to Destroy Syria Chemical Arms on Its Soil
Kerry, White House Split on Egypt Policy
Slinging Stones at the Drone Goliath  by Kelley B. Vlahos
How Much Would War in Syria Cost?  by Veronique de Rugy
Should the US Spend Billions More on the Navy? No!  by Mark Weisbrot
Netanyahu Playing With Fire  by Murray Polner
Whose Foreign Policy?  by James Russell
Give Snowden Asylum in Germany  by Malte Spitz & Hans-Christian Ströbele

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Unnamed 'Senior Sources' Claim US Wouldn't Arrest Assange Today
Snowden Letter Raises New Questions for Merkel
Amnesty International on Drone Killings
Greenwald's Partner Opens Up About His Detention, and the Couple's Life in Brazil
Indonesian Leader Deplores Statement by Aussie PM
Kristen Gillibrand's Military Sexual Assault Bill Rejected by Senators in Letter
US Congressional Action on Iran Sanctions Unlikely This Month
Obama to Brief Senators as Iran Talks Resume
Rouhani Warns Against Excessive Demands in Nuclear Talks
Rep. Ellison Leads Push Against Iran Sanctions
Iran Unveils 'Biggest Missile-Equipped Drone'
Newspaper Close to Khamenei Slams Reduced Nuclear Activities
Saudi Arabia Rules Out Contact With Israel on Iran
Iranian Dissidents Say Iran Has Built Secret New Nuclear Site
Netanyahu: Iran Already Has Enough Material for Five Bombs
UN Inspectors Would Play Central Role in Iran Nuclear Deal
Syrian Rebel Leader Abdul Qader Saleh Dies of Injuries Sustained in Airstrike
Russia Steps Up Diplomatic Push for Syria Peace Talks
An Epidemic of Journalist Kidnappings in Syria
From Soccer to Jihad, German Soccer Talent Killed in Syria
Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp Mushrooms as Syrians Set Up Shop
Aid Workers Struggle to Get Polio Vaccine to Syrians
In Lebanon's Northern Capital, the Syrian Civil War Is Being Fought Block by Block
Beirut Meet Urges US Role in Energy Sector
Hollande With Abbas: Put End to Settlements
Israeli Ministers Snub Dinner With French Counterparts
Palestinians Cast First-Ever Vote in UN General Assembly
Israel Detains Palestinian Activist Without Trial
Ya'alon: I Supported Oslo, but I Sobered Up
Bennett in New York: I Vehemently Oppose a Palestinian State
First Planned Palestinian City Is Rising in the West Bank
David Makovsky Joins Indyk's Middle East Peace Team
20 Killed in Iraq Attacks, 12 More Executed
Iraq-Jordan International Roads Blocked Off by Gunmen in Anbar
US Agrees to Keep Patriot Missiles in Turkey
Hopes Fade for a New Turkish Constitution
Middle East
Top Obama Aide Calls Yemeni President
Jordan Requests Seat on UN Security Council After Saudi Arabia Turns It Down
With Adcom Drone, United Arab Emirates Makes Big Export Push
Anti-Government Protesters, Police Clash in Haiti
Haiti Protesters Vow to Drive President From Power
The War at Home
Pentagon on Course to Miss Audit Deadlines
Bitcoin to Congress: Back Off
Police Deactivating Controversial Spying WiFi Network in Seattle
Navy Sees Opportunity, Risk in Thawing Arctic
Spying on Everyone
Judge Could Torpedo NSA Surveillance Programs
Yahoo Vows to Encrypt All Its Users' Personal Data
DoJ Refuses to Let Tech Companies See Legal Arguments It's Making Against Them
Surveillance Technology Out of Control, Says Lord Ashdown
Angela Merkel: Spy Claims Test US Ties With Germany
Private Firms Selling Mass Surveillance Systems Around World, Documents Show
Cryptographer Bruce Schneier Tells Washington NSA Broke Internet's Security for Everyone
Global Tech Firm, Thoughtworks, Supports Push to Roll Back Surveillance State
Clapper Declassifies Additional Intel Docs Regarding Collection Under Section 501 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Republicans to Seek Restricting Detainee Transfers to Yemen
Obama Faces Crucial Guantanamo Votes
Last British Resident in Guantanamo: We Are Treated Like Animals
White House Pushes to Loosen Transfer Rules Toward Goal of Moving Guantanamo Detainees
US to Train Several Thousand Libyan Soldiers
Militias Ordered Out of Libya Capital After Deadly Clashes
Libya Spy Chief Mustafa Nuh Freed by Zintan Militia
Libya Regional Official Escapes Assassination
The Fight Against Libyan Extremists Goes Through... Bulgaria?
Protesters Rally in Cairo's Tahrir Square Against Security Forces
It Took Less Than 24 Hours to Deface the New Monument in Tahrir Square
Egypt Islamist Tells Army Chief to Avoid Politics
Egypt Security Official Investigating Brotherhood Shot
Nigerian Villagers Say Vigilantes Killed Herdsmen While Hunting Boko Haram
Nigerian Governor Election Hit by Delays, Disputes: Organizer
Scores Killed in Tribal Clashes in Darfur
Cameroon Repels Attack From Central African Republic
Mauritania Police Beat Protesters Urging Poll Boycott
Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan Kill 9 Children
Afghans Killed in Zabul 'Had Helped Police'
DoD Report: Losing War on Afghan Drug Trade
Rift Within Pakistan Taliban Grows
Gunmen Kill NATO Truck Driver
Pakistan's Top Judge, Feared by Some, to Pass Seat to Gentle Successor
Russia Bails Greenpeace Doctor, Photographer and Activist
Indonesia Recalls Its Ambassador to Australia
Nepal's Protest Candidate Channels Rising Popular Disaffection
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