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Nobody knew the US government is spying on its own citizens – not even our elected representatives.

There’s some question as to whether even the President knew about NSA spying on world leaders, including those of our closest allies.

Information scooped up by the NSA is being used in domestic criminal proceedings – but who knew that before Edward Snowden spilled the beans?

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Updated November 21, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
US Vows No More Pak Drone Strikes, Then Kills 8
  Imran Khan Vows to Block NATO Supplies After US Drone Strike
Afghan Reversal: Wants to Delay US Security Deal
  Afghan Draft Deal Would Give US Troops Immunity
Attacking Iran Still an Option: US Envoy
  Poll: Large Majority of Americans Support Nuclear Deal With Iran
  Geneva Negotiators See Few Options if Iran Nuclear Talks Fail
  Kerry: Uranium Enrichment Won't Be Resolved in Iran Deal
US Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere
  Surveillance Court Chafes at Obama Administration Secrecy
  US and UK in Secret Deal Allowing NSA to Access Brits' Personal Data
  Docs Show NSA Repeatedly Violated Own Rules, Court Orders
Kerry: Muslim Brotherhood Stole Egypt Revolution
  Roadside Bomb in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula Kills 11 Soldiers
Pentagon Tries Sequester Guilt Trip
  US Exploiting Typhoon Suffering to Win Military Bases in Philippines
  7 Disturbing Ways the Pentagon Mismanages Its Massive Budget
Baghdad Bombing Barrage: 66 Killed, 142 Hurt
Senate Loosens Gitmo Restrictions: Will It Close?
Iraq Refugees Declared 'al-Qaeda' After FBI Gave Them Arms
Yemeni Delegation Describes the Terror of Drones
Netanyahu's Estimate for Iran Nuclear Breakout 'Sheer Nonsense'  by John Glaser
America's 'Army of Lawyers' Is Almost as Deadly as Its Drones  by Dawood Ahmed
Ignore the Extremists in Tehran and on Capitol Hill  by Stephen Kinzer
Why a Soft Sell for Iran Diplomacy Isn't Enough  by Scott McConnell
It's Not the Stasi, but the NSA Is Bad Enough  by Gene Healy
Nuke Deal Would Be Good for Human Rights in Iran  by Matthew Duss

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'Thank You Edward Snowden' Bus Signs Coming to DC
Rand Paul Aids Surprise Gitmo Win for Obama
Senate NDAA Amendments Piling Up, Many More Expected
Eyeing 2016 Rivals, Rubio Says US Can't 'Look Inward' on Foreign Policy
Yemeni Man Seeks Answers in US Over Drone Strike
US Official Says 'Very Hard' to Get Iran Nuclear Deal
Kerry Says Now the 'Best Chance ... in a Decade' for Iran Nuclear Deal
Israel, Gulf in 'Strange Alliance' Against Iran
Israeli Lawmakers Blast Netanyahu's Campaign Against US Deal With Iran
UK Presses Senate to Delay Iran Sanctions
Israeli Leader Lobbies in Russia Against Iran Deal
Nuclear Deal Won't Allow Iran to Buy Time, Kerry Says
Stuxnet's Secret Twin
Iran Supreme Leader Vows Tehran Will 'Not Step Back One Iota' as Nuclear Talks Resume
US Officials Warn of Insurgents Streaming Into Syria
Suicide Bombs Hit Syrian Troops North of Damascus
Syria's Christians Flee Kidnappings, Rape, Executions
The Case of the Keystone Cossacks in Syria
Shi'ite Militias: The Other 'Foreign Fighters' in Syria
Briton Killed Fighting in Syria Civil War
Meet the Syrian Rebel Commander Assad, Russia and the US All Fear
Report: Western Intelligence Agency Tipped Lebanon to Likely Attack
Iran Ambassador Barely Escaped Beirut Blasts
Hezbollah Calls for Calm After Iranian Embassy Bombing

Hezbollah Holds Funeral for Iran Embassy Bombing Dead, Pledges Continued Syria Fight

Insults Fly in US-Israel Showdown
Lieberman: Ties With US Deteriorating, More Allies Needed
Wasting Away in the Gaza Strip
Israel to Stop Issuing Birth Certificates to Babies Born to Foreigners
Golani Soldier Suspected of 'Price Tag'
Israel Tests Short Range Missile Defense System
Al-Araqib Demolished for 62nd Time as Residents Attend Knesset Protest
Why One Israeli Settler Invites Tour Groups Over for Tea
Israel Issues Demolition Orders for Structures Built by Child-Welfare Group World Vision
Baghdad Bombing Barrage: 66 Killed, 142 Wounded
Flight of Iraq Christians Resumes Amid Surge in Unrest
Iraq Kurds to Pump Oil to Turkey in Truce With Baghdad
Six Dead as Police Clash With Qaeda Suspects in Yemen
Yemen Arrests Suspected Female al-Qaeda Militants
Spying on Everyone
New Documents Detail NSA Privacy Violations
House NSA Bill to Skip Committee
Senate Dems Introduce NSA Transparency Amendment
Warrantless Surveillance Continues to Cause Fallout
Sensenbrenner: NSA Overreach Is a Serious Threat to Our Economy
The Five Year Parade of Internet Dragnet Violations
Compendium of the Released NSA Spying Documents
Feds Acknowledge Warrantless Wiretaps Played Role in Portland Bomb-Plot Case Against Mohamed Mohamud
NSA Spying Scandal Hurts Close Ties Between Australia, Indonesia
US Military
Nuke Troubles Run Deep; Key Officers 'Burned Out'
Navy Suspends Some Drone Operations After Cruiser Hit
US Military Carrying Out Exercises With Phoenix Police
Military Aid Gets a Partial Pass on Foreign Assistance Transparency Push
Meet the Marines' Humdrum Toy: A Headless Miniature Pony Robot
US and Afghanistan Reach Deal to Ensure American Post-War Presence
Senators to Obama: Congress Must Vote Before Another Decade of War in Afghanistan
Afghanistan, US Reach Security Agreement? Close, but Not Quite
Amnesty Urges Afghan Council to Demand Accountability for US War Crimes
Afghan Officials in Pakistan to Meet Taliban
US Spent Billions on Afghan Projects That Will Fall Apart When We Leave
Taliban Kill Two Pakistani Soldiers
Two Killed, Nine Hurt in Quetta Blasts
Student Shot Dead at a Cairo University Protest
Egypt's El-Sissi Vows to Avenge Deaths of 11 Soldiers in Sinai
Kenya Police Accused of Counter-Terror Abuses
Suspect Charged Over Kenya Mall Massacre Rejects Killing
French Troops in Mali Kill Wanted Jihadist's Deputy
Landmine Wounds Three French Soldiers in Mali
Under Fire on a Dangerous Somali Road
DR Congo Officers in Rape and War Crimes Trial
US in Talks With Tunisia on Boosting Security
Undercover Soldiers 'Killed Unarmed Civilians in Belfast'
Spain Moves Toward Heavy Fines for Insulting Police and Protesting Without Permission
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