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Nobody knew the US government is spying on its own citizens – not even our elected representatives.

There’s some question as to whether even the President knew about NSA spying on world leaders, including those of our closest allies.

Information scooped up by the NSA is being used in domestic criminal proceedings – but who knew that before Edward Snowden spilled the beans?

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Updated November 22, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
White House: Israel's Iran Stance Will Lead to War
  Iran Talks Progress, Foreign Ministers Head to Geneva
  Senate Leaders Promise New Iran Sanctions After Recess
  Nuclear Talks: What Does Iran Have the 'Right' to Do?
Karzai Wants Pact Delay, Obama Issues Ultimatum
  Senators Want to Vote on Continued Afghan Presence
Pakistan's Khan to Block NATO After Drone Strike
  US Vows No More Pakistan Drone Strikes, Then Kills Eight at School
  US Denies Destroyed Pakistani School Was Really a School
  House Panel Rejects Provision Requiring Account of Drone Casualties
UN Anti-Spying Resolution Weakened for US, UK
  Meet the FBI Spies Doing the NSA's Dirty Work
  Who's Least Critical of NSA Spying? Democrats
  Most of NSA's Data Collection Authorized by Order Reagan Issued
Bombs Across Central Iraq Leave 79 Dead
Officials: Dozens of Americans Tried to Join Syria Rebels
Humanitarian Crisis Worsening Amid Gaza Blockade
Asylum-Seekers in Germany Unwittingly Used for Intel
The NSA Overreach Poses a Serious Threat to Our Economy  Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
US Has War and Middle East Fatigue  by Amir Oren
An Unfalsifiable Counterterrorism Strategy Makes Us Less Safe  by Conor Friedersdorf
US Middle East Strategy: Back to Balancing  by Stephen M. Walt
Utahns Should Deny Water to NSA Center  by Connor Boyack
Is NSA Really Preventing Terrorist Attacks?  by Justin Elliott & Theodoric Meyer

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Yemeni Tells White House of Drone Strike That Killed Innocent Kin
White House Rejects Press Access Complaints
Mortars Land in Saudi Desert Near Iraq, Kuwait
American Korean War Vet, 85, Detained in North Korea
Pope Bemoans Plight of Mideast Christians
The Mystery of Mark Kirk's Motivations
Spying on Everyone
8 Years Later, NSA Still Using Same PR Strategy to Hide Illegal Wiretap Program
House Committees Vie for Dominance Over NSA Reforms
German Politicians to Get Encrypted Phones
Congress Finds Shortcuts, Suspects Cover-Up in Security Clearances
Obama Administration Looks to Scrub Security Clearance List
Compendium of the Released NSA Spying Documents
The War at Home
Groups Across the Ideological Spectrum Oppose Efforts to Delay Pentagon Savings
Rubio Slams Hawks and Doves
Dennis Rodman, Peace Broker
Meet the Marines' Humdrum Toy: A Headless Miniature Pony Robot
Army Releases October 2013 Suicide Information
Navy Was Warned of Contractor at Center of Bribery Inquiry
Obama Says US Will Respect 'Afghan Sovereignty'
Karzai Urges Afghans to Let US Forces Stay Another Decade
An Afghan Gathering Steeped in Tradition, and Consent
Pakistan FM Condemns US Drone Strike in Hangu
Imran Khan's Tehreek-E-Insaf: Drone Strike a Declaration of War
Stop Playing on Both Sides of Wicket: Imran Khan Tells PM
Did the US Undermine Democracy in the Maldives Because It Wants to Set Up Military Bases There?
Chinese Cyber Spying May Justify Sanctions: US Panel
German WWII U-Boat Found Near Indonesia
Nepal Maoist Head Prachanda Calls for Election Halt
Myanmar Rejects UN Resolution on Rohingya Muslims
Please Can We Have Our Bells Back? Philippine Town Asks US
Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony 'in Talks' With Central African Republic
Rival Militias Quit Tripoli, Hand Bases to Libyan Army
France Warns That the Central African Republic Is 'On the Verge of Genocide'
Madagascar Military Seizes Control of Eight Regions
UN Warns Somalia After Alleged Rape Victim, Journalists Arrested
Mexico Vows to Stop Vigilante Expansion
CNN Poll: More Than Half Back Iranian Nuclear Deal
Harry Reid Backs Iran Sanctions Bill
Israeli Military Goes Off-Message on Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran Talks on the Rocks as Two Sides Needle Each Other
Israeli Minister Suggests Israel Will Attack Iran if US Gets 'A Bad Deal'
Ex-Defense Minister: Israel Can't Eliminate Iran Militarily
Israeli Envoy Denies Rift With Obama as Iran Talks Continue
Iran Negotiator: Level of Enrichment Negotiable, but Not Principle
Kerry Calls Khamenei's 'Rabid Dog' Comment 'Inflammatory'
Iranian Denies Plan to Attack Israeli Embassy in Azerbaijan
Israel to Build Security Fence in the Heart of the West Bank
Boycott Activists Beat Israel Lobby in French High Court
Palestinian Official Accuses 'Fool' Bush of Colluding in Arafat's Death
European MPs to Ashton: Make Israel Pay for Settlements
Did Hollywood Bigwigs Help Israel Buy Arms in the 1970s and '80s?
Islamist Group in Syria Calls on Rebel Forces to Unite Behind It
Fight for Aleppo Base Kills 15 Syria Militia
Companies, Port Sought to Destroy Syria Poisons
Syria Roadside Bomb Hits Jordanian Writers' Bus, at Least Two Wounded
Israeli Fighter Jets Reported Flying Over Beirut
Hezbollah Actions in Syria Endanger Lebanon: President
Saudi Arabia Warns Its Citizens to Leave Lebanon After Embassy Bombing
Middle East
Bombs Across Central Iraq Leave 79 Dead, 106 Wounded
Yemen Soldiers Killed Despite Rebel-Salafist Truce: Army
Feud Between Turkey's Erdogan and Influential Cleric Goes Public
Egypt Gives Police New Powers as Students Clash
Egypt Policeman Killed in Operation to Arrest Militants
Egypt's Military Ruler Al-Sisi Suggests He's Open to Presidential Bid
Ukraine, Under Pressure From Russia, Puts Brakes on EU Deal
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