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Nobody knew the US government is spying on its own citizens – not even our elected representatives.

There’s some question as to whether even the President knew about NSA spying on world leaders, including those of our closest allies.

Information scooped up by the NSA is being used in domestic criminal proceedings – but who knew that before Edward Snowden spilled the beans?

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Updated November 23, 2013 - 11:17 PM EST
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  Details of P5+1 Nuclear Deal With Iran
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  As Talks Progress, State Dept Dubs Iran 'Terror' Sponsor
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  Did This Low-Profile British Diplomat Just Save the Iran Talks?
Karzai Rejects US Ultimatum, Defers Pact
  Immunity of Post-2014 US Soldiers in Afghanistan Remains Unresolved
Fears Rise of 'Taliban-Style' Justice in Syria
  Syrian Rebel Factions Unite as 'Islamic Front'
  Syrian Troops Kill 54 al-Qaeda Fighters in Clashes
No Respite From Bomb Blasts in Iraq: 32 Killed, 65 Wounded
Siege of Gaza Sadistic and Illegal, Yet US Support Continues
Are Obama's Middle East Peace Talks Sincere?  by Shamus Cooke
Terrorism and the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Experts on the NSA's History of Abuses: There They Go Again  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Constitutional Strategy to Stop NSA Spying  by Michael Boldin
Drone Free Zone  by Cole Stangler
Can Obama Ever Close Guantanamo?  by Daphne Eviatar

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US Still 'Hopeful' for Iran Nuclear Deal in Geneva
With Interim Agreement Out of His Reach, Netanyahu Shifts Focus to Final Deal
Kerry May Head to Israel From Geneva if Iran Deal Is Signed
China FM Spokesman: Iran Nuclear Talks at Final Moment
Iran, Six Powers Struggle to Overcome Snags in Nuclear Talks
Iran Nuclear Talks Gain Pace as Lavrov Arrives in Geneva
France's Fabius, UK's Hague to Join Iran Talks
Ya'alon to Hagel: Nuclear Iran Could Plant Dirty Bomb Anywhere in West
Q&A: Is There a 'Right' to Enrich Uranium? Iran Says Yes, US No
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Syria Mediator Brahimi Holding Talks With Iran and Russia
NH Journalist Missing in Syria for a Year
Al-Qaeda in Syria Opens Complaint Line
Jihadists Cut Down 150-Year-Old Oak in Syria
US Intel Eyes New Threat: Al-Qaeda in Lebanon
Lebanon Army Defuses Car Bomb in Hezbollah Bastion
Lebanese Man Identified as One of Iran Embassy Bombers
Bombings 'Bad News' for Foreign Investment in Lebanon
US House Looks to Step Up Israel Military Aid
Israeli-Ukrainian Soldier Admits on TV That She Killed Palestinian Children
Israeli Arab Undergoes 'Humiliating' Security Check at Airport
Did an Israeli Airstrike Just Kill Newborn Lion Cubs?
No Respite From Bomb Blasts in Iraq: 32 Killed, 65 Wounded
20 Killed as Iraq Sunni Mosques Close Over Unrest
Iraq Militia Says Fires Mortar Bombs at Saudi as Warning
Iraqi Floods Provide Internet Fodder for Frustrated Residents
Middle East
Gunmen Kill Representative of National Dialogue in Yemeni Capital
Bahrain Signs the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
Ukraine Blames IMF for Halt to Agreements With Europe
Greenpeace Protest: UN Court Orders Russia to Free Ship
Northern Ireland Asks Police to Probe Undercover Army Unit in Civilian Deaths
Spying on Everyone
NSA Surveillance Challenge Lands in Federal Court
Federal Government Urges Judge Not to Pull Plug on Massive Phone Data Collection Program
The FISC's Problematic Pen/Trap Opinion on Bulk Internet Metadata Collection
Tim Berners-Lee: UK and US Must Do More to Protect Internet Users' Privacy
Sens. Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Urge Solicitor General to Correct Misrepresentations to Supreme Court in Clapper v. Amnesty
The War at Home
Pentagon's Bosses Thwart Accurate Audit of DoD's Main Accounting Office
Blackwater Founder: My Company Could Have Prevented Benghazi Deaths
Lara Logan's Mystery Man
Women in the Marines: You've Come a Long Way Baby... Kinda
The Coming Arctic Conflict?
US Eyes Increase in Arctic Operations
Pentagon Unveils New Arctic Strategy
Hagel Says Nations Must Avoid Conflict in Arctic
US: Arctic Strategy (pdf)
Taliban #2 Met Afghan Peace Delegation in Islamabad: Officials
What Is a Loya Jirga Anyways?
How One Inspector General Is Fighting Fraud and Waste in Afghanistan
Thousands Rally in Pakistan After Unrest
Deadly Blasts Hit Pakistani City of Karachi
Pakistani Doctor Who Helped CIA Find bin Laden Faces Murder Charge
2 US Soldiers Dead in South Korea
Chinese Stealth Drone Makes First Flight
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UN Task Force Looking at Next Congo Target: Islamist ADF
Central African Republic Decrees Statewide Curfew
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33 Mutilated Corpses Found in Hidden Graves in Mexico Drug Lands
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Famed Ex-Hostage Runs for Colombia President
Political Doubt Poses Risk to Honduras, Battered by Coup and Violence
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