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Nobody knew the US government is spying on its own citizens – not even our elected representatives.

There’s some question as to whether even the President knew about NSA spying on world leaders, including those of our closest allies.

Information scooped up by the NSA is being used in domestic criminal proceedings – but who knew that before Edward Snowden spilled the beans?

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Updated November 24, 2013 - 10:59 PM EST
Iran, Western Powers Reach Deal in Geneva
  Details of P5+1 Nuclear Deal With Iran
  Israeli Stock Market Soars on Nuclear News
  Israel Minister: Iran Deal Based on 'Deceit'
Karzai to Press Showdown With Obama Over Pact
  Karzai Accuses US Forces of Killing Civilians in a Raid
  Loya Jirga Approves Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement
Pak Drone Protesters Block NATO Supply Route
  Obama Officials Told Sharif That Drone Strikes Would Continue
NSA Infected 50,000 Networks With MalWare
  NSA Report Outlined Goals for More Power
  Govt Lawyers: Americans Have No Right to Challenge NSA
  Govt Can See Your Personal Information Using Just Your Metadata
Northern Iraq Suffers Bombing Attacks; 51 Killed, 97 Hurt
US Criticizes New China Zone, Vows to Defend Japan
Are Obama's Middle East Peace Talks Sincere?  by Shamus Cooke
Terrorism and the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Experts on the NSA's History of Abuses: There They Go Again  by Conor Friedersdorf
A Constitutional Strategy to Stop NSA Spying  by Michael Boldin
Drone Free Zone  by Cole Stangler
Can Obama Ever Close Guantanamo?  by Daphne Eviatar

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How Did We Let the NSA Spying Get This Bad?
by Patrick Toomey & Brett Max Kaufman
Profile of Jeremy Scahill
USAID Programs Hit by Fraud, Corruption and Bid-Rigging Allegations
Senate Stalls on NDAA; 507 Amendments Offered
Kerry Traps Geneva Shoppers to Buy His Wife Chocolates
Web Creator Berners-Lee Backs Edward Snowden
Spying on Everyone
US to Back Privacy Resolution It Knee-Capped
NSA Denies Their Existing Domestic Cyberdefensive Efforts, Again
NSA Deputy Director Skeptical on Sharing Data With FBI and Others
Want a File From the NSA? You Can Ask, but You Might Not Get It
Lavabit Strikes Back at Feds in Key Internet Privacy Case
Australia's Abbott Seeks to Repair Indonesia Ties After Phone Tap Revelation
Clock Ticks on Authority for Guantánamo Detention
Guantánamo Prisoner Makes Video-Link Plea for His Freedom
Deputy Secretary of State William Burns Led Secret US Back Channel to Iran
Iran Seen Getting Gold, Petrochemicals, Autos Sanctions Relief
Republicans Attack Iran Deal Before It's Announced
Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iran: Netanyahu Wants Iran's Surrender, Not Negotiated Deal
Activists: Government Airstrikes Kill 44 in Syria
Syrian Islamist Rebels Claim Capture of Key Oilfield
Syrian Rebels, Inc.
Syrian Opposition to Meet Diplomats in Geneva
Syrian Minister Survives Attack on Car
Jabhat Al-Islāmiyya – The Islamic Front: Syria's Newest Merger of Rebel Groups
Winter Is Coming for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Lebanon Identifies Second Iran Embassy Bomber: Source
Northern Iraq Suffers Bombing Attacks; 51 Killed, 97 Wounded
Sunnis Close Iraqi Capital Mosques To Protest Attacks
Iraq Oil Sales Recover From Lows, but Still Below Peak
PYD Leader Warns of War With Arab Settlers in Kurdish Areas
Sewage Flows in Gaza Streets for 18 Hours a Day
Palestinians Smash Hole in the West Bank Separation Wall
Occupier Demolishes Villagers' Water Tank — Ending the Vegetable Harvest
Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Wound Four Palestinians: Medics
Hollywood Heavyweight Admits to Israeli Arms Dealing in the '70s
Yemen Wedding Bloodbath as Three Shot Accidentally During Gangnam Style Dance
Security, Military Police Dominate Honduras Vote
US Concerned About Nicaragua Plan to End Presidential Term Limits
Pakistan Officials Irked as Govt Refuses to Take Hard Line on Drones
Pakistan Interior Minister: 'Pakistan Not in Position to Trust US Any More'
Concerns Grow in Pakistan and India Over Border Violence
Pakistan People to Declare Jihad if Terrorism Not Stopped, Says MQM Chief
NATO Container Burnt Down Near Balochistan's Dasht Area
Pakistan Militants Kidnap 11 Teachers in Polio Vaccination Campaign
Security of US Consulate in Peshawar Put on High Alert
Thousands Rally in Twin Cities to Protest Ashura Incident
Pakistan Protest: Peace Cannot Be Attained Till Drone Strikes Are Stopped, Says Imran
TTP Claims Twin Bomb Attacks in Karachi
Pakistan: No Protest Demos on Sunday: Shia Ulema Council
China Imposes Airspace Restrictions Over Japan-Controlled Senkaku Islands
Military Experts Explain China's Air Defense Identification Zone
US Military Scales Down Aid Efforts in Philippines
Political Tensions Rise in Thailand Amid Corruption Claims
Could Korean War Vet Detained in North Be Paying for Another Man's Past?
Egypt Tells Turkish Ambassador to Leave Over Support for Muslim Brotherhood
Erdogan Slams Egypt's Army-Backed Rulers After Cairo Expels Turkish Ambassador
Diplomatic Ties Fraying Between Egypt and Turkey
Egypt Detains US Citizen, 38 Others for Torching Tram
Prison Visit Sheds Light on Plight of Egypt's Pro-Morsi Inmates
Central African Republic
Central African Republic: Unspeakable Horrors in a Country on the Verge of Genocide
Central African Republic Rejects International Genocide Concern
Nigeria Raid: Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kill 12
Kenya Armed Militia 'Surround 900 Villagers'
Islamists Poised to Enter Parliament as Mauritania Goes to Polls
Ukraine Marks Tragic Date Amid Setback on EU Hopes
The War at Home
Enter America's Repository of Pain, 100,000 Weapons of War
Colonel Steps Down Over 'Pretty' Soldiers Comment
Bob Woodward Slams Greenwald, Gellman
Americans Still Dying
Texas Green Beret Sergeant Killed on First Tour in Afghanistan
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