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Updated November 25, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
US Threatens to End Afghan Occupation
  Jirga Approves US Pact, But Karzai Withholds Signature
Congress Threatens to Derail Iran Deal
  Iran Nuclear Deal: Joint Plan of Action – Full Document
  All Sides Declare Victory in Historic Iran Nuclear Deal
  Secret US-Iran Talks Set Stage for Nuke Deal
  Iran's Top Officials Hail Nuclear Deal as Beginning of New Era
US Assures Israel: Attacking Iran Still an Option
  Top Israeli Ex-Officials, Analysts Praise Iran Deal
  Israel's Options Limited
Al-Qaeda Seizes US Aid From Syrian Rebels
  At Least 160 Rebels Killed in Heavy Fighting in Damascus Suburb
  Report: Over 11,000 Syrian Children Killed in War, Most by Explosives
Anti-Drone Protesters in Pakistan Block NATO Trucks
America's Little Spy Helpers Down Under Create an Uproar  by Eric Margolis
Our Pro-War Media  by William J. Astore
As Kerry Talks Peace, Israeli Settlers Dispossess Palestinians  by Nancy Murray
A Moment of Great Danger  by Justin Raimondo
Can Karzai Save Us?  by Ron Paul
The Iran Accord -- Profoundly, and Primarily, Symbolic  by William Beeman

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Jeremy Scahill: The Man Exposing the US Dirty War
Kerry on Iran: 'It's Not Based on Trust'
Iran Deal Knocks Oil Lower, Bolsters Risk Appetite
Spoils of War: Police Getting Leftover Iraq Trucks
US Military Alters Training to Deal With Budget Woes
Pentagon Makes Costly Foray Into Biodefense Drug Business
Iran Nuclear Deal
Kerry on Iran: 'We Do Not Recognize a Right to Enrich'
How Iran Nuclear Deal Was Clinched Amid Party at Double-Booked Hotel
The Man Behind Secret US-Iran Talks: Sultan Qaboos
Factbox: Heightened Role of UN Inspectors in Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Deal at Home
Ayatollah Khamenei: Agreement Can Be Basis for 'Next Steps'
Iranians Cheer Nuclear Negotiators at Airport
Iranians Scent Brighter Future After Nuclear Deal
Iran Nuclear Deal Lifts Hope for Reforms at Home
Iran Announces Plan to Build Two More Nuclear Power Plants
Iran and the World
Iran Sanctions Deal to Unleash Oil Supply but Saudi Wild Card Looms
UAE Welcomes Iran Nuclear Pact, Hopes for Comprehensive Accord
US-Iran Thaw Starts to Reshape Mideast Power Balance
Canada 'Deeply Skeptical' of International Community's Nuclear Deal With Iran
Only Winners, No Losers in Iran Nuclear Deal: Russia
China Says Iran Deal Will Safeguard Peace in the Middle East
Despite Concerns, Iran's Arab Gulf Rivals Greet Interim Nuclear Deal With Silence
Syria Peace Conference Likely in January, Say Envoys
Syrians Fleeing War Face Hardship in Balkans
Why Did Prosecutors Sit on a Palestinian Boy's Killing for 14 Months?
Israeli City to Become 'Gaza' for Three Days – in Army Drill
Liberman: No Plan to Break Up Union With Netanyahu
Israeli Couples Say 'I Don't' to Orthodox Jewish Weddings
Middle East
Iraq Attacks Across Iraq Leave 19 Dead, 28 Wounded
'Qaeda Attack' Kills 3 Police in South Yemen
Lebanon to Survey Unlicensed Syrian Businesses
Ukrainian Protesters Flood Kiev After President Pulls Out of EU Deal
Reports of Explosion on Victoria Street in Belfast
US Congress and Iran
Chambliss: Time for Tougher Iran Sanctions
Democrat Senators Schumer, Menendez Renew Calls for New Iran Sanctions
Corker: Skepticism on Iran Deal
Royce: 'Ratchet Up' Sanctions on Iran
Obama Has Leeway on Iran, Despite US Lawmakers' Concerns
Israel and Iran
Israel Slams Iran Nuclear Deal as 'Historic Mistake'
Obama Promises to Keep Israel in Iran Loop
Israeli Stock Market Soars on Nuclear News
Iran Unlikely to Breach Interim Deal, Says Top Israeli Analyst
Iran Nuclear Deal Poses a Political Challenge for Israel's Netanyahu
Israeli Officials Knew White House Was Holding Secret Talks With Iran
Anti-Drone Activists Set Up Checkpoints in Peshawar, Rough Up NATO Drivers
Pakistan Anti-Drone Protesters Take Break; Will Re-Assemble Monday
Pakistan Tribal Elders in Talks to Free Polio Workers
Sharif Calls for Visa-Free Travel Between India and Pakistan
Japan Warns of Unpredictable Events Over Chinas New Air Zone
Defense Minister Says Canadian Military Has Made Difference in Afghanistan
Thai Capital Tense as Political Rivals Rally
Nanjiecun: A Village That Still Lives and Works as Mao Laid Down
Egypt's Government Bans Protests Without Police Approval
Egypt Security Forces Close Squares Ahead of Brotherhood Protests
Egypt Protests: New Law Condemned as 'Repressive'
Over a Dozen Feared Dead in Mali Clashes
Mali Election Marred by Low Turnout and Voting Abuses
Africa to World's Top Court: Stop Picking on Our Leaders
Islamists Expected to Win Seats in Mauritania Vote
Honduras Presidential Polls Close After Big Turn-Out
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