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Updated November 27, 2013 - 11:07 PM EST
Poll: Americans Back Iran Deal by 2-To-1 Margin
  Key Obama Aide Urges Israel Not to Attack Iran
  Pentagon: Deal Won't Change Iran-Centric Military Posture
  AIPAC Urges New Sanctions Against Iran
Obama Team Considers Afghan 'Zero Option'
  NATO Trucks Stuck in Pakistan as Protests Continue
Peace Talk Schedule Fails to Slow Syria Fighting
  Rebel Free Syrian Army: No Ceasefire for Peace Talks
Penny Lane: Gitmo's Other Secret CIA Facility
  Torturing Abu Zubaydah and the Art of Deception
  Abu Zubaydah, a Frighteningly Normal Man
NSA May Have Penetrated Internet Cable Links
  Judge Halts Sentencing of Would-Be Bomber After NSA Revelations
  Microsoft to Ramp Up Encrypting Internet Traffic Over NSA Spying
  NSA Spied on Porn Habits as Part of Plan to Discredit 'Radicalizers'
US Warplanes Defy Disputed China Air Corridor
Egypt Constitutional Panel Halted Over Protester Arrests
30 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, While 11 'Terrorists' Are Executed
The DoJ's 'New York Times Problem' With Assange
What the Iran Deal Means for Republicans  by W. James Antle III
Netanyahu's Peace Gesture Is Meant to Extract Concessions  by Jonathan Cook
What's Really at Stake in the Iranian Nuclear Deal  by Stephen Walt
Iran: It's Not About Nuclear Weapons  by Sheldon Richman
Iran's Future Is Now  by Trita Parsi
Don't Let Congress Thwart the Iran Deal  by Lawrence Wilkerson & Kate Gould

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End the NSA Dragnet, Now
by Sens. Ron Wyden, Mark Udall, and Martin Heinrich
Daniel Ellsberg Robbed of 2 Suitcases Near EFF Offices
The Secret Diary of Abu Zubaydah
CBS Suspends Lara Logan and Producer for Benghazi Report
Kerry Began Negotiations With Iran While a Senator
WikiLeaks Doubts US Report on Assange
Leakers, Privacy Activists Find New Home in Berlin
Spying on Everyone
Lawyer Claims Hillside Teen Caught in 'Fake War on Terror' Contrived by US Spy Agencies
Malaysia Summons Singapore Envoy Over Spying Claims
Indonesian President Offers Australia Spying Truce
Busting Eight Common Excuses for NSA Mass Surveillance
Meet the Woman Who's Really Running the NSA
NSA Director Offered to Resign After Snowden Leaks: Report
EU Demands Protection Against US Data Surveillance
Clerk of the UK House of Commons: Metadata Can Be More Revealing Than Content
UN Advances Surveillance Resolution Reaffirming 'Human Right to Privacy'
The War at Home
Obama, Eric Holder, Cartoons, and Lady Gaga Are Among the 'Inappropriate' Images Purged From FBI Counter-Terror Training
Manning Gives Thanks to MLK, Malcolm X in Rare Prison Statement
US Military
How Our Soldiers Come Home From the Wars: Broken
Pentagon Contracts: German Scientists Accused of Naivete
Air Force Drone Crashes in New Mexico
US Military Struggles to React to Potentially Dangerous Supplements
Rep. Jones Presses Obama on Full Troop Withdrawal
Karzai Handed Ultimatum After Making Last Minute Demands on US Security Agreement
Ex-White House Official Podesta Calls Karzai 'Erratic'
Wary Afghans Register to Vote
UK Minister Urges Afghan President to Block Proposals to Bring Back Stoning
Pakistan Releases 3 Senior Taliban Prisoners
Kidnapped Pakistan Polio Workers Are Released
Pakistan Law Minister Slams 'Bullying' Protesters for NATO Supply Blockage
Once-Bitten Sharif to Appoint New Pakistani Army Chief
2 Dead in Bangladesh Political Violence
Bangladesh Opposition Blocks Roads, Railways in Vote Protest
Bangladesh to Hold Parliamentary Elections in January
Japan Secrecy Law Stirs Fear of Limits on Freedoms
Thai Political Protests Paralyze More Ministries
Egyptian Army Kills Jihadi Leader in Sinai
Egypt Claims It Exposed Mossad Espionage Ring
Egypt and Turkey Pare Diplomatic Ties Over Ankara's Backing of Muslim Brotherhood
Gunmen Kill 37 in Central Nigeria Attack: Military
Nigeria Rebel Governors Formally Join Opposition
Libya Calls All Army Personnel to Duty After Benghazi Clashes
Oil Workers Strike Over Insecurity in Libya's Benghazi
Libya Seeks Italian Help for Satellite System for Borders
Across Political Spectrum, Iran Media Largely Supports Nuclear Deal
In Iran, Big Symbolic Payoff in Sanctions Relief
Geneva Accords Pledge to Ease Humanitarian Transactions for Iranians
Iran Deputy FM Responds to Kerry's 'Fallacy'
Iran Says Talks Only on Nuclear Issue, Not US Ties
How to Flirt in Iran
Iran Says Nuclear Deal Makes Oil Exports Smoother, Cheaper
Iran and America
White House Official: Some Uranium Enrichment Likely Allowed in Final Deal With Iran
US Seeks Iran's Help in Finding Missing American
White House Talks Iran Deal With Jewish Groups
Iran and the World
US Pro-Israel Groups Signal They'll Give Iran Deal Time
Iran Deal 'Will Lead to Surge of Oil to Asia'
Iran Nuclear Agreement Will Mean Expanded Role for IAEA
Iran Accord Sparks Race to Tehran as Automakers Target Deals
US Fines Weatherford $253 Million Over Iran Work, Junkets
Airstrikes in Syria Kill 29: Reports
Suicide Bomber Kills 15 West of Damascus: State TV
Iran Ready to Join Syria Peace Talks if Invited: Zarif
UN Says Syria Combatants Stymie Aid Effort
Syrian Women Raped, Used as Shields and Kidnapped by Both Sides in War
Palestinian Village Facing Demolition Awaits Its Fate
Israel Says Kills Three Qaeda-Linked Militants in West Bank
Gazan Captured Inside Israel With Grenade
In Breakthrough, Israel and EU to Sign Science Cooperation Deal
Hollywood's Arnon Milchan Says He Was Israeli Spy
30 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, While 11 'Terrorists' Are Executed
Iraq Says No Success Tracing Killers of Iranian Dissidents
Gunmen Attack Diyala Governor's House
Tug-of-War Erupts Over Planned Return of Jewish Archives To Iraq
Turks Worry as Sons Go to Fight in Syria
Turkey Border Wall Highlights Kurdish Divisions
Turkey Seeking to Boost Iran Trade After Nuclear Deal
Middle East
Iran and Hezbollah Refuse Retaliation After Deadly Suicide Attacks in Beirut
Gunmen Kill Two Belarus Military Instructors in Yemen
France to Send 1,000 Troops to Central African Republic
DR Congo Police Move in Against Kinshasa Gangs
Cuba Suspends Consular Services in US Over Lack of Banking
Mexico Frees Teen Cartel Killer, to Leave for US
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