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Updated November 29, 2013 - 11:25 PM EST
Syrian Rebels Claim They Killed 250 Hezbollah
  Mortar Strike Hits Russia's Embassy in Syria, Killing One
US Drone Kills 2 Women, Child in Afghan Home
  Karzai Under Growing Pressure to Sign US Deal
Iran Invites UN Inspectors to Arak Reactor
  Democratic Senator: Obama 'Fear-Mongering' on Iran
  Iran Deal Costly for Cash-Strapped IAEA Inspectors
China Sends Warplanes Into Disputed Airspace
  Japan and South Korea Fly Military Planes in Zone Set by China
US Drone Attacks Pakistan as Protests Continue
NATO: France to Pull Out of Kosovo Mission
Poll: Palestinians See Peace Talks as a 'Mistake'
Southern Iraq Targeted in Violence That Leaves 60 Dead
Non-Apology Tour: Lawmakers in Berlin Over NSA Scandal
Let Obama Play the Iran Hand  by Patrick J. Buchanan
For China, Imitation Is the Securest Form of Flattery  by Isaac Stone Fish
We Need to Unmask the Five-Eyed Monster  by Eric King
Sex and the NSA  by Justin Raimondo
Going to Tehran  by Trita Parsi
Iran Deal Could Usher in New Era of Trade, Opportunities  by Jason Ditz

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Canada 'Allowed NSA to Spy on G8 and G20 Summits
Ire in Canada Over Report NSA Spied From Ottawa
Canada's Top Spy Won't Answer Questions About G20 Surveillance
Utah Town Gave NSA a Deal on Water
Admiral Confirms Expanded Naval Footprint in Bahrain
Iran's Arab Neighbors Want Assurances Nuclear Deal Not Against Them
Iran Sanctions Eased, but Pinch Still Felt
Iran Oil Minister Sees No Fast Exports Rebound
Iran Sanctions Deal Sparks Hunt for Vintage Plane Parts
Peres: Iranian People Not Israel's Enemies
Europe's Top Court Strikes Down Sanctions on Iranian Company
United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Arrives on Rare Iran Visit
Syrian Chemical Weapons Set to Be Destroyed at Sea
Syrian Army Takes Town, and Upper Hand
Fear in Syrian Capital as Mortar Shells Rain Down
Russian Embassy Attack in Syria Condemned by State Department
CNN Cuts 'Most Crucial Points' From Interview With Russia's UN Envoy on Syria
Syrian Refugee Host Countries Need 'Massive' Aid: UN
Syrian Official on Opposition: 'They Are Living in a Different Era'
Karzai Says US Drone Strike Killed Child, Won't Sign Security Deal if Similar Attacks Continue
US Ambassador Says Onus Is on Karzai to Sign Pact
Stoning Will Not Be Brought Back, Says Afghan President
School Children Join Sit-In Against NATO Supply
Military: Bajaur Cleared of Militants
With a Midnight Meeting, Delicate New Balance Emerges in Pakistan
Steam, Water May Show North Korea Trying to Restart Reactor: IAEA
Hagel: US-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty Covers Islands China Also Claims
Secrecy Bill Could Distance Japan From Its Postwar Pacifism
Indian Media Likes New Pakistan Army Chief
Thai PM Appeals to Protesters After Surviving No-Confidence Vote
Indonesian Foreign Minister Says Return to Normal Relations With Australia Will Take Time
EU Leaders Gather Under Ukraine Cloud
Russian-Backed Free-Trade Zone May Expand Its Borders
Bulgaria Builds Fence on Border With Turkey
Former Northern Ireland Internees Claim 'New Evidence' of Army Torture
Coca Trade in Spotlight as Colombia Peace Talks Resume
Israeli Bulldozers Level Palestinian Lands Near Qalqiliya
Rising Violence in West Bank Creeping Toward the Country's Capital
Seven Israeli Arabs Jailed for Lynching IDF Soldier Who Went on Shooting Spree
Is the British Israel Lobby Quitting the Battle for Public Opinion?
Photographs Tell a History of Palestinians Unmoored
UN Begins Distributing Fuel to Combat Gaza Crisis
Turkey to Fund Fuel for Stricken Gaza Utilities
Rafah Crossing Remains Open for Second Day in Row
University Bans Arab Students From Waving Palestinian Flag During Protests
Israeli Is New VP for Regional Science Project That Includes Iran
Southern Iraq Targeted in Violence That Leaves 60 Dead, 107 Wounded
Muqtada Al-Sadr Decides to Restructure Mahdi Army Militia in Baghdad and the Environs
Muqtada Al-Sadr Has a Peerless Record of Opposing Saddam Hussein
Exxon to Sell Stakes in Iraq Field to Petrochina, Pertamina
UN Yemen Envoy: Former President's Camp Undermining Talks
Egypt's New Constitution Strengthens Army's 'State Within a State' Status
Student Killed in Clashes With Police at Cairo University
A Sinister Night for 3 Women in Egypt Protest Wave
Egyptian Police Arrest Leading Activist for Inciting Protests
Soldiers Killed in Clashes in Libya's East
More Than 40 Killed in Depot Blast in Libya, More Clashes in East
Malian Army and Protesters Clash in Northern Rebel Stronghold
Suspect in Killing of US Diplomat Arrested in Mali
Central African Republic
French Troops Start to Deploy in Central African Republic
UN Rules Out Swift Peacekeeping Deployment to Central African Republic
50 Police Hurt in Tunisia Strike Violence
Somali Police Struggle to Stop Deadly Attacks
Uganda: Twenty Journalists Blocked From Accessing City Hall as Kampala Mayor Impeached
Dissidents Bid for New Sudan to End Decades of Rebellion
Mozambique Police Fire Tear Gas at Anti-Conscription Protest
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