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Updated December 1, 2013 - 9:32 PM EST
Who Is Watching the Watch Lists?
  Why the NSA Has Landed US All in Another Nice Mess
  Pressure Builds on Boehner for NSA Vote
  Britain Targets Guardian Over Snowden Intelligence Leaks
US: American Fighters in Syria a Security Risk
  Islamist Rebels Re-Enter Historic Christian Town to Battle Syrian Troops
  US Offers to Assist Destruction of Syria's Chemical Weapon Stocks
Karzai Nudges US 'Zero Option' Closer to Reality
  US Drone Down in Afghanistan, Taliban Claims Credit
Penny Lane: Double Agents at Gitmo
Dozens Arrested in Protest Against Bedouin Expulsion Plan
How British Empire's Dirty Secrets Went Up in Smoke
NSA SEXINT Is the Abuse You've All Been Waiting For  by Jennifer Granick
Block the US-Afghan Security Agreement!  by Bob Dreyfuss
The Bloody Disaster of Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan Is Laid Bare  by Simon Jenkins
Why the 'Warthog' Matters  by Kelley Vlahos
Time to Talk About Israeli Nukes  by Micah Zenko
Playing Chicken in the East China Sea  by Gwynne Dyer

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Leaked Paper Reveals UN Split Over War on Drugs
Rise of 'Saudi America' Will Alter Globe, Prolong US Superpower Role
US Carriers Urged to Comply With China Air Zone Rules
Identity and Exile: An American's Struggle With Zionism
Police Guarding Polio Team in Pakistan Shot Dead
Karzai's Hesitation on Jirga Recommendation Creates Cloud of Uncertainty
Dearth of Arms, Ammo Hurdle in War Against Terror: Commandant
Pakistan PM Sharif Vows Help for Afghan Taliban Talks
A Cavalry Troop Discovers a Different War Than the One It Trained For
North Korea
US Urges 'Immediate Release' of Elderly American in North Korea
Merrill Newman, Palo Alto Man Detained in North Korea, Appears in 'Apology' Video
Swedish Diplomats Visit US Citizen Detained in North Korea
One Killed, at Least 10 Wounded in Thai Political Violence
Embattled Thai Government Calls in 2,000 Troops
Thai Protesters Attack Rivals, City Bus and Taxi
India: Maoists Attack Inter-City Train in Bihar, 3 Shot Dead
Ukrainians Back in Street to Support EU Accord
Ukraine Opposition Seeks Early Polls After Protest Crackdown
Mexican Army Has Taken Control of Major Port in Effort to Combat Drug Cartel
Honduras's Defiant Left Asks for Presidential Election Recount
Border Refusal for Depressed Paraplegic Shows Canada-US Security Co-Operation Has Gone Too Far
The War at Home
Scandal Widens Over Contracts for Navy Work
Next Generation of Military Officers Faces Uncertain Times
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism Rebaptized
Kennedy Was No Conservative
1970s Film of Palestinian Struggle in Lebanon Restored
Preaching to the Choir; Reflections on Max Blumenthal's Goliath
Documentary Explores Israeli Attitudes to the Palestinian Nakba
Almost Thwarting Nixon's Dirtiest Trick
'The World Has Become America's Battlefield – and We Can Go Anywhere and Everywhere We Want'
Syrian Offensive Pushes 20,000 Syrians Into Lebanon
Six Killed in Syria-Related Clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli
Syria War Taking Toll on Lebanon Hotel Industry
The Chalice That Helped Make Possible the Iran Nuclear Deal
Peace Is in the Hands of the Iranians, Peres Tells Members of Mexican Senate
Thousands in Israel Protest Controversial Bedouin Resettlement Plan
Israeli Police Attack Large Anti-Prawer Protests in Haifa
Petah Tikva: Border Guard Forces Shoot Palestinian to Death
Donkey Carts Replace Garbage Trucks in Fuel-Starved Gaza
UN Refugee Agency Unveils Palestinian Archive
20 Killed, 28 Wounded in Scattered Attacks Across Iraq
Iraq Bans Turkey Planes Ahead of Kurd Oil Conference
Thousands Rally for South Yemen Independence
Yemen's New Ways of Protesting Drone Strikes: Graffiti and Poetry
Bahrain Police, Protesters Clash in Shi'ite Village
A Look at Key Articles in Egyptian Draft Charter
Police in Egypt Clash With Protesters
Egypt Appeal for Female Protesters Set for Dec. 7
North Africa
Soldier Killed, Army Base Attacked in Libya's Benghazi
Tunisia Clashes After Police Arrest Jihadist Suspects
For African Refugees in Morocco, a Perilous Path to Asylum
Nigeria's Boko Haram Kills 24 in Two Separate Attacks
Nigerian Military Vows Tighter Security for Christmas
Central African Republic
Sectarian Tensions Mount in Central African Republic Town
Central African Republic Interim Leader Denies Genocide Threat
Several Said Dead in Air Raid in Sudan's Darfur: Peacekeepers
Amnesty Calls for Release of Mali Child Soldiers
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Slinging Stones at the Drone Goliath

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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