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Updated December 3, 2013 - 11:16 PM EST
NATO to Karzai: Sign Pact or Occupation Will End
  Afghan Senate Chairman Opposes US Pact
  Why Karzai Is Stonewalling a Security Agreement With US
  77 Killed as Afghan, Taliban Forces Clash in Badghis
Kurdish Women Join Syria Militias to Fight Qaeda
  How al-Qaeda's Rise Drove a Syrian Revolutionary to Choose Exile
  UN Rights Chief: Evidence Points to War Crimes by Assad
  Military Retakes Syrian Christian Town Overrun by al-Qaeda
  Lebanese Military Given Control of Tripoli for Six Months
What's a Little Spying Between Old Friends?
  Snowden Revelations Prompt UN Investigation Into Surveillance
  NSA Sent Talking Points for Employees to Talk With Family & Friends
Congress Intel Chairs: Be Very Afraid of Terrorism
  House Panel Refused to Ban Drone Strikes on Unidentified People
Kerry to Skip Ukraine and Visit Moldova
US Tells China to Rescind Air Defense Zone
Netanyahu Ally: Iran Deal Makes Israeli Attack More Likely
Israel Approves 3,000 New Settlement Homes in West Bank
It's Outrageous to Accuse the Guardian of Aiding Terrorism  by Ben Emmerson
France's Aggressive Foreign Policy  by Immanuel Wallerstein
War on Terror Hawks Can't Fail, They Can Only Be Failed  by Conor Friedersdorf
Hamid Karzai:
No Ordinary Puppet
 by Kelley Vlahos
Equal Opportunity Killing  by Karen DeCoster
The Democrats' Unlikely Hawk  by W. James Antle III

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Long Arm of US Law: What Next for Edward Snowden?
Surprising Facts About the 'War on Terror'
Rights Court to Examine CIA Torture Reports in Poland
House Panel Wants President to Plan for Leaks of Covert Action
Medical Associations Push to Stop Force-Feeding of Gitmo Hunger Strikers
As Senators Work on Iran Sanctions Bill, White House Lobbies Lawmakers Not to Act
Iran Seeks Arab Help for Regional Stability
White House Denies Obama Plans Iran Trip
Poll Finds US Support for Iran Deal
Nuclear Deal Signed, Iranians Await Economic Rewards
Iran's Hard-Liners Keep Their Criticism of Nuclear Pact to Themselves
Security Insiders: World Powers Struck a 'Good Deal' With Iran
Netanyahu: Iran Deal Insubstantial 'Political Theater'
Iran to Reassert Authority at OPEC After Nuclear Deal
Iran Officials' Facebook and Twitter Use Raises Police Chief's Ire
Fox Reporter Confronts State Department on Iran Denial
Syria Death Toll Hits Nearly 126,000: Monitoring Group
Most Complex Work on Syria Chemicals 'Still Lies Ahead'
Syria Deputy FM: Equipment Needed for Chemical Disarmament
Israeli Army Fires Into Syria After Gunmen Shoot at IDF Soldiers on Golan Heights
Children Escape as Mortar Hits French School in Damascus
Lapid: US Is Israel's Most 'Strategic Asset'
Israeli Army Accused of Targeting Journalists
Israel Police Order Media Hand Over All Photos From Bedouin Protests in Negev
Israel to Allow Building Materials Into Gaza – but Only for International Aid
Head of IDF's Gaza Command: Hamas Is the New Policeman in Gaza
Hundreds of Gazans Protest at Sea Over Israeli Naval Blockade
Palestinian Prisoner's Health Worsens After 210 Days of Refusing Food
Jewish Activists Set Sights on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, Raising Alarm in Muslim World
Israeli Opposition Leader Herzog Calls for 'Brave' Steps in Peace Talks
PM's Allies Snap Back, Call Olmert 'Perpetual Failure'
Netanyahu Gives Pope Book by Father on Inquisition
Israeli Arab Pleads Guilty to Tel Aviv Bus Bomb During Israel's Gaza Offensive
20 Salafists Arrested as Gaza Group Pushes Into West Bank
Family of Six Among 15 Killed, 31 Wounded Across Iraq
Kurds' Oil Deals With Turkey Raise Fears of Fissures in Iraq
Turkey Stands by Kurdish Oil Deal, Seeks to Appease Baghdad
Scholar Fights to Keep Jewish Artifacts From Returning to Iraq
Middle East
Lebanon Villagers Torch Syria Refugee Tents
Militants and Soldiers Killed in East Yemen Clashes
Bahrain Court Rejects Jailed Activist's Request for Release
Ukraine's Yanukovich Says Will Do His Best to Move Towards EU
Ukraine PM Mykola Azarov Warns of Coup in Making
Main Players in Ukraine's Political Drama
Spying on Everyone
What Can You Learn About Me From 24 Hours of My Metadata?
Australian Spy Agency Offered to Share Data With US About Ordinary Citizens
Intelligence Community Plans for Continuity of Operations
UK Ministry of Defense Rejects WikiLeaks' FOIA Request for Leaked 2001 Security Manual
NSA: We Steal Industry Secrets, but Not for Competitive Advantage
How the Snowden Leak Is Changing the Tech Landscape
From Dishfire to Wabash: A Quick Guide to 21st-Century Spy Speak
The War at Home
Senators Call on Obama Administration to Provide the Public More Info on Drone Strikes
Honor, Deception in Secret Air Academy Spy System
Northrop Grumman Shows Off Two New Drones
Air Force Allegedly Using Snitches to Catch Rule-Breaking Cadets
Suicide Bombing Kills 4 Policemen in Afghanistan
Attacks Rise on Aid Workers in Afghanistan
Iraq FM Talks to Afghans About Security
Karachi Violence Claims Six More Lives
Pakistan's Express News Media Group Office 'Attacked'
Lawyers, Families Urge Pakistan to Free Former Bagram Detainees
India Policeman Killed in Kashmir Attack
'Cyber-Hindus', India's New Breed of Political Activists
Biden Under Pressure to Calm China-Japan Tensions
Envoy Says China Has Right to Set Another Air Zone
Report: Chinese Conducted Unannounced 'Inspections' of Bloomberg News Bureaus
Thailand Protests: PM Rejects Resignation Demand
In Return to Vietnam, Vets Tackle Mess They Left Behind
Myanmar Still Enlists Boy Soldiers Despite Reforms
New Egypt Draft Charter Sets Powers for Military
Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Egypt's Draft Constitution
Egypt Detains Prominent Secular Activist Again
Why Should Gazans Have to Hide Their Identity in Egypt?
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Crisis: Another French Intervention?
We Also Need Cash, Says Central African Republic PM
Lawmakers Boot Somalia Prime Minister From Office
UN to Launch Drone Mission in DR Congo
Libya Govt: Outages in Tripoli as Minorities Block Power Output
Nigeria Imposes 24-Hour Curfew on Maiduguri After Attack
Sudan Rebels, Govt Clash Again South of Rail Town
Benin Judge Tries to Flee to US
Ivory Coast 'Targeted Laurent Gbagbo Allies' in Ghana
Mauritania Islamists Trailing in Poll Results
Count of Bodies in Mexico Mass Graves Totals 64
Honduras Will Recount Tallies in Presidential Vote
Colombian President 'Optimistic' on Peace, Meets Obama Tuesday
Costa Rica Closes Probe Into 1984 Bombing
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Ukraine Defends Its Sovereignty

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Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

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Thanksgiving Edition

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JFKs Real Legacy: Unintended Consequences of Needless Foreign Meddling

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rands Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Pea
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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