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Updated December 6, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
Hagel: US Will Keep Intervening in Global Affairs
  Activists Urge US to Be Consistent on Human Rights
Sweden Helps US in Surveillance Against Russia
  Obama Praises NSA, Promises Future 'Self-Restraint'
  How the British Govt Is Planning to Come After the Guardian
  More Misinformation on the NSA
Al-Qaeda Kidnaps 51 Kurds in Northern Syria
  Beheadings and Spies Help Al Qaeda Gain Ground in Syria
  Hezbollah Threatens Retaliation Against Israel for Assassination
Kerry Downplays Iran Deal to Placate Israel
  White House to Publicly Make Iran Case on Hill
Yemen Defense Ministry Hospital Attacked, 52 Die
Propaganda Fails in Afghanistan, Report Says
France: Mali No Longer Our Problem, We'll Intervene in CAR
Israel: Palestinians Can't Have Any Presence at Own Borders
The Government Should Need a Warrant to Check Your E-Mails  by Grover Norquist
How FISA Court Twisted Law to Allow Domestic Spying  by Alan Butler & Amie Stepanovich
Britain Is Up to Its Neck in US Dirty Wars and Death Squads  by Seumas Milne
A President Who Should 'Live In Infamy'  by Justin Raimondo
How the CIA Bungled the War on Terror  by Pratap Chatterjee
Intel Committee Chairs Want You Scared. You Should Be Angry  by Natasha Lennard

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Ho, Ho, Holy Cow – Santa Gets Fighter Escort on US Military Site
Turkey Loses Popularity in Middle East
Bipartisan Coalition for Anti-NSA Legislation Grows
Jailed Whistle-Blowers to Edward Snowden: Don't Come Home
Jeremy Scahill on NSA Leaks and New Investigative Reporting Venture
Spying on Everyone
Israeli Weapons Firm Arrives in Nigeria to Install Internet Surveillance System
NSA Considered Spying on Australians 'Unilaterally,' Leaked Paper Reveals
NSA FOIA Response Claims Data on Vendor Contracts 'Unsearchable'
Australia Promises Not to Spy on Indonesia Anymore
Microsoft Likens Government Snooping to Cyber Attacks
NSA Helpfully Declassified Holiday 'Talking Points' for Staff
Digital Spy Tech Could Face Same Regulation as Weapons in International Treaty
Illuminating the Billion Dollar US Intel Budget: Project Spylighter Documents NSA Surveillance Technology
Global Reporting of MPs Questioning Rusbridger Exceeds British Coverage
Gitmo Officials Change Procedures for Hunger Strikes, Force-Feeding
Released Gitmo Detainees Fear for Their Safety
Algerians Sent Home From Guantanamo Against Will
The War at Home
Los Angeles Police Dept Plan to Map Muslim Communities Draws Fire
America Is Launching a Giant, World-Sucking Octopus Into Space
Eighteen Years After First Experiments, FBI Pushes to Deploy Drones Across the US
Pakistani Immigrant Sues US Over False Arrest in War on Terrorism
US Charges Dozens of Russian Diplomats and Spouses With Medicaid Fraud
Top Gun Muse Christine Fox Promoted to Pentagon Deputy
Joint Letter From NGOs and Human Rights Groups to President Obama on Drone Program
Pakistani Party Hails US Suspension of Military Shipments
Imran: We Do Not Want War With US
Pakistani Journalists Protest Attack on Media Office
Bagram Inmate's Tearful Return to Pakistan Fails to End Legal Limbo
Biden: US and China in 'Very Direct' Air Zone Talks
Biden Forcefully Complains to Chinese Leaders About Crackdown on Foreign Media
North Korea
Amnesty Urges North Korea to Close Political Prisoner Camps
Former Basketball Player Dennis Rodman to Make Third Visit to North Korea
Highway 1 Shows the Difficulties Ahead in Afghanistan
Thai King Urges Mutual Support in Birthday Speech
Routed Maoists Still Hold Key to Nepal Future: Analysts
Myanmar Peace Marchers Sentenced to 7 Months
Local Vote to Test Venezuelan President's Strength
Venezuela Cyber Crackdown Ensnares Web's Bitly
Thieves Who Accidentally Stole Truckload of Radioactive Material Will 'Absolutely Die'
Nicaragua Shootout Fuels Suspicions of Guerrillas
Ukraine Protesters Vow to Stay on Streets Despite Police Threat
Moldova Recognizes Romanian as Official Language
Nelson Mandela, RIP
Nelson Mandela Dies Aged 95
Flashback 2008: US Takes Mandela Off 'Terror' List
Nelson Mandela Obituary
Mandela in 2002: 'America Is a Threat to World Peace'
Go Ahead, Politicize Mandela
The Contradictions of Mandela
Nelson Mandela: He's Honored Now, but Was Hated Then
FW De Klerk: World Has Lost a Great Unifier
Cheney Didn't Regret Opposing Freedom for Nelson Mandela, Maintained He Was a 'Terrorist'
P5+1 Turns Focus to Implementing Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Acting to Allow Closer Monitoring of Nuclear Program
Kerry Lobbies Netanyahu to Give Interim Nuclear Deal With Iran Some Breathing Room
Rogers: Kerry's 'Secret' Iran Talks an 'Awful Idea'
Obama in Tehran – Could It Happen?
Iran's Revolutionary Guards Arrest Internet Activists
Ansar-E Hezbollah Attacks Rouhani's Cultural Initiatives
Bad Security Could Delay Syria Weapons Transfer
Jihadists Execute Iraqi Cameraman in Syria
EU Security Officials Note Increased Flow of Fighters to Syria's Civil War
Syrian Refugees Face Harsh Winter in Iraq
Syrian Refugees Flee for Safety Through the Desert
Critics Question Catholic Nun's 'Alternative Story' on Syria Civil War
Lebanese Soldier Killed in Clashes With Sunni Militants
Israel Is Happy Hezbollah Commander Died, but Says It Did Not Kill Him
Palestinians Reject US Security Ideas for Israel Peace Accord
Kerry: Progress Made in Peace Talks
Israel Refuses to Compromise on Jordan Valley Security
Aiming to Stymie Pilgrims, Rabbis Reiterate Ban on Temple Mount Visits
Israeli Military Closes Probe Into Death of Palestinian Protester Mustafa Tamimi
Swiss Expert Contests French Finding That Arafat Not Poisoned
Diskin: PM's High Ice Cream Bills Is the Price Tag for His Handling of Iran
American Studies Association Endorses Academic Boycott of Israel
Shootings and Bombings Leave 14 Dead, 7 Wounded Across Iraq
Petrochina's Deal With Exxonmobil on Iraq Is a Win-Win
Germany: 3 Aid Workers Killed in Yemen
State Department Seizing US Passports in Yemen
US Military Boosts Mideast Alert Status Following Yemen Bombing
North Africa
American Teacher Shot Dead While Jogging in Benghazi
Thousands of Eritreans 'Abducted to Sinai for Ransom'
Car Bombing Kills 8 in Northern Somalia
Smuggling Cartels, Militants Hinder Revival of Somali Port
Central African Republic
Sectarian Bloodshed Besieges Central African Republic Capital, Killing Scores
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Justin Raimondo
A President Who Should 'Live In Infamy'

Philip Giraldi
Palestinians Lose Again

Ivan Eland
The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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