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Updated December 7, 2013 - 10:26 PM EST
Afghans Won't Bow to US Pressure on Pact
  Pakistan PM Plans Crackdown on Anti-Drone Protests
Hagel: Attacking Iran Still an Option
  Free Expression Another Casualty of Sanctions
  Fears Mount That Dems Will Undermine White House on Iran
  Congress Seeks Briefings on Iran Details Amid Push for Sanctions
  Key Israel Lobby Groups Back Off Attacks on Iran Deal
Watchdog: Syria Destroyed Last of Chemical Arms
  Video: Kidnapped Syrian Nuns Still Held by Rebels
  US Colonel Was Sure He Was About to Get Involved in Syria's War
NSA Defends Cell Tracking: Reagan Authorized It
  Revealed: How the NSA Targets Italy
  Obama: My Spying Not Constrained by Law I Passed as Senator
  PATRIOT Act Author: Obama's Intel Czar Should Be Prosecuted
Hagel Outlines New Weapons Sale Plan for Gulf
300 Killed as Central African Rep. Violence Spikes
In Japan's State Secrets Law, Shades of Red, White, and Blue
American Merrill Newman 'Deported' From North Korea
Go Ahead, Politicize Mandela  by David Weigel
How to Tell When the NSA Is Lying  by Amy Davidson
The Ill-Considered Debate About Drones  by Musa al-Gharbi
Terrorism 101  by Philip Giraldi
Sanctions Hurt Us  by Paul R. Pillar
Time to Get Rid of the TSA  by Veronique de Rugy

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Dangerous Man: Interview With Daniel Ellsberg
Saving the Net From the Surveillance State: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Up (Q&A)
US Air Force Has Secretly Built a New Stealth Drone
Italian Court Convicts Egyptian Cleric Abducted Under CIA-Led Rendition
Map of Countries the Brits Never Invaded
NSA Files Decoded
Congress Warns Oil Companies: Don't Get So Cozy With Iran
Iran, Powers Meet Next Week on Nuclear Deal Implementation
House Panel to Grill John Kerry on Iran
Senators Question Clapper on Iran
Iran Takes Charm Offensive to the Gulf
ADL's Foxman Favors New Iran Sanctions, Blasts US Administration's 'Hysterical' Response
A Jihadist Spark That Could Ignite the Israeli-Syrian Border
Germany to Take in 5,000 More Syrian Refugees
Syria's 'Bride of the Revolution' Mourns Freedom in al-Qaeda's Grip
Kerry Says Talks Are in Difficult Security Phase
After Security Plan, 'Kerry to Present US Blueprint for Deal on All Core Issues'
Source: Palestinian Peace Talks to Extend Beyond Allocated Nine Months
Liberman: Peace Agreement Is Distant, but Talks Are Necessary
Jewish Home Has a Palestinian 'Plan B.' Does Netanyahu?
Israeli Soldier Cleared Over Palestinian's Death
Palestinian Prayers, Israeli Police Clash in Old City of Jerusalem
Druze Youth in Military Prison for Refusing Israeli Army Draft
West Bank Settlement Firms Not Invited to Dutch-Israeli Cooperation Forum
Journalist Assassinated in Kurdistan; 15 Killed, 33 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Turkmen Leader Fears Assimilation of Turkmen
Yemen Says Regains Ministry Compound, 12 Militants Killed
Al-Qaeda Strikes at Heart of Yemeni Politics
Al-Qaeda Claims Attack on Yemen Defense Ministry
Yemen Says Saudis Behind Defense Ministry Attack
Jailed Yemeni Journalist Receives Human Rights Defenders Award
Middle East
Lebanon Military Court Sentences Reporter to Jail
Jordan Replaces Saudi Arabia on UN Security Council
UK Marine Will Spend Minimum 10 Years in Jail for Murder of Afghan Insurgent
Scotland Sets Timetable for Trident Removal
Ukrainians Don't Like EU Leadership or Their Own
Ukraine, Russia Presidents Meet; Protests Persist
Police Block Mexico Hospital, 6 May Have Radiation
Canadian Armed Forces Hit by Spate of Suicides
Weekend Reviews
Liberal Fascism
Rumsfeld's War and Its Consequences Now
How Photographs Told the Story of the Vietnam War
43 Books About War Every Man Should Read
Erasmus on the Just War
Dulles Brothers Covertly Led US Into Foreign Engagements Whose Effects Still Shake the World
Spying on Everyone
Massive NSA Cellphone-Tracking Program Snares Some Americans, Too
'All the Ships Came In' – How Assange and Manning Plotted WikiLeaks Story
FBI's Search for 'Mo,' Suspect in Bomb Threats, Highlights Use of Malware for Surveillance
Who Keeps Your Data Safe(ish) From the NSA?
DoJ Asks Court to Give Police the Benefit of the Doubt on Murky Surveillance Law
Grilling of Alan Rusbridger Shows Problems of UK Independent Press
Requiring Local Storage of Internet Data Will Not Protect Privacy
The War at Home
Did Man Protest Too Close for Military's – and Supreme Court's – Comfort?
Journalist Loses Suit Over Being Expelled From Afghan Embed
CDC: Water at Marine Base Linked to Birth Defects
Navy SEAL Arrested for Selling Military Weapons, Ammunition
Time Warner Cable Agrees to Carry Al Jazeera America
This Alarming Map Shows Dozens of Nuclear Materials Thefts and Losses Every Year
South Africa
How Mandela Transformed South Africa, in Charts
The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa
Mandela's Radicalism Often Ignored by Western Admirers
American 'Teacher' Shot in Benghazi Is Allegedly CIA Agent - Libyan Sources
Security Increased for Foreigners in Eastern Libya
Egyptian Police Fire Tear Gas to End Clashes in Cairo
Egypt Stops Morsi Prison Visits Over 'Incitement' Messages
Egypt Junta Chief Wins Time Person of the Year Reader's Poll
Central African Republic
'Hundreds Dead' in Central African Republic Violence
Thousands Seek Refuge at Central African Airport
Military Assistance Not Part of US Aid Plan for Central African Rep.
France Says Central African Republic Capital 'Calm' as UK Flies in Military Kit
Pakistan NATO Truck Blockade Elicits Shouts and Shrugs
Anti-Drone Protests: Nawaz Urges Imran to End 'Counterproductive' Protests
Gunmen Kill Leader of Sunni Group in Pakistan
The Curse of Government Electricity: Pakistan
North Korea
Rising Tension Seen in North Korea and at Sea Border
Amnesty: Photos Show Scale of North Korea's Repressive Prison Camps
Aide to North Korean Leader's Ousted Uncle Seeks Asylum in South: Media
US Citizen 'Deported by North Korea'
Biden Says US 'Pivot' to Asia Cannot Be Derailed
Taliban Attack Leaves 4 Afghan Police Dead in Helmand
China Pulls Out of UN Process Over Territorial Dispute With Philippines
UN, US Call for Investigations Into Thai Trafficking of Rohingya
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Palestinians Lose Again

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The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

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Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

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An Unlikely Peace

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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