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Updated December 8, 2013 - 11:21 PM EST
Hersh: White House Lied About Syrian Gas Attack
  Islamists Seize Free Syrian Army Arms Depots
  Syria Conflict: Foreign Jihadists 'Use Turkey Safe Houses'
  Syrian Rebel Group Demands Hostage Swap for Abducted Nuns
Obama: Chances for Final Iran Deal 50-50 or Worse
  Hagel: US Military Power Must Back Iran Nuclear Deal
  US Congress May Throw Wrench Into Iran Nuclear Deal
  US to Maintain 35,000 Troops in Gulf Region: Hagel
  Congress Warns Oil Companies: Don't Get So Cozy With Iran
Afghan Minister Tells Hagel Pact Will Be Signed
  Hagel Bypasses Karzai in Afghanistan Visit With Troops
Dems, GOP Craft Backup for Stalled Defense Bill
Egypt Court Frees 21 Women Over Islamist Protest
Go Ahead, Politicize Mandela  by David Weigel
How to Tell When the NSA Is Lying  by Amy Davidson
The Ill-Considered Debate About Drones  by Musa al-Gharbi
Terrorism 101  by Philip Giraldi
Sanctions Hurt Us  by Paul R. Pillar
Time to Get Rid of the TSA  by Veronique de Rugy

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Nelson Mandela Was Considered a Terrorist by the US Until 2008
William Hague Letter Brings Hope to Shaker Aamer in Guantánamo
League to Donate Football Pitch to Commemorate WWI 'Christmas Truce' Match
Canadian Armed Forces Hit by Spate of Suicides
Infections Are the True Beneficiaries of War
Iran Presents IAEA With Info of New Generation of Centrifuges
Obama Defends Interim Iran Deal, Seeks to Assure Israel
IAEA Inspectors in Iran for Heavy Water Plant
Iranian Students Chant for Release of Political Prisoners During Rouhani Speech
Syria Govt Kills 17 in Nabuk
Syrians Detonate Bomb Against Israeli Patrol on Golan Border
Lebanon to Seek Qatar's Help Over Nuns Seized in Syria
Denmark, Norway Offer to Transport Chemical Weapons Out of Syria
Amid Civil War, a Battle to Preserve Syria's Historical Heritage
Israeli Military Attacks Palestinian Commemorations of Mandela
Palestinian Mayor Recruits Global Village to Clean Up Sewage
In Israeli Plan, Bedouins See a Threat to Their Way of Life
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Teen in West Bank
Lieberman: No Chance for Deal With Palestinians
Kerry Nudges Israel to Support Peace, Iran Efforts
Germany to Sell 2 Destroyers to Israel
Jaffa: 200 Protest Against Prawer Plan
Son of Greek Orthodox Priest Who Supports IDF Enlistment Attacked in Nazareth
Shooting Spree Targets Baghdad Liquor Stores; 21 Killed, 36 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi FM Warns of Jihadi 'Emirate' in Syria
British Soldiers to Face 11 More Trials Over Iraq Deaths
National Slate, Headed by Allawi, Reject a Third Term for Maliki
Two Killed in Turkey Clashes Over PKK Cemetery Destruction
Turkey Submits Kurdish Reforms to Parliament
Ukraine Opposition: No Talks Unless Govt Fired
Ukraine Braced for Fresh Wave of Protest
Occupy Kiev City Hall: Ukrainian Protesters Find Refuge in City Offices
Putin Spokesman: Customs Union With Ukraine Not Discussed
Americans Still Dying
Civilian Mechanic From Belleville (IL) Killed in Rocket Attack in Afghanistan
Russia PM Medvedev: No Amnesty for Political Prisoners
Belfast Police Attacked Twice in Two Days
Weekend Reviews
Liberal Fascism
Rumsfeld's War and Its Consequences Now
How Photographs Told the Story of the Vietnam War
43 Books About War Every Man Should Read
Erasmus on the Just War
Dulles Brothers Covertly Led US Into Foreign Engagements Whose Effects Still Shake the World
Spying on Everyone
ACLU: US Sen. Dianne Feinstein's NSA 'Reforms': Bad for Privacy, Bad for Business
AT&T Says It Doesn't Have to Disclose NSA Dealings
Meet Jack. Or, What the Government Could Do With All That Location Data
US Military
Pentagon Sees 'Significant Interest' in F-35 From Gulf
Rough Ride for US-Russia Copter Deal
A Glance at Why the US Is Buying Russian Copters
New Air Force Bomber Costs Seen Reaching $81 Billion – 47 Percent More Than Planned
Iraq War Veteran Sentenced to 3 Years in Va. Pipe Bombing
Chinese Parliament Rebukes Japanese Lawmakers Over Disputed Islands
The Old Hatreds Behind the China-Japan Provocation War
Pakistan's Supreme Court Forces Military to Produce Prisoners
US Lawmaker: Pakistan Drones Alternative to Boots on Ground
ASWJ Ends Protest After Govt Assurance
ASWJ Punjab President Gunned Down in Lahore
Two Brothers, Cousin Gunned Down in Karachi
MQM Man Among Three Shot Dead in Karachi
Jailed bin Laden Doctor Shakil Afridi Refuses to Stay Silent
Major Infiltration Bid Likely in Kashmir, Says India Army Officer
India Maoists Hack Scribe to Death in Market
Thai Leader Offers to Step Down
Philippine Insurgents Kill Man in Raid Despite Peace Talks
North Korea Film Edits Out Dismissed Uncle Jang Song-Thaek
Central African Republic
Central African Republic: French Troops Expand Operations
French Intervention in Central African Republic Risky for Hollande
France's Hollande Says Difficult for CAR Head to Stay in Place
EU Unblocks 50 Mn Euros to Support Central Africa Republic Operation
Britain Trains Libya's Army in Its Fight Against Warlords and al-Qaeda
Kenya Sends Troops to End Militia Fighting in North
AP Reporter's Quest to Find Bodies Ends in Mali Desert
UN Wants End to Impunity for Ivory Coast's 'Dozo' Killers
Cuba Throws Wrench in WTO Talks Over Trade Embargo
Cuba Reforms Seen as Changing Ideals, Values
In Cuba's Press, Streets and Living Rooms, Glimmers of Openness to Criticism
Nine Killed, 20 Injured in Colombia Bomb Attack Blamed on FARC
Venezuela's President Tightens Grip on Media
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A President Who Should 'Live In Infamy'

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Palestinians Lose Again

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The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

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Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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