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Updated December 9, 2013 - 11:11 PM EST
Hersh: White House Lied About Syrian Gas Attack
  Syria, Sarin, and Subterfuge: They Made It All Up
  Hersh Writing About Politicized Intelligence Again, Syria Edition
  New Yorker and Washington Post Passed on Hersh Syria Report
  Seizure of Nuns Stokes Syrian Christian Fears
CIA's Anti-Terrorism Effort Called 'Colossal Flop'
  Homeland Security Chair: Terrorism Spreading 'Like Wildfire'
NSA Infiltrates Virtual World of Online Games
  Cellphone Data Spying: It's Not Just the NSA
Al-Qaeda Surging Across Iraq
  Key Allies Ditch Iraqi PM Ahead of April Election
  Baghdad Takes Brunt of Attacks That Leave 61 Dead, 214 Wounded
Split on Peace Talks, Israeli Coalition May Crumble
  Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Program Precludes Peace With Palestinians
  Netanyahu to Dutch PM: Gazans Can't Be Allowed to Ship Goods
Obama Puts Final Iran Deal Odds at 50-50
South Korea Expands Air Zone, Angering Japan and China
The Phony Pullout From Afghanistan  by Eric Margolis
The US Killed My Brother With a Drone – I Want to Know Why  by Mohammed Al Qawli
Is Iran Deal a Result of Sanctions Policy?  by Ali Fathollah-Nejad
Syria, Sarin, and Subterfuge: They Made It All Up  by Justin Raimondo
The Hollywood Spy  by Philip Giraldi
To Improve the US Military, Shrink It  by Thomas E. Ricks

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Military Retracts Guantánamo PTSD Claim
Are British Spies Complicit in US Drone Strikes? Court of Appeals Takes Case
Snowden to Give Evidence to EU Parliament, Says MEP
Amnesty to Take Legal Action Against UK Security Services
Colombia's FARC Announces Unilateral Ceasefire
US Military Official: Iran Moves Fighters Off Disputed Island
Eyes on Iran, Navy in Gulf Stays at Ready
Obama and Netanyahu Downplay Differences on Iran Nuclear Deal
UN Nuclear Weapons Inspectors Visit Iranian Plant
Iran's President: Nuclear Deal Has Helped Economy
Israel President Says Ready to Meet Iran Counterpart
Iran, Saudi Strategists Spar, Swap Ideas, Over Gulf Security
Rouhani Responds to Basiji Chants at Students' Day Speech
Saudi Ex-Spy Chief Says Gulf States Must Join Iran Talks
Iran Report: Saudi Intelligence Chief Met Israeli Officials in Geneva
Netanyahu: World Powers Must Demand Iran Change 'Genocidal' Anti-Israel Policy
Syrian Troops Seize Control of Strategic Highway
Syrian Opposition Head Fears US-Iran Thaw Could Benefit Assad
Italy Rescues Boat With 105 Syrian Refugees
Mideast Peace Process
Netanyahu: Diplomacy Must Be Coupled With War Threats
Lapid Vows Not to Let Peace Talks Be Thwarted
Bennett: Any Peace Agreement That Excludes Hamas Is 'A Joke'
Defense Minister: There's 'No Partner' for Peace
Israeli Leader Predicts 'Cold Peace' in Mideast
PLO: Palestinians Won't Accept Current Proposals From Israel
Dutch PM: No Idea Why Israel Won't Let Scanner Be Used for Exports to West Bank
Mosque Vandalized With Anti-Muslim Slogans in Apparent Price Tag Attack
Palestinians Remember Mandela as an Inspiration
RAF Helicopter in Forced Landing Near Minefield in West Bank
Al-Qaeda Thrives in Yemen Amid Weak Security, Stalled Dialogue
Yemeni Presidential Adviser Is Target of Assassination Attempt
Yemen Evacuates Hundreds From Mortar-Hit Gas Terminal
PKK Militants Abduct Four Turkish Soldiers After Unrest
Kurdish Protesters Clash With Police in Turkey
Middle East
Baghdad Takes the Brunt of Attacks That Leave 61 Dead, 214 Wounded
'Schizophrenic' US Foreign Policy Pushing Arab States Toward Russia, Bahrain Warns
Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon Can Show US How the West Lost Respect for International Law
Spying on Everyone
FBI Able 'For Several Years' to Secretly Turn on Laptop Cameras
Tech Companies Demand Sweeping Changes to US Surveillance Laws
Obama to Soon Propose NSA Surveillance Changes
NSA Reform Advocates Hopeful of Change in 2014 Despite Failure So Far
Glenn Greenwald: Industrial Espionage Is Hypocrisy
NSA Morale Down After Edward Snowden Revelations, Former US Officials Say
Former Top NSA Officials Insist Employees Are Leaving Because Obama Is Mean, Not Because They Object to Its Activities
Microsoft: US Government Is an 'Advanced Persistent Threat'
Assange Explains Why 'Small Publisher' WikiLeaks Beat the Pentagon
The War at Home
Sen. Gillibrand Sees Military Sexual Assault Vote Slip Away
White House V. Holder: The Fight Over the Government's Top National Security Lawyer
US Needs Millions More to Complete Afghanistan's 'Pentagon'
Drone Strike Kill Four Taliban Suspects in Kunar Province
Afghanistan, Iran Plan Cooperation Pact Amid Tensions With US
KP Drone Protest Enters 16th Day
Blockage of NATO Supplies Victory of PTI: Khattak
Hagel to Visit Pakistan for Talks on Afghanistan and Security
Pakistani Taliban Chief Leaves N. Waziristan, Moves to District Dir
Imran Opposes India, US Policies on Kashmir, Drones
Philippines, Muslim Rebels Sign 'Power-Sharing' Accord
Thailand Unrest: Opposition MPs Pledge to Resign
North Korea Says Kim's Uncle Dismissed for 'Criminal Acts'
Bangladesh Court Orders Abdul Kader Mullah to Be Hanged
Egypt's Courts Going Soft on Islamist Protesters? Not So Fast
Egyptian Police Stage Rare Protest in Defiance of New Law
Atheists' State of Affairs in Egypt Is 'Real Tragedy'
US Has 'Deep Concern' Over Central African Republic Bloodshed
Libya Lost $7 Billion to Oil Strikes, Needs New Buyers
Ukraine Sees Largest Anti-Govt Protest
Protesters in Kiev Topple Lenin Statue as Rallies Grow
Mexican Military Seeks to Oust Cartel From Port
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Justin Raimondo
Syria, Sarin, and Subterfuge: They Made It All Up

Philip Giraldi
Palestinians Lose Again

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The Real Reason Hawks Are Trying To Kill the Deal With Iran

Kelley B. Vlahos
Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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