What in heck is the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing "investigating" Antiwar.com? That's what Ron Paul wants to know.

A combination of malevolence and incompetence – that's the conclusion he draws in this exclusive interview with the Ron Paul Channel, unlocked here for our readers.

When "law enforcement" spies on and harasses Americans engaged in constitutionally-protected non-violent activities – it's called journalism – there's something seriously wrong with our system, says Paul.

Full video made available from The Ron Paul Channel.

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Updated December 10, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
Hagel in Pakistan: Stop Drone Protests or Lose Aid
  Pakistan Drone Killings Show Numbers, Not Bodies
  Study: US TV Ad Campaign in Pakistan Misses Mark
Hersh: White House Lied About Syrian Gas Attack
  Obama ‘Cherry-Picked’ Intel for Planned US Airstrikes in Syria
  White House: Hersh Report on Syria Deception 'Simply False'
Iran FM: New US Sanctions Would Kill Nuclear Deal
  Hardliners in the US and Iran, a Mirror Image
  Israeli DM: Iranian Embassy Pouches Probably Full of Bombs
  Kerry Demanding Palestinian Concessions to Placate Israel Over Iran
NSA Surveillance Hits the World of Warcraft
  Military Secretly Developed Mobile App Games That Spied on Users
  NSA Infiltrates Online Gaming – Answers to Your Questions
  Xbox Live Among Game Services Targeted by Spy Agencies
US Drone Strike Kills Four in Southern Yemen
Rep. Jones Seeks Release of Report on 9/11 Link to Saudis
Congress to Bend Rules, Rush Through $607B Military Bill
43 Killed, 60 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Attacks
Mandela Memorial Could Be Venue for Subtle Diplomacy
Canada Plans Claim That Would Include North Pole
Call Hamid Karzai's Bluff  by Ivan Eland
Top 10 Errors in Netanyahu's Speech Demanding Iran Give Up 'Genocidal' Policies  by Juan Cole
On Zubaydah's Diaries: US Failure of Literary Intelligence  by Darin Strauss
State of Deception  by Ryan Lizza
The New Foreign Policy Sobriety  by Stephen M. Walt
Negotiating With Iran Is Better Than War  by Gene Healy

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Secretive US Kill Switch Strategy Challenged
Obama Has Prosecuted More People Under Espionage Act Than Any Other President
Bittersweet Gitmo Transfer Follows Decade-Long Battle
Snowden Voted Guardian Person of the Year 2013
US Senators Prepare Legislation to Pressure Iran
Obama: Option of Totally Dismantling Iran's Nuclear Program Is 'Not Available'
Poll: Obama, Iran Face Selling Job on Nuclear Pact
Sanctions Hawks Losing the Plot
Iran, P5+1 Meet on Implementing Iran Nuclear Accord
UN Inspectors Visit Arak Plant
Under New Law, Companies Disclosing Even Tiniest Dealings With Iran
Nine US Diplomats See Interim Deal as Good for Israel
Mandela Funeral Could 'Trap' Rouhani Into Meeting Obama: Iran Media
Iranian President Targets Stagflation in First Budget
Iran Knows There Is Almost No Chance of Strike, Ex-Top Netanyahu Adviser Says
Iran Says It Produced Laser Guided Ballistic Missiles With Increased Range
Syria Chemical Weapons Mission May Be Delayed
Syrian Army Retakes Road Needed to Ship Out Chemical Arms
Syria Opposition Leader Says to Visit Russia
Syria's Internet and Telephone Lines Are Down
Palestinians: Kerry Appeasing Israel Over Iran at Our Expense
Israeli Cabinet Likely to Scrap Controversial Bedouin Relocation Plan
Obama and Kerry Drop Talk of Palestinian State for 'State Institutions' and 'Transition'
Netanyahu: Israel and Palestinians Aren't Close to Final Peace Deal
Egypt Tunnel Blockade Takes Toll on Gaza Business
Palestinians Blame Israel Over Teenager's Death
UN: Israel to Allow Some Construction Materials Into Gaza
Israeli Ultra-Orthodox Protest Draft Detentions
43 Killed, 60 Wounded in Ongoing Iraq Attacks
Did Iraqi Ministry of Interior Know About the Attack on Jawaher Mall?
UN Calls on Iraq to Locate 7 Iranian Dissidents
Thousands Have Died Since the Iraq War Was 'Won' – See the Scary Stats
Two Kurdish Protesters Shot Dead by Turkish Riot Police
4 Kidnapped Turkish Soldiers Released
At Least 10 Injured in Demonstration in Turkey's Diyarbakir
Turkish PM on Uncertain Footing as Elections Loom
Middle East
70 Activists, Ex-MPs Acquitted of Storming Kuwait Parliament
Bahrain Jails 12 Shiite Activists Over Attack on Police
Mideast Governments Sign Red Sea-To-Dead Sea Water Deal
Philippines Bans Its Workers From Yemen
Protests Turn Increasingly Combustible as Ukraine President Announces Talks
Ukraine Opposition: Riot Police Stormed Our Office
Ukraine Sends Interior Troops to Kiev
Putin Dissolves State News Agency, Tightens Grip on Russia Media
Kremlin Amnesty Could Apply to Pussy Riot
Sources: Russian Diplomatic Fraud Ring Also Spied
Spying on Everyone
New Legislation Would Ban NSA From Arizona
Tech Giants' Demand for NSA Reform 'A Major Game-Changer', Advocates Say
AT&T Doesn't Want to Tell You What It Has Disclosed to the NSA
Released Documents Prove That Utah Mayor Exaggerated NSA Water Contract
NSA Files: Games and Virtual Environments Paper
German Telecoms Boss: US 'Should Abide by European Privacy Rules'
Why the Govt Took Its Internet Dragnet Collection Overseas
Rand Paul Knocks NSA Spying, Says Fourth Amendment Should Extend to Third-Party Records
NSA Spying Hurts Business of Large US Hardware Makers
Twitter, Facebook and More Demand Sweeping Changes to US Surveillance Laws
NSA Seeks a Few Brave Interns: Spy Agency Recruiting Students as Young as 15
US Military
Doctors Say Medical Transfer Provision Necessary in Defense Bill
Global Hawk Drone Flies Into Budget Battle Between Pentagon, Congress
Navy Secretary Expands Review of Supply Contracts
Navy Promoted Officer Who Admitted Molesting Daughter in Lieu of Investigation
Egypt Army Kills Jihadist Leader in Sinai
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Head Badie Appears in Court
North Africa
IAEA Will Inspect Libya's Yellowcake Stockpiles
Morocco Police Beat Up Sahrawi Protesters: Witnesses
Central African Republic
French Troops Exchange Fire With Rebels in Central African Republic
US Military to Fly AU Troops to Central Africa
Central African Republic Mobs Launch Ethnic Attacks
France Begins to Disarm Central African Republic Militias
AP Finds Bodies of 6 After Ethnic Killings in Mali
Aid Agencies 'Paid Somalia's Al-Shabab' During Famine
Africa Rapid Reaction Force Could Tackle Boko Haram: Nigeria
Kenya Killings Dampen 50th Independence Celebrations
'Guarded Optimism' Over Afghanistan's Presidential Polls Despite Fraud Claims
In Afghanistan, a Wedding Engagement, a Bomb, and an Army Veteran's Quest to Move On
North Korea
US Korean War Veteran Released by North Says Made 'Confession' Under Duress
Public Ouster in North Korea Unsettles China
What Does Jang Song-Thaek's Ousting Mean for North Korea?
Pakistan Drone Strikes 'Hurting' War on Terror, Nawaz Tells Hagel
Philippines Hails Rebel Deal but Warns of 'Contentious' Issues
Thai PM Yingluck Dissolves Parliament and Calls Election
New Indian Party Claims Revolution in the Air as Congress Vote Collapses
Suspects Arrested in Heist of Radioactive Material in Mexico
Eight Bodies, Some Dismembered, Found on Mexican Highway
Honduras Recount: Can Free and Fair Election Also Be Fraudulent?
4 Honduran Police Sentenced in Students' Killings
Honduras TV Journalist Found Shot to Death
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Justin Raimondo
Syria, Sarin, and Subterfuge: They Made It All Up

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Call Hamid Karzai's Bluff

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Palestinians Lose Again

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Hamid Karzai: No Ordinary Puppet

Nebojsa Malic
An Unlikely Peace

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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