What in heck is the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing "investigating" Antiwar.com? That's what Ron Paul wants to know.

A combination of malevolence and incompetence – that's the conclusion he draws in this exclusive interview with the Ron Paul Channel, unlocked here for our readers.

When "law enforcement" spies on and harasses Americans engaged in constitutionally-protected non-violent activities – it's called journalism – there's something seriously wrong with our system, says Paul.

Full video made available from The Ron Paul Channel.

The Ron Paul Channel is a premium site featuring the latest exclusive videos by Ron Paul on the issues of the day. You can subscribe for $9.95 per month. It's worth it!

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Updated December 11, 2013 - 11:20 PM EST
Google Cookies Used to Pinpoint Hacking Targets
  New Documents: NSA Infers Relationships Based on Mobile Data
  Study: NSA Can Legally Access Majority of American Phone Data
  Canada Spies Abroad on Behalf of US: Report
US Halts Aid Into N. Syria, Citing Islamist Gains
  Syrian Activists, Including Key Lawyer, Kidnapped by Islamists
Karzai Slams US Threats: 'Stop Killing Civilians'
  Pakistani Parliament Unanimously Condemns US Drone Strikes
Senators Push Iran Sanctions, But Delay Likely
  Washington Post 'Fact Checker' Fails on Iran Nuclear Fatwa
  Poll Finds Public Doesn't Like Iran Deal if They Don't Know What's in It
US Lied About Bio/Chem Arms Use in Korea War?
  New Details of CIA Sabotage Operations During the Cold War
Military Budget Deal Erases $22 Billion in Cuts
Israelis, Palestinians Agree: Peace Talks Going Nowhere
Over 500 Confirmed Dead in Central African Republic Violence
Obama, Cuban President Shake Hands at Mandela Memorial
China's Monroe Doctrine – or Escalation in Asia?  by John Glaser
What's Wrong With the NSA Tracking Cell-Phone Locations?  by Amy Davidson
How President Obama Misled Chris Matthews About NSA Surveillance  by Conor Friedersdorf
In the Shadow of War  by Beverly Gologorsky & Tom Engelhardt
Why Israeli-Palestinian Talks Will Fail, Again  by Mitchell Plitnick
The Great Convergence of American Foreign Policy Beliefs  by Daniel W. Drezner

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Intel Contractors Donate Millions to Intelligence Watchdogs in Congress
Analysis Finds Confusion Over 'Armed Conflicts'
Uruguay Is First Country to Legalize Marijuana Trade
On Iran Deal, US Lawmakers on Both Sides Slam Administration, Hint at More Sanctions
Iran Sees Progress in Talks With Powers on Nuclear Deal Implementation
Kirk and Menendez Have a Finished Sanctions Amendment Ready to Go Unless Reid Kills It
Did Pro-Diplomacy Backlash Stop Steny Hoyer From Nixing Obama's Deal to Prevent War With Iran?
Top Senator Says New Iran Sanctions Will Have to Wait
Iran: Guards Chief Criticizes Foreign Minister
Kerry Asks Skeptical US Congress Not to Impose New Sanctions on Iran
US Senate Banking Chairman Inclined to Hold Off on Iran Sanctions
Iran Dismisses Peres Offer to Meet Rouhani
Pro-Israel Groups Change Tactics on Iran Deal
Syrian Army Pounds Rebels Near Lebanon Border
Syrian Troops Close in on Strategic Rebel-Held Town
UN to Airlift Aid From Iraq to Syria
Croatia Mulls Syrian Chemical Weapons Destruction
In Qatar Talks, US Underscores Support for Syrian Moderates
Two Spanish Journalists Kidnapped in Syria
Gunmen Abduct Prominent Syrian Lawyer
Palestinian 'Total Failure' Warning on Talks Brings Kerry Back to Israel
US Talk of 'Framework' Agreement Roiling Palestinians
Netanyahu Skips Mandela Memorial. Israelis Say 'Are You Kidding?'
MKs Learn Beduin Did Not See, Agree to Resettlement Plan, Threatening Bill's Passage
Palestinian Homeowners Face Eviction in Forgotten Corner of East Jerusalem
Israel Approves Detention Without Charges for African Migrants
Tension at Temple Mount Is Escalating Week by Week
Romania Stops Sending Construction Workers to Israel Over Settlements
'Arabs Out' Spray-Painted in Safed, Cars' Tires Slashed
Israel and Russia to Begin Free Trade Talks in 2014
Bombers Attack Another Funeral; 39 Killed, 46 Wounded Across Iraq
Syrian Kurds Bring Changes in Iraqi Kurdistan
Congress Moves to Spike China's Missile Deal With Turkey

Turkish MP Takes Oath After Release From Jail in Coup Plot Case

Yemen Kidnappers Free Dutch Couple
Yemen Forces Defuse Bomb-Laden Cars, Search for More
Middle East
Hagel Renews Qatar Defense Pact Despite Differences Over Iran, Syria
Gulf Cooperation Council Steps Closer to an EU-Style Union
Briton Extradited to Jordan Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges
Ukrainian Police Swarm Independence Square Protests
Ukraine Leader to Seek Some Protesters' Release
Ukraine Leader Says Opposition 'Threatens National Security'
Russian Duma Says West Interfering in Ukraine
UK Newspaper Editor Approved Nine Payments to No 1 Military Contact
Mexico Arrests Suspect Linked to 200 Murders
Nicaragua's Assembly OKs Plan to End Presidential Term Limits
Violence Kills 7 as Argentina Celebrates Democracy
Brazilian Panel Says Ex-Leader Was Murdered
Russia Forgives $29 Billion of Cuban Debt From Soviet Era
Spying on Everyone
PATRIOT Act Author: Feinstein's Bill 'A Joke'
Data-Sharing Among US Law Agencies Amounts to 'Organized Chaos': Report
Parliamentarian: Germany Cannot Tolerate a Digital Occupier
Video Games Were an Easy Target for the NSA
NSA Files: Games and Virtual Environments Paper
Guess Which Hot Christmas Game Console the NSA Is Hacking Into
World's Leading Authors: State Surveillance of Personal Data Is Theft
Do You Trust the Washington Post's Sources on Morale at the NSA?
The War at Home
Court Weighs Whether Guantanamo Detainee Searches Are Too Aggressive
Man Builds Deadly Weapons With Items He Bought After Going Through Airport Security
White House Still Hopeful It Can Finalize Afghan Security Deal, Official Says
US 'Nowhere Near' Decision to Pull All Troops Out of Afghanistan
US: Signing US-Afghan Pact Will Reduce Uncertainty
Planes Parked in Weeds in Kabul After $486 Million Spent
Missile Attack Leaves 6 Members of a Family Dead in Badghis
Afghan Police Rescue Woman From Taliban Stoning
Pakistan: 'Father of Taliban' Backs Polio Vaccination
Pakistan to Push Forward on Gas Project With Iran
Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan 'Could End Human Civilisation,' Study Finds
Disarray in India's Ruling Party After Poll Drubbing
Indian Lt-General Attackers Jailed
Thai PM Insists She Will Not Resign Before Polls
Thai Protesters Claim Authority Over Government
Thai Democracy Enters Dangerous New Crossroads
South Korea Warns of North Korea's 'Reign of Terror'
Sri Lanka Rally to Protest Against Disappearances
Condemned Islamist Leader Wins 11th Hour Reprieve in Bangladesh
US Forces in Guam Issue Safety Alert After Marines Attacked by Local Gang
Clashes Hit Egypt's Islamic University for 3rd Day
Clashes Hit Second University in Egypt's Capital
Rights Groups Demand Egypt Probe Killings of Morsi Supporters
Egypt's Moussa Defends Draft Charter
Most Syrian and Palestinian Refugees Held in Egypt Released
Egypt Grants Permits to 171 'Illegal' Syria Immigrants
Central African Republic
2 French Soldiers Die in Central African Republic
French Troops Meeting Tough Resistance in Central African Republic
Loss of French Soldiers in Central African Republic Highlights Tough Quest for Peace
Hollande Due in Central Africa After First French Casualties
French Troops Kill 19 Islamists in Northern Mali
Malian Site Says It Got Threats Over AP Story
Sudan Rebels Claim Attacks in Blue Nile State
Bashir Empowers Old Army Ally, Tightens Grip
UN: Major Offensives Planned vs. Somali Militants
Gunmen Kill Eight Kenyans Near Somali Border
Libya Militia to Open Oil Terminals in December
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