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Updated December 14, 2013 - 11:08 PM EST
Iran Quits Talks Over Latest US Sanctions
US Open to Backing Syria's Islamist Rebels
  Al-Qaeda Kidnaps At Least 120 Kurdish Civilians in Aleppo
  US Asks Syria's Islamic Front to Return Seized Equipment
  With Islamists in Control of Syria Rebellion, Civil War Might Last Years
A Disappearing Spy, and a Scandal at the CIA
  White House Slams AP for Levinson-CIA Story
  ABC, NYT Lied About Levinson
  Missing CIA Operative Failed by US Government, Family Says
  CIA Vets Say Levinson Affair May Damage Intra-Agency Co-Operation
NSA Review to Leave Spy Programs Unchanged
  By Cracking Cell Code, NSA Able to Decode Private Conversations
  White House to Leave NSA, Cyber Commander Under Single Leader
US Drones Fuel al-Qaeda Sympathy in Yemen
46 Killed, 56 Wounded Across Iraq
Arrest in FBI Sting to Bomb Wichita Airport
Benghazi Has Become Training Hub for Islamist Fighters
Parties Come Together to Save Military-Industrial Complex
A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read  by Kelley Vlahos
Sinister Fruits of West's Alliance With Jihad Warriors in Syria  by Dmitry Minin
How History Will Remember Obama (Hint: Not Well)  by William Pfaff
Why Remain in Afghanistan?  by Philip Giraldi
Israel's Powerful Dissidents  by Murray Polner
'Good Guys' and 'Bad Guys' in the War on Terror  by Elizabeth Goitein

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Khadr Reveals Why He Pleaded Guilty: 'I Was Left a With Hopeless Choice'
UK Govt: You Can Be Jailed If You Even 'Imagine' Overthrowing the Queen
In '50s, CIA Secretly Funded US Anti-Zionist Lobby Group
CIA Torture Report Poised for Release – Some of It
South Koreans Protest 'Honeymoon Island' Base
Spying on Everyone
British GCHQ's Dubious Role in the 'Quantum' Hacking Spy Tactic
Snowden Documents From the NSA on Sweden Collaboration
Canadian Intel Watchdog Muzzled, Defanged
NSA Files Decoded
Compendium of the Released NSA Spying Documents
Marooned at Guantánamo: Aging Inmates Face Medical Issues
Feds: Guantánamo Searches Not Like TSA's
Guantánamo's Banned Books – an Incomplete List
The War at Home
Did Congress Just Pass a Bill of Attainder Punishing a Dead Man?
33 Times Efforts to Shill for Defense Contractors Went Horribly Wrong
White House Press Corps Erupts Over Lack of Access to Obama
Welcome to the Internet of Thingies: 61.5% of Web Traffic Is Not Human
Army Announces Spring Deployments to Afghanistan for 8,300 Soldiers
IEDs Won't Die After Afghanistan, Top General Says
Three Killed in Separate Pakistan Polio Shootings
Imran Khan Vows to Lead K-P Polio Campaign Himself
Militancy Inspires Fear in Pakistan's Fata Region
Indian Diplomat Arrested in US for Alleged Visa Fraud, Handcuffed in Public
India Summons US Ambassador Over Diplomat Detention
North Korea
More Purges May Follow Execution of Kim's Uncle
North Korean Purge of Leader's Uncle Sparks Stability Fears
Jang's Execution Leaves China in Delicate Position
Grasping for Clues in North Korean Execution
North Korea Purge Mirrors Those in 20th Century
US, Chinese Warships Narrowly Avoid Collision in South China Sea
China, US Consider the Other Side a Rival
Taiwan Acquires State-Of-The-Art US Attack Helicopters
Deadly Clashes in Bangladesh After Top Islamist Hanged
McCain Flies to Ukraine as Protests Rage
Ukraine President Yanukovych Refuses to Resign as Opposition Talks Yield Little
Ukraine Court Frees Protesters Held After Kiev Clashes
World War One Christmas Truce Football Match to Be Recreated
Pirate Bay Swede Suffers Danish Prison 'Torture'
Arctic 30 Told They Cannot Leave Russia
IRA Bomb in Backpack Targets Belfast Nightlife
Human Remains Found in a Suspected Mass Grave in Serbia
Syrian Christians Fear Extremist Rebels
Russia to Help Transport Syria's Chemical Weapons
Islamist Wave Is Driving Out Syria's Revolutionaries
UNESCO Sounds Alarm About Illicit Syria Archeology Digs
EU Failing Syria Refugees, Says Amnesty International Report
Fierce Winter Storm Makes Life Even Worse for Syrians Who've Fled to Lebanon
Syria Tender for Food Calls for Payment From Iran
Russia Says US Measure Threatens Iran Nuclear Deal
American Missing in Iran Was Probing Possible Money Laundering: Lawyer
Foreign Carmakers Jostle for Position in Iran
Israel Opens Dams, Flooding Gaza Strip Near Deir Al Balah
Disregarding Supreme Court, Israel OKs Detention Without Charges for African Migrants
New UK Drones 'Field Tested' on Captive Palestinians
Ahead of Worst Winter Storm in Years, IDF Razes Palestinian Homes
EU Set to Offer Massive Aid to Israel, Palestinians for Peace Deal
Kerry Meets Israel's Netanyahu to Push Peace Talks
Netanyahu an Enigma, Opposition Leader Says
46 Killed, 56 Wounded Across Iraq, as Iranian Gas Workers Massacred
Gunmen Kill Iranian Gas Workers in Iraq: Witnesses
Tehran Condemns Attack on Iran Workers in Iraq
Suspects on Run After Breakout From Baghdad Police Cell
Middle East
Bahrain Urged to Crack Down on Black Magic
Gulf Cooperation Council Nations Step Closer to an EU-Style Union With Joint Military Command Plan
Egypt's Security Forces Disperse Islamist Protests
One Killed at Pro-Morsi Protest in Egypt: Sources
Junta Chief: Sadat's Ghost Appeared to Me, Told Me I'll Be President
Central African Republic
African Crisis Is Tougher Than France Expected
Thousands Seek Refuge With French Troops
African Union to Boost Central African Republic Force
Chaos, Gunbattles, Hungry Kids in Central African Republic
Tunisia 'Deal' in Doubt as 92-Year-Old Spurns PM Post
NYPD Report on Kenya Attack Isn't US Govt View
UN Investigates Shooting on Protesters in Mali
Zimbabwe's Aging Mugabe Says Party Will Choose Successor
United Nations
UN Says 90 of Its Peacekeepers Killed This Year
Reporters Without Borders Wants Attacks on Journalists to Be War Crime; UN Talks Safety
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A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read

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