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Updated December 15, 2013 - 11:23 PM EST
Iran FM: Talks to Continue Despite New Sanctions
Syrian Islamist Rebels to Meet US Officials
  US Mulls Aiding Islamist Groups
  Syria Latest Magnet for Jihadist Suicide Bombers
  Growing Strength of Islamists Undermines US Hopes in Syria
  US to Keep 1,500 Troops in Jordan
A Disappearing Spy, and a Scandal at the CIA
  Last Man to See Levinson Denies Involvement in Disappearance
  Kerry: US Didn't Abandon Robert Levinson
  Reporter: Keeping Levinson Story Secret Was 'Hardest Thing I've Done'
  Iran Asks US to Provide More Information on Missing Spy
Experts: Long Delay Could Derail Iran Talks
Yemen Tribe Demands Apology for Drone Deaths
Officials Say US May Never Know Extent of Snowden's Leaks
Uruguay's Prez Rips Into UN Official Over Marijuana Law
US Drone Targets Boat on Pak-Afghan Border; 7 Dead
A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read  by Kelley Vlahos
Sinister Fruits of West's Alliance With Jihad Warriors in Syria  by Dmitry Minin
How History Will Remember Obama (Hint: Not Well)  by William Pfaff
Why Remain in Afghanistan?  by Philip Giraldi
Israel's Powerful Dissidents  by Murray Polner
'Good Guys' and 'Bad Guys' in the War on Terror  by Elizabeth Goitein

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CIA Benghazi Team Clash Led to 'Stand Down' Report
Why Border Lines Drawn With a Ruler in WWI Still Rock the Middle East
Obama Admin: CIA Probe Into Bay of Pigs Should Be Kept Secret
Bahrain Navy Base Expansion Latest Signal of Continued US Presence
Google Joins the Military-Industrial Complex
Spying on Everyone
France Broadens Its Surveillance Power
How the NSA Piggy-Backs on Third-Party Trackers
The NSA Is Coming to Town, So Encrypt for Goodness' Sake
Spycrash: 5 CIA Operations That Went South – Spectacularly
Judge: Kim Dotcom Still Being Spied On
NATO Troops Forced to Risk Dilapidated Tunnel to Get Out of Afghanistan
Reserved Seat for Minorities: MPs Reject Karzai Decree
Poppy Farming Doubled in Nangarhar This Year
A Gated Community Rises for Afghanistan's Elite
Pakistan Says Afghan Taliban Not Ready to Talk to Peace Council
Pakistan, India Should Bury the Past: Shahbaz
Teenager Killed, Father Injured in Attack, Two Bodies Found
Police Arrest Key Taliban Commander in Karachi
Baloch Families Resume March for Missing Relatives
Five Treason Charges Await Musharraf
Will Not Be Able to Provide Security to Musharraf: Police
Musharraf Wants Case Against Talal for Putting Bounty on His Head
North Korea
North Korea Recalls Business People From China
North Korea Execution Breaks Key Link With China
Asian Nations Call for Freedom of Air, Seas as US-China Maritime Near-Collision Revealed
Thai Military Hosts Forum on Political Crisis
Bangladesh Could Be Set for Prolonged Unrest
China Lands Jade Rabbit Robot Rover on Moon
3 Christians Sentenced for Killing a Muslim
Women Islamists Challenge Egypt's Army-Backed Rule
Egyptians to Vote on Constitution Next Month in Step 'Towards Democracy'
Central African Republic
Central African Republic President Offers Peace Talks
French Support Falling for Central African Military Operation: Poll
Tunisia Industry Minister Chosen to Head New Govt
Explosion Inside Kenya Minibus Kills at Least 3
Two Peacekeepers Killed as Car Bomb Hits Bank in Northern Mali
Nigerian Military: Air Raid Kills Extremists
Sudan: 3 Injured in South Kordofan Shelling
US Official Urges Somalia to Protect Human Rights
Dissident Ugandan General Launches Opposition Party
Syria Activists: Govt Talks Ongoing to Free Seized Nuns
Syria Rebel Commander Freezes to Death: Activists
France Says Pessimistic on Syria, Has Doubts About Peace Talks
US, Britain Have Not Helped Syrian Rebels Enough, Saudi Prince Says
Specialists Gather in Cyprus for Removal of Syria's Chemical Weapons
Ships to Haul 500 Tons of Syrian Chemical Agents
Sweden: No Reason Why EU Iran Sanctions Will Not Be Eased in January
Iran Claims to Capture British Intelligence Agency MI6 Spy
Iran Cancels Pakistan Gas Pipeline Loan
Iran Say It Sends Second Monkey Into Space, Brings It Back Safely
Flooding Gaza
Gaza Drowning …and Under Power and Media Blackout
More Than 4,000 Evacuated From Gaza 'Disaster Area' Floods
Gaza in Chaos as Rising Flood Waters Add to Misery Caused by Storm
Families Seek Refuge in School as Flooded Gaza Turns Into 'Disaster Area'
Kerry: Israel-PA Deal Possible by End of April
PA Officials: No Progress on Peace Deal in Latest Abbas-Kerry Meeting
Abbas Rejects US Suggestion to Meet Israeli PM
Israeli Gunfire Wounds Palestinian in Southern Gaza: Medics
Yemen Says Air Strike Targeted al-Qaeda Leaders
Gunmen Kill 4 Soldiers in Southeastern Yemen
Middle East
Bomb Targets Pilgrims; 34 Killed, 43 Wounded Across Iraq
Turkey, Armenia Tend to Mend Bilateral Ties
US Could Block MoD Sell-Off Plans Over Security Fears
UK Nuclear Arms Site Police Investigated Over Allegations They Slept on Duty
Serbs Block Northern Kosovo Border Crossing
Serbia: 'Hundreds of Albanians' Found in Mass Grave
McCain Meets Ukrainian Protest Leaders Amid Rival Rallies
Disposal of Big WWII Bomb Will Force 45,000 From Northern Italy Homes
Americans Still Dying
Fairhaven (MA) Community Mourns Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Virginia Man Grieves Over Loss of Civilian Contractor Wife, Killed in Bagram Rocket Attack
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A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read

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Call Hamid Karzai's Bluff

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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