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Updated December 17, 2013 - 11:24 PM EST
Fed. Judge: NSA Phone Program Unconstitutional
  NSA Goes on 60 Minutes: The Facts Behind CBS's Flawed Report
  Tone-Deaf at the Listening Post
  NSA Coworker on the Real Snowden: 'A Genius Among Geniuses'
  No Amnesty for Edward Snowden, White House Insists
West Signals to Syria Opposition Assad May Stay
  Syria Islamists Kill 80 Druze, Alawites, Christians
  Syria Barrel Bombs Kill 76, Mostly Civilians
  As Aid Dries Up, Pro-West Syrian Rebels Defect to Islamists
  US Weighing Closer Ties With Hardline Islamists in Syria
Afghan Military Cedes Checkpoints to Taliban
  Six US Soldiers Reported Killed by Taliban in Afghan Copter Crash
  Afghan Soldier Kills Two Comrades in Herat Insider Attack
  Pakistan Protests Will Continue Until Drone Strikes End
Iran FM Complains to Kerry About New Sanctions
  Iran Nabbed CIA Asset Levinson, Says Witness
Bedouin Relocation Moves Ahead Despite Freeze
  Israel-Lebanon Tensions Rising After Crossborder Shootings
Iraq Attacks on Pilgrims, Govt Buildings Kill 100
Sixteen Dead in Clash in China's Xinjiang
Russia Moves Nuclear-Capable Missiles Closer to EU
12 Years Later: Two Gitmo Saudis Sent Home, Uncharged
Colombia Coca Spraying Halted as 2 US Pilots Shot Down
NSA-Approved Propaganda at '60 Minutes'  by Kevin Gosztola
Obama's NSA Review Group Is Typical Whitewash  by Marcy Wheeler
What If a Foreign Power Bombed a US Wedding Party?  by Conor Friedersdorf
'Let it Snowden,' the Chorus of 2013  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Court Case Could Kneecap the NSA  by Shane Harris
Sen. McCain, Interventionism's 'Energizer Bunny'  by Daniel McAdams

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CIA 'Interfered in Police Probe Into Lockerbie'
In Bizarre No-Fly List Trial, Even the Verdict Might Be Top Secret
Guantanamo Visit: Infamous Prison, Surreal Experience
Secrecy Eased at Gitmo Trial in 9/11 Case
USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Report Cancers After Fukushima Rescue Mission
NSA and Snowden
NSA Collection of Phone Data Likely in Breach of 4th Amendment – Read Judge's Ruling
Snowden Says Judge's Ruling Vindicates NSA Disclosures
US-Germany Intelligence Partnership Falters Over Spying
NSA Related Articles on Sweden
NSA's 60 Wiretaps and FBI's 1,728 Wiretaps?
Lockheed Sees Strong Cyber Demand Despite NSA Scandal: CEO
Snowden Stole 'Keys to the Kingdom': NSA Official
The War at Home
Sen. McConnell Asks Defense Industry Execs to Donate to Defense Hawks Facing Primary Challengers
Family of Robert Levinson, US 'Spy' in Iran, Demands Meeting With FBI's Comey
License Plate Scanners Suspended in Boston Over Privacy Concerns
Climate Change 'Expert' Falsely Claimed He Was CIA Agent in Pakistan
Radical Nun Says Answering Her Christian Calling Landed Her in Prison
For 32 Years, She Has Kept Up Anti-Nuclear Vigil Outside White House
US Military
Mapping the Blind Spots: Developer Unearths Secret US Military Bases
5 Places the US Military Operates – You Might Be Surprised
Fate of Air Base in Mansfield, Ohio, Reflects Larger Battle Between Active Duty, Reserves
Is the Air Force's Combat Rescue Helicopter Left for Dead?
Navy Expands Sonar Testing Despite Troubling Signs
Egyptian Students, Security Forces Clash in Cairo
Morsi Supporters to Boycott Egypt Constitution Vote
Egypt's Constitution Unveiled With a Poster Depicting Westerners
In Egypt, Secular Groups and Islamists Stage Their Protests Separately
Man Faces Questioning After Son Is Jailed for Having Pro-Morsi Ruler
UN Security Council Shows 'Grave Concern' on Libya
US Considers Request to Train Libyan Forces
Libya Appoints Lockerbie Prosecutors
Tunisia's PM-Designate a Little-Known Newcomer
Sniper Mystery in Kasserine, the Town 'Which Made Tunisia's Revolution'
Central African Republic
EU Divided Over French Plea for Central African Republic Military Aid
France Voices Concern Over Firing of Central African Republic Ministers
Violence Leaves 40,000 Stranded Without Aid at Central African Republic Airport Camp
South Sudan Imposes Curfew After 'Attempted Coup'
Promises of Peace, Reminders of War in Sudan's Blue Nile
DR Congo
At Least 21 Killed in Congo's East
Republic of Congo Officer in Custody
Nigeria Boko Haram Emergency: 'More Than 1,200 Killed' Since May
UN Shooting in Mali Injures 2
Iran FM: We Will Not Give Up the Reactor in Arak
EU to Ease Sanctions as Soon as Iran Curbs Nuclear Work
Three Months in Rouhani's Iran
Iran Sanctions Held Up by Competing Senators, Chamber Schedule
Iran Says It Launched a Second Monkey Into Space
Russia: Aug. 21 Syria Chemical Attack Was 'Staged'
Official Data Reveal Arms Exports to Syria, Says Report
Russia Ready to Escort Chemical Arms Out of Syria
Syrian Warfare Chemicals to Pass Through Italian Port
Half of Syria's Population Has No Food Security
UN Asks for $6.5b in Syria Aid; Last Year's Request Not Met
Ya'alon: Israel Holds Lebanon and Its Army Responsible for Killing of IDF Soldier
Slain Soldier Drove Unarmored Car Too Close Too Lebanon Border
Scholars' Group Endorses an Academic Boycott of Israel
EU Vows 'Unprecedented' Aid if Israel, Palestinians Make Peace
Fatah Official: No Meeting Between Abbas and Netanyahu
Netanyahu Wanted to Appoint Journalist to Expel African Migrants
Iraq Attacks Against Pilgrims, Govt Buildings Leave 100 Dead and 183 Wounded
Journalists Hit by Surge of Attacks in Iraq's Mosul
Middle East
Yemen Vote Unlikely to End Drone Strikes: Experts
Saudi Political Activist Sentenced to 300 Lashes, 4 Years in Prison, Rights Group Says
Inspector General: Army's Failed Incinerator Left Troops Exposed
Inside the Soviet-Era Tunnel the Pentagon Is Counting on for Military's Afghanistan Exit
Last Australia Combat Troops Leave Afghan Base
Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan, Says David Cameron
Afghanistan Detains TV Commentator
Afghan Prison Problems Disclosed to Senate
Pakistani Shi'ite Cleric Shot Dead in Reprisal Attack
'Posing as Muslim': Pakistani Doctor Arrested for Reading and Quoting From the Koran
China Paper Says USS Cowpens Was Harassing China Fleet
Fresh Clashes Kill Five in Bangladesh
In Thailand, Standing Up for Less Democracy
South Korea Security Summit Over North Execution
Ruling Party Demands Government Reshuffle
Ukraine Protests Backed by William Hague
Ukraine Deal No Threat to Russia, Says EU
Russia Nears Loan Deal With Ukraine to Keep It in Its Orbit
Violence Despite Colombia Rebels Ceasefire
No Bomb Found on Grounded Air France Airplane in Venezuela
State Dept: Businessman Held by Bolivia Is Back in US
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