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Updated December 18, 2013 - 11:26 PM EST
West Tells Syria Rebels: Assad Must Stay
  Syrian Kurds Jockey for Seat at Geneva Talks
Review: NSA Snooping Program Should Remain
  Presidential Advisory Committee's Recommendations for NSA
NSA Court Ruling Fallout Hits White House
  Media Distorts Snowden Letter to Brazil
  Tech Firms Push Back Against Obama Efforts to Divert NSA Meeting
  Merkel Compared NSA to Stasi in Heated Encounter With Obama
  NSA Claims It Foiled Nonsensical Plot to Destroy US Economy
  Senators Clash With Justice Dept Lawyer Over CIA Intel Memos
Pakistan Rejects Military Offensive on Taliban
  Six US Soldiers Reported Killed by Taliban in Afghan Copter Crash
French President: US Senate Moving Against Iran
  Iran Says Nuclear Talks With World Powers to Resume Thursday
  Iran Sanctions Bill Is 'Coming,' Says Sen. Kirk
India Diplomat Blasts Harsh US Treatment
  India Removes US Embassy's Security Barriers in Dispute
Russia to Spend Billions on New ICBMs
UN Told Up to 500 Killed in South Sudan Clashes
Sources: Hamas Agrees to Join Unity Govt Ahead of Vote
The Domino's Hypothetical: Judge Leon vs. the NSA  by Amy Davidson
Stay Out of Petty Island Disputes in East Asia  by Ivan Eland
US Should Lead on Abolishing Nuclear Weapons  by Ira Helfand
The Wichita One  by Scott McPherson
Iran Is More Than a Regime  by Ali Reza Eshraghi
The Cold War Really Should Be Over for Everyone  by Tom Gallagher

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How DC Police Use Citizens as Spies
Congressmen 'Absolutely Shocked' of Foreign State Involvement Behind 9/11
Chinese Admiral to US Navy: 'We Will Block You'
Docs: Communications Between Gadhafi's Intel Apparatus and UK/US
Judge Ruling Against NSA
After Ruling Critical of NSA, Uncertain Terrain for Appeal
Judge's Word on NSA Program Won't Be the Last
Lawsuit Aside, NSA Scandal Is Bad News for IBM
NSA Collection of Phone Data Likely in Breach of 4th Amendment – Read Judge's Ruling
Meet Larry Klayman, the Libertarian Activist Who Could Upend the NSA
Judge Who Issued NSA Ruling Often Bucks Executive
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden's Open Letter to the People of Brazil
NSA's Top Geek: 'I Don't Know' if There's Another Snowden
Snowden: NSA's Indiscriminate Spying 'Collapsing'
Brazil Says Not Considering Snowden Asylum
John Bolton: Edward Snowden 'Ought to Swing From a Tall Oak Tree'
Spying on Everyone
Spy Chiefs Should Not Be Accountable to Parliament, Says Ex-GCHQ Chief
Harry Reid Open to NSA Legislation
Rand Paul Plots NSA Class-Action Lawsuit Options
My Day at the NSA: PR Campaign for Secret Surveillance Programs
Huawei Telecom to Come Under Increased Scrutiny From GCHQ
60 Minutes' Weird NSA Propaganda Wasn't Even Good Propaganda
Feinstein: NSA Phone Surveillance 'Important' but Not 'Indispensable'
Lockheed CEO Sees Strong Cyber Demand Despite NSA Scandal
The War at Home
Military Trial in US Being Considered for Russian Detained in Afghanistan
Senator's Questions About CIA Program May Hold Up Nomination
Orders Classifying 'Observations & Experiences' of Gitmo Prisoners Formerly Held by CIA Are Lifted
Harvard Student Accused of Making Campus Bomb Hoax
'Pro-Israel' Discussion in New York Ends in Walkout, Insults, and Recriminations
Florida School Tells Fifth Grader That He Cannot Keep Both First Place Prize and His First Amendment Rights
Homeland Security Watchdog Reassigned Amid Allegations That He Abused His Position
US Senate Confirms Jeh Johnson as Homeland Security Head
NASA Spent $124,955 to Develop Pizza That Can Be Printed on a 3-D Printer
9/11 Defendant Ejected From Court After Protesting Prison Conditions
Two Ex-Gitmo Inmates to Face 'Rehab' in Saudi Arabia
Stories of the 2 Gitmo Prisoners Released to Saudi Arabia
Nativity Scene at Guantánamo Triggers Controversy
US Military
Senators Vow to Stop Military Pension Cuts
Here's Why the Proposed Military Retiree Benefit Cuts Are No Big Deal
Pentagon's Sexual-Assault Prevention Chief Steps Down
Motorbike Bomb Kills 2, Wounds 6 in Southern Afghanistan
British Officer Rejects Blame for Camp Bastion Attack That Killed Two US Marines
Pakistani Taliban Not Returning to Peace Talks
Hopes Dim That Sharif's Election Will Ease Pakistan-India Tension
Suicide Bomb Kills 3, Injures 14 in Rawalpindi
India Politicians Snub US Delegation Over Diplomat Arrest
Arrest and Punish Partners of Gay US Diplomats, Says India's Ex-Foreign Minister
Japan's Hawks Unveil Sweeping Defense Upgrade
Legal Experts Worry Japan's Secrecy Law May Silence Journalists
US Forging Closer Military Ties With Philippines
US Blacklists Myanmar Firms for North Korea Arms Trade
Dennis Rodman Heads to North Korea
Syrian Minister 'We Are Not Going to Geneva to Hand Over Power'
Turkey Denies Exporting War Weapons to Syria
Radical Groups Kidnap Turkish Journalist in Syria
British Muslim Dies After Joining Fight in Syria
British Minister Accuses Syrian Government of 'in Effect' Murdering UK Doctor
Syria's Chemical Weapons to Travel by Guarded Convoy Before Destruction
Refugees Fleeing Violence in Syria Confront Dire Conditions in Bulgaria
Syria Region Where Polio Found Excluded From 2012 Vaccination Drive
Car Bomb, Rockets Target Hezbollah Stronghold
Israeli Defense Minister: Lebanon Vowed to Punish Killer of Israeli Soldier
Aoun: Christian Solidarity Needed in Lebanon
Palestinians: Kerry Taking Israel's Side, No Longer Neutral Mediator
Palestinian Official: US Pressing US to Recognize Israel as Jewish State
Israeli Police Attack African Immigrants Protesting Detention
Israeli Forces Besiege Village Near Bethlehem, Conduct Military Drills
Netanyahu Defeats Likud Hawks' Efforts to Weaken Him
EU Warns Israel Not to Announce New Settlement Building After Prisoner Release
UN's Top Body Condemns Killing of Israeli Soldier
Israel Frets US Scholars Forum's Boycott May Inspire Others
More Attacks Against Shi'ite Pilgrims in Iraq; 33 Killed, 62 Wounded
Erbil Welcomes Baghdad's New Tone on Oil Exports to Turkey
Turkey Jets Fence Off Syrian Plane at Airspace
4 Turkish Military Pilots Killed in Crash
Homemade Bomb Wounds 2 Policemen in Bahrain
Stay Alert in Bahrain, British Government Warns
Senate Egypt Bill Could Ease US Aid After Coup
Both Egypt, US Reviewing Their Relations, Egypt's Envoy Says
As Pressure Builds, Egypt's Police Experience a New Feeling – Fear
Egypt Taxi Driver Lynched by Islamist Protesters
Egypt's Army Kills Jihadist Involved in Attack on Soldiers
South Sudan Arrests 10 Politicians, Hunts Ex-VP Over 'Foiled Coup'
13,000 Seek Refuge in UN Compounds in South Sudan: Ban
US Closes Embassy in South Sudan, Orders Non-Emergency Personnel Out
Israeli Aid Workers Caught Up in South Sudan Coup Attempt
Central African Republic
French Troops Take on Central African Republic Militias in Capital
UN: 210,000 Displaced in Central African Republic City
Four Bodies Exhumed in Mali Thought to Be Murdered Soldiers
Tunisia Leader 'Hopeful' Despite Arab Spring Protests
Ukraine Scores $15 Billion From Russia, 33% Gas Discount
Unease as an Opposition Party Stands Out in Ukraine's Protests
Denying Armenian 'Genocide' Is No Crime: European Court
Russia Amnesty Bill Passes First Hurdle
Belfast Fire Bomb: Man Burst Into Flames in Shop
German Parliament Elects Merkel as Chancellor for Third Term
Don't Call Them Drones: RAF Launches Charm Offensive for 'Unmanned Aircraft'
Mexico Rights Body Warns of Growth in Vigilantes
Active-Duty Marines to Lead Training Mission in Central America
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