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Updated December 19, 2013 - 11:27 PM EST
Panel Urges NSA Reforms, Will Obama Listen?
  Strip NSA of Power to Collect Phone Data Records, Obama Panel Says
  Presidential Panel to NSA: Stop Undermining Encryption
57% in US Say It Was Wrong to Invade Afghanistan
  Afghan Army Commanders Ceded Parts of Helmand to Taliban
Record High in US Say Big Govt Greatest Threat
  Senators: CIA Deliberately Misleading Public on Torture Report
  Senate Panel Approves Bill Keeping Aid Flowing to Military Govts
  UK Army Chief Complains: Britons Losing 'Instinct' for Aggressive War
Top Senate Dems Break With Obama on Iran
  The Dangerous Kirk-Menendez-Schumer Iran Bill
  Iran, Six World Powers Resume Expert Talks on Nuclear Deal
Jihadists Hunting, Killing Moderate Syria Rebels
  Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Accused of Torture in Areas It Controls
  Syria's Islamist Rebels Refuse Talks With US
Pilgrims Attacked in Iraq; 73 Killed, 121 Wounded
India Diplomat Blasts Harsh US Treatment
US Warns Israel Not to Announce More Settlements
Judge Leon and the Shocking Scope of NSA Surveillance  by David Cole
Does Obama Want an Agreement With Iran or Not?  by Sheldon Richman
Is the US Waking Up to the Insanity of Its Syria Policy?  by Daniel McAdams
Almost Orwellian  by Andrew Napolitano
Some Might Call It Treason  by Philip Giraldi
Obama's Panel: A Rebuke to the NSA, Vindication for Snowden  by Conor Friedersdorf

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Pussy Riot, Greenpeace Activists Granted Amnesty as Russian Duma Passes Bill
Britain's MI6 Linked to Libya Torture Scandal
Sao Paulo: Brazilian Senator Urges Asylum for Snowden
Saab Wins Brazil Jets Deal After NSA Sours Boeing Bid
UN Votes to Protect Privacy in Digital Age
NDAA Clears Final Hurdle; Final Vote This Week
NSA Actions & Reactions
NSA Review Panel Releases Findings on US Surveillance Practices
Summary: Presidential Advisory Committee's Recommendations for NSA
Report and Recommendations of President's Review Group on Intel and Communications Technologies
Feinstein's NSA Bill Is Officially on Life Support
NSA's Bid for a 6-Month Delay in Protecting Larry Klayman's Phone Records
Larry Klayman: the Tea Party 'Gadfly' Who Took on the NSA
Ex-CIA Director Calls for Snowden to Be 'Hanged by His Neck Until He Is Dead'
The War at Home
In Texas, Search Warrants Can Now Be Based on a 'Prediction of a Future Crime'
Senate Debates US Defense Policy Bill Amid Rift Over Amendments
Predator and Reaper Drones Are Misunderstood, Says Manufacturer
Navy Investigator Traded Confidential Information for Prostitutes, Luxury Travel
DARPA Cracks Radio Incompatibility Problem Once and for All
EPA Official, Who Pretended to Work for CIA, Sentenced to 32 Months
US Says 2 Guantanamo Prisoners Back in Sudan
US Close to Bipartisan Deal to Allow Release of Some Guantánamo Detainees
Guantánamo Prisoner Again Ejected From Hearing
Gitmo Skipper Orders Nativity Scenes That Stirred Controversy Moved to Base Chapel
Omar Khadr Condemns His Gitmo Plea Deal, as Canada Concedes He Is Not a 'Maximum-Security Threat'
Guantánamo Prison Commander Previously Ran US Detention in Somalia
China Confirms US Warship Near-Collision
This Congressman Kept the US and China From Exploring Space Together
Hunting for US Arms Technology, China Enlists a Legion of Amateurs
India Diplomat Says She Faced Cavity Search in NYC
India Vows to 'Restore Dignity' of Diplomat Stripped in US
Kerry Expresses Regret to India Over Diplomat Case
Indian Diplomat's Letter to Her Colleagues
US Prosecutor Defends Treatment of Indian Diplomat
India Freezes Duty-Free Alcohol in Row With US Over Diplomat's Arrest
Feds: Man Held in Reno Supported India Terrorism
Afghan Taliban Torch US Vehicles at Pakistan Border
Pakistan Suicide Bombing Kills Five Troops at North Waziristan Mosque
East Timor Files World Court Case vs. Australia
Lawlessness on Borders Taints Progress in Myanmar
North Korea: Jang Song Thaek Airbrushed Out of Kim Jong UN Images
Masked Army: Shadowy Jihadist Group Expands Rapidly in Syria
Why Syria's Kurds Are Beating al-Qaeda
Report: Dozens of Gazans Fighting With Jihadi Groups in Syria
Al-Qaeda-Led Factions in Syria Are Training Boys as Young as 10 to Become Rebel Fighters
Lebanese From Syria Displaced Twice Over
Syrian Air Raids Exact High Toll on Aleppo
US Urges UN to Express Outrage at Syria Airstrikes
Russian Lorries to Transport Syria Chemical Weapons
Iran Guards 'Killed in Sistan Baluchistan Blast'
Iran's Khatami: Everyone Feels Heavily Bugged
Meeting With Chinese FM, Netanyahu Stumps for Firm Stance Against Iran
Israeli General Says 'Prawer Plan' Still on the Table
In Hardscrabble Villages, Bedouin Want Recognition, Not Relocation
Hamas Man Killed, 6 Injured, in Jenin Firefight With Israeli Troops
Delayed Decision on Likud-Yisrael Beytenu Split Boosts Netanyahu
Pakistani and Saudi Pilgrims Among 30 Killed, 53 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq Police Hero Sacrifices Himself to Save Pilgrims
Turkish Police Chiefs Sacked After Detaining Ministers' Family Members in Fraud Probe
Group: Turkey Jails Most Journalists for 2nd Year
Middle East
Saudi Ready to Act Alone on Iran, Syria: Ambassador
Syrian Conflict Said to Fuel Sectarian Tensions in Persian Gulf
North Africa
State Dept. Warns of New Terrorist Group Posing Threat to US Interests in NW Africa
Worry in Tunisia Over Youths Who Turn to Jihad
Egypt: Morsi to Face Trial for Cooperating With Hamas, Hezbollah
South Sudan: Mutiny Forces Attack Jonglei Military Camps
Army Defections as South Sudan Violence Spreads
South Sudan Opposition Head Riek Machar Denies Coup Bid
Pentagon Evacuates Diplomats, Allies From Sudan
Britain Pulls Out Embassy Staff From South Sudan
Kenya Media: President Kenyatta Signs 'Draconian' Bill
US Diplomat Kills Man in Car Crash, Flees Kenya
UN Will Send Troops to Scene of Congo Massacre
Syrian and Somali Doctors Shot Dead Near Mogadishu
5 Dead in Shootout in Northern Mexico Resort
5 Teens Die Struck by Gunmen Fleeing Mexican Army
Canada: Retired Generals Take Aim at Handling of Defense Cuts
Bolivia Accuses US of Aiding in an American's Escape
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