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Updated December 22, 2013 - 11:28 PM EST
Obama Tries to Prevent Ruling on Surveillance
  Intel Chief Declassifies Bush-Era Documents on NSA Programs
  NSA Paid Encryption Firm $10 Million to Create Backdoors for Them
  NSA Stopped No Terror Attacks, Says White House Panel Member
  Merkel: Germany Should Ban US Firms Passing Data to NSA
12 Killed as Rebels Attack Church in S. Syria
  US Blocking Iranian Role in Syrian Peace Talks Next Month
Iran Sanctions Bill Big Test of Israel Lobby Power
  Senate to Bypass Committees, Rush Iran Bill
Three US Military Aircraft Hit in S. Sudan, 4 Hurt
  South Sudan Rebels 'Control Much of Country
Defense Bill Links Pakistan Aid to NATO Supply Routes
52 Killed, 66 Wounded in Iraq Attacks, Failed Military Op
Washington's Wedding Album From Hell  by Tom Engelhardt
And the Budget Winner Is – the Defense Sector  by Andrew Cockburn
Mission Accomplished? Our Afghanistan Intervention Is a Disaster  by Seumas Milne
CIA's 'Colossal Flop'  by Philip Giraldi
Edward Snowden Is a Patriot  by Anthony D. Romero
NSA Spying Was Never About Terrorism, It Is About Economic Spying  by Sonya Sandage

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US Nuclear Missiles Are a Force in Much Distress
Saudi Arabia's Ad Hoc Foreign Policy
Covert US Aid Helps Cripple Colombia's FARC
Kim Dotcom Ratted Out Rival File-Sharing Sites, Court Documents Claim
Struggling British Synagogue Saved by City's Muslims
Syrian Rebels Seize Strategic Hospital in Aleppo
Syrian Photographer Working for Reuters Killed in Aleppo
Syria Regime-Tolerated Opponent Detained
For Most Young Refugees From Syria, School Is as Distant as Home
52 Killed, 66 Wounded in Iraq Attacks, Failed Military Operation
18 Soldiers Are Killed During Raid on Rebel Group's Training Camp
36 Kurdish Fighters Returning From Syria Arrested in Iraqi Kurdistan
Erdogan Blames 'International Groups' for Corruption Scandal That Rocks Turkey
Turkey Corruption Inquiry: Ministers' Sons Charged
Turkish Cleric Gulen Curses Purge of Police Command
Hagel Urges Pakistan to Reopen Torkham Route
Military Operations Will Increase Militancy: Imran
Pakistan Troops Pound Militant Hideouts in NWA
Gunmen Kill Anti-Polio Worker in NW Pakistan
Pakistan Govt Silent on Imran's Polio Initiative
IMF Denies Dictating Economic Reforms Package for Pakistan
Bomb Kills One, Injures 21 in Pakistan
Pakistan Still Hosts Largest Number of Refugees: UN
Chinese Military Reacts Angrily to Japan Swelling Defense Force
Chinese Media Reports Plans to Build 110,000-Ton 'Super Aircraft Carrier' to Rival US Naval Power
Rotting Corpse Found at US Base in Japan
NATO Starts Own Talks With Afghanistan on Post-2014 Mission Pact
Thailand Opposition Party to Boycott February Elections
The War at Home
Obama Justice Department Has Joined Forces With Whistleblowers
Pentagon's Public Domain Archive to Be Privatized, Locked Up for Ten Years
Widow of US Teacher Killed in Benghazi Says She Forgives Attackers
Silk Road's Alleged Top Moderators Indicted
Americans Still Dying
Elkhart (IN) Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash During Third Overseas Deployment
North Carolina Sgt Killed in Afghanistan Helicopter Crash
Marietta (GA) Sergeant Killed in Chopper Crash Remembered
Navy Seabee (TX) Supporting OEF, Dies After Non-Combat Incident
Storm Exacerbates Sewage Crisis in Gaza
US Spying Is 'Unacceptable,' Says Israel's Intelligence Affairs Minister
Israel Says It Won't Forcibly Deport Illegal African Migrants, but It Wants Them to Leave
Thousands of African Asylum Seekers Protest Prolonged Detention in Tel Aviv
Palestinian Wounded as Violent Incidents Continue on Gaza Border
IDF: Gazans Placing Explosive Device Near Border Fired On
US Slams Richard Falk's 'Despicable and Deeply Offensive Comments'
Arab League Chief: Not One Israeli Soldier Will Remain in Future Palestine
Despite Pleas for Clemency, Obama Declines to Pardon Pollard
Middle East
South Yemen Paralyzed as Militants Clash With Cops
Lebanon's Mansour Warns Israel Against Unilateral Border Demarcation
South Sudan
Political Strife in South Sudan Sets Off Ethnic Violence
African Union Calls for Christmas Truce in South Sudan
Britons Urged to Flee on Final Evacuation Flight
UN Helicopter Hit, Downed in Same South Sudan State Where US Aircraft Was Hit
North Africa
Libyan Army Base Is Hit by a Deadly Suicide Bomb Attack
Ousted Egypt President Mohamed Morsi to Face Third Trial
Mandela Foundation Denies Mandela Trained in 1962 by Mossad Agents
'Nation's Survival' Depends on Disarmament: Central African Republic Leader
Nigeria Military Hunts Islamists After Daring Barracks Attack
Madagascar Rivals Both Claim Poll Win, Allege Fraud
Weekend Reviews
How Israel Sank Into the Quagmire of Apartheid
The American Conservative's 2013 Reading List
Goliath: The Book That May Delegitimize Israel’s Apartheid State
US Writers Must Take a Stand on NSA Surveillance
Voices From Afghanistan
Playing Both Sides: America's Great Game, by Hugh Wilford
Why Palestine Solidarity Movement Should Challenge America's Legacy of Conquest
A Nascent CIA in the 1940s and 1950s Helped Shape the Middle East, Author Says
Story of a Death Foretold: The Coup Against Salvador Allende by Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
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