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Updated December 24, 2013 - 11:23 PM EST
CBO: Obama Nuke Plan to Cost $355 Billion
  Why Pentagon's Many Campaigns to Clean Up Accounts Are Failing
  From Eggs to Explosives: The Pentagon's Long Shopping List
Snowden Says His Mission Is Accomplished
  Snowden to Give UK Channel 4 'Alternative Christmas Address'
  Obama Can't Point to One Time the NSA Program Prevented an Attack
Israel Kills 3-Year-Old Gaza Girl in Retaliation
  Israel to Condition Peace Talks on Pollard Release
  Palestinians: US Offered to Send Troops to Jordan Valley Border
Report: 301 Killed in Aleppo Barrel Bomb Strikes

Al-Qaeda Forcing Syrian Druze to Convert

  Hezbollah Kills 32 al-Qaeda Fighters in East Lebanon Ambush
Obama Can't Say When NSA Prevented an Attack
Blast at Egypt Security Site Kills 15, Wounds 100
US Sends Marines, Preparing South Sudan Intervention
As Afghan 'Deadline' Nears, US Backtracks on Ultimatum
51 Killed, 44 Wounded in Iraq Attacks on Pilgrims, Journalists
Torture Doesn't Work. Law Does Work. Why Keep That Secret?  by Coleen Rowley
Wars Past, Present, and Yet to Come  by Kelley B. Vlahos
The NSA Recommendations: Preventing Turnkey Totalitarianism  by Ronald Bailey
Kim Shows His Fangs  by Eric Margolis
Secret Ops and Self-Government Don't Mix  by Conor Friedersdorf
Inside the Stunning Court Smackdown on NSA Spying  by Jeffrey Rosen

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Document: Israeli Mossad Trained Mandela
Pentagon's Cyber Arm Poised to Expand Role
Polling Reveals Consensus Support for Iran Deal
Libya: Political Transition Extended
Navy Sailors Have Radiation Sickness After Japan Rescue
Spying on Everyone
Landmark Decision Important Beyond NSA Phone Records Collection
RSA Issues Non-Denying Denial of NSA Deal to Favor Flawed Crypto Code
Snowden Lawyer: No Deal for Asylum in Germany
Susan Rice: No Amnesty for Edward Snowden
Snowden Slams NSA Review as 'Cosmetic'
The NSA Files Quiz of 2013
2 NATO Soldiers Killed in Attacks in Afghanistan
UK Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
US Embassy in Kabul Defends Itself Against Blistering Fraud Reports
US Drones Trigger Panic in Pakistani Tribal Areas
Pakistan Army Launches Offensive Near Afghan Border
Pakistan to Go Ahead With Pervez Musharraf Treason Trial
Musharraf Challenges 2009 Verdict, Wants Treason Trial Stayed
Pakistan, Turkey Premiers Vow to Strengthen Bilateral Relations
Stadium Blockade Fails to Thwart Thai Poll Registration
Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi, a Human-Rights Icon, Is Criticized on Anti-Muslim Violence
Under Pressure From Cairo, White House Pulls Pick for Egypt Envoy
Lives of Fear for Egypt's Christians
Rebel Flip Flops on El-Sisi Presidential Bid
Jailed Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Members on Hunger Strike
South Sudan
South Sudan: The State That Fell Apart in a Week
South Sudan Rebels Hold Two Key Cities as Unrest Continues
Rape and Murder in South Sudan
'There Were Three Truck Loads of Bodies After the First Night'
Canadians, Brits Still in South Sudan City That US Evacuated
UN Chief Calls for Thousands More South Sudan Peacekeepers
Nigerian Troops Kill 50 Islamists After Barracks Assault
Lebanese Man Kidnapped in Nigeria's Kano City
Central African Republic
Chadian Peacekeepers Fire on Protesters in Central African Rep.
UN Peacekeeper Killed in Central African Republic
Iran's Rouhani Eyes Rebuilding Relations With United States
Vanishing Adviser Reappears as Iran Policy Player
The 15 Democratic Senators Bucking the White House and Threatening War With Iran
Five Key Questions – and Answers – About Iran's Social Media Influence
UN Backs Iran Going to Syria Peace Conference
In Syria's Civil War, Facebook Has Become a Battlefield
Assad's Secret Oil Lifeline: Iraqi Crude From Egypt
Russia Sends Armored Trucks to Syria for Chemical Arms Transport
Israeli PM Condemns US and UK Spying on Predecessor as 'Unacceptable'
Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus Was Not a Palestinian
Gaza: Palestinian Wounded by IDF Fire
51 Killed, 44 Wounded in Iraq Attacks Against Pilgrims and Journalists
Gunmen Kill Five Journalists in Raid on Iraq TV Station
Mother of Slain Iraqi Journalist Forgives Killer
Istanbul Clashes as Turkey PM Erdogan Condemns 'Plot'
Turkey Relaxing Stance on Israeli Compensation for Gaza Flotilla Victims
Middle East
Domestic Concerns Drive Oman's Newly Assertive Foreign Policy
Bahrain Acquits 2 Police Officers Accused of Torturing Doctors Who Treated Protesters
2 Pussy Riot Members Released From Prison
Freed Pussy Riot Member: 'This Is Not an Amnesty. This Is a Hoax and a PR Move'
Poland and Russia Seal Bilateral Relations Roadmap
Afghans Set Up Belgian Protest Camp in Mons
Colombia Downplays Report of CIA Covert Program
A Forgotten Front in the War on Drugs Heats Up
CIA Fuels Decades-Long Conflict by Helping Colombian Military Drop 'Smart Bombs' on Rebel Leaders
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Look What’s Under My Christmas Tree!

Kelley B. Vlahos
Wars Past, Present and Yet to Come

Philip Giraldi
Some Might Call It Treason

Ivan Eland
Stay Out of Petty Island Disputes in East Asia

Nebojsa Malic
The Long Retreat

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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