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Updated December 26, 2013 - 11:16 PM EST
A Grim Holiday: Iraqi Christians a Target
  US Sends Drones, Missiles to Iraq to 'Fight al-Qaeda'
  Baghdad Christians Targeted on Christmas: 75 Killed, 141 Wounded
Israel to Announce More Settlement Expansions
  Israeli DM: Peace Talks Fueling Palestinian 'Terror'
  New Video Highlights Settler Terror Against Palestinian Families
US Drone Strike Kills Four in North Waziristan
UN Retracts South Sudan Mass Grave Claim
Truce Near Damascus Broken as Warplanes Bomb Aleppo
Iran MPs Push Enrichment Bill to Retaliate for US Sanctions
Egypt Junta Declares Muslim Brotherhood a 'Terrorist Group'
Boko Haram Kidnapped Nigerian Soldiers' Wives, Kids
Any More US 'Stabilization' and Africa Will Collapse  by Peter Van Buren
Syria and Egypt – The Wars Continue  by Ramzy Baroud
Demand Your Privacy  by Eugene Robinson
We're The Good Guys  by Philip Giraldi
Fusion Centers: Dangerous to Our Liberty  by John Glaser
The Christmas Truce of 1914  by Kevin Carson

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The Cult of the Uniform
by Laurence M. Vance
A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden
Pope: Atheists, Work With Us for Peace
Iran Reaches Out on Twitter at Christmas
NSA Files Decoded
US Air Force Planes Going to 'Boneyard' Cited in Waste Report
More Than 150 Years After Brutal Slaughter, a Small Tribe Returns Home
US Embassy in Afghanistan Attacked; No Casualties Reported
Afghan Parliament Approve All Five New Cabinet Ministers
Afghan ECC Refers Candidate Criminal Cases to Courts
Indian Soldiers to Face Court Martial for Killings
Rocks, Tear Gas Fly as Thai Protests Heat Up
American Kidnapped in Pakistan Asks US to Negotiate With Al-Qaeda for His Release
South Sudan
South Sudan President Kiir Urges End to Tribal Atrocities
Europe Sends Envoy to Seek Peace in South Sudan
South Sudan Bishop Calls for Peace at Cathedral That Has Become Refuge
97 Chinese Workers Evacuated From South Sudan to Khartoum
Nigeria Says 70 Killed in Battle With Islamist Group
Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Says It Bombed Egypt Police HQ
Chad Troops in Central African Force to Be Redeployed From Capital
Police Watchdog Under Siege in Ukraine Amid Unrest
Ukraine Bans Foreigners for 'Security Reasons'
Ukrainian Journalist Beaten Up and Left in Ditch
Ukraine Activist Chornovol's Beating Causes Outrage
Russia Drops Charges Against Greenpeace Arctic Crew
Northern Ireland: Shots Fired at Lisnaskea Police Station
Lieberman Calls for Re-Arrest of Released Hunger-Striking Palestinian
Poll: Nearly a Third of Gazans Have Relatives in West Bank, E. Jerusalem, or Israel
Religious Anti-Zionists Protest IDF Conscription Law in New York
Islamic Jihad: 1,400 Gaza Ceasefire Violations by Israel in Past Year
Hamas Seeks End to Current Hostilities, but Preparing for Next War With Israel
Israeli Actors Sit Out Show at Settlement Theater
UN Agency Condemns Israel's 'Christmas Eve Demolitions' in the West Bank
Air Blitz Death Toll in Syria's Aleppo Passes 400
Syria Signs Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Deal With Russia
Baghdad Christians Targeted: 75 Killed, 141 Wounded
Iraq al-Qaeda Leader Targeting UN Workers
Maliki Receives Warnings Against Cracking Down on Anbar Protesters
3 Turkish Cabinet Ministers Resign Over Probe
Erdogan Replaces 10 Ministers Amid Corruption Scandal
Prominent PKK Leader Leaves Group
Saudi Arabia
Activists Say 2013 Dark Year for Saudi Rights
Wife: Saudi Blogger Sentenced to Death for Apostasy
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