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Updated December 28, 2013 - 11:17 PM EST
No Austerity for Military Budget in 2014
  Obama Signs NDAA 2014, Indefinite Detention Remains
  Military Sex Assault Reports Jumped by 50 Percent in 2013
  Judge Says NSA Can Look at Your Records Because They're Not Yours
Leading Pro-Western Pol Killed in Beirut Blast
  How al-Qaeda Changed the Syrian War
  Report: Syrian Army Killed 60 Islamist Rebels North of Damascus
  Russia: Syria Chemical Deadline Won't be Met
Report: Kerry Offered Pollard Release to Israel
  When Home Becomes a Firing Zone
  Israel Confirms Plans to Build 1,400 More Settlement Homes
Key Khamenei Aide Calls for Direct US-Iran Talks
  Dispute Over Test Centrifuges Stalls Iran Talks
US Drone Kills 2 Suspects in Eastern Yemen
UK Army Chief Disputes Cameron's Call for Afghan Pullout
Hopes for Truce, But South Sudan Fighting Not Slowing Down
AIPAC's Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath Against Iran  by Grant Smith
US Drone-Aid Won't Repair Iraq's Woes  by James Gundun
If Snowden Returned to US for Trial, All Whistleblower Evidence Would Likely Be Inadmissible  by Trevor Timm
Free Press Weather Report: Cloudy With a Severe 'Chilling Effect'  by Wilson Dizard
The Peace Process and the Fierce Urgency of Never  by Max Blumenthal
Government Shouldn't Snoop in Our Email  The Detroit News

More Viewpoints

4 US Military Personnel Released by Libya
NSA Surveillance Eroded Transatlantic Trust
2013: The Worrying Trend of Internet Shutdowns
Internet Founder Hails Snowden
Three Dead, 265 Arrested in Egypt Crackdown
From MRAP to Scrap: US Military Chops Up $1-Million Vehicles
Three NATO Personnel Killed in Kabul Suicide Car Bomb
India Mulls Sending Military Advisors to Afghanistan
Thai Army Chief Urges Calm, Doesn't Rule Out Coup
Unrest in Thailand, 'Both Sides Unwilling to Talk'
Philippine Communist Rebels to Abandon Peace Talks
India Seeks Possible US Tax Violations as Stand Hardens in Row
Pakistan Offers to Fly Musharraf's Sick Mother Home
Opponents to Fight New US Military Base on Okinawa
South Sudan
Divisions in South Sudan's Liberation Movement Fuel War
South Sudan Government 'Agrees to Truce'
South Sudan on the Brink of Civil War
South Sudan Says Former Finance Minister, Ex-Party Chief to Remain Detained
UN Expedites Troop Reinforcements to South Sudan
Rebels in South Sudan Town Made Women Carry Looted Goods
South Sudan: More Than 120,000 Flee Fighting
African Leaders 'Hopeful' of South Sudan Peace Deal
Somali Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu Blast
2 More Peacekeepers Killed in Central African Republic
UN Troops Respond to Ugandan Rebel Attack in Eastern DR Congo
Zimbabwe's Envoy to Australia 'Claims Asylum'
2 Dead in Russian Car Explosion
Pussy Riot Members to Form Human Rights Group
Ukraine Police Allege Opposition Ties to Reporter's Attackers
Bomb Targets Montenegrin Newspaper Critical of Government
Weekend Reviews
Cato: Opponent of Empire
Goliath – Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
Homeland Tells It Like It Ain't
Donald Rumsfeld Revealed
Hezbollah, Syria Decry Accusations of Involvement in Blast
Growing Concern Over Syria Heritage Sites
US Aid to Syrian Refugees Generally Stops at the Border
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Israel Has No Partner for Peace in Palestinians
Secret Israeli Report on Temple Mount, Buried by Government, Published in US
Israeli Soldier Fires at Palestinian Woman at Close Range
Palestinian Writer Ahmad Qatamesh Freed After 2.5 Years in Administrative Detention
Push to Recruit Arab Christians Into Israeli Army
Gaza's Only Power Plant Shuts Down Over Fuel Shortage, Official Says
MEK Camp Rocketed; 11 Killed, 62 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq Ups Oil Flow to Turkey to Block Kurdish Oil
Maliki's Call for Making Karbala the New Muslim Qibla Stirs Controversy
Anger at Corruption Scandal Prompts Istanbul Street Violence
Turkish Riot Police Clash With Demonstrators
Turkey's Military Distances Itself From Political Corruption Investigation
Battered Erdogan Seen Weathering Storm as Scandal Deepens
Death Toll From Yemen Shelling of Funeral Tent Rises to 19
Pro-Government Tribal Chieftain Gunned Down in SE Yemen
Middle East
World Powers and Iran to Resume Expert Nuclear Talks on December 30
Royal Pardon: Bahraini Court Acquits Princess Accused of Torturing Doctors
The War at Home
Eying 2014, Western Dems Condemn NSA Surveillance
Lawmakers Want Military Benefits Restored
California Man Pleads Guilty to Terror Count
'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks US
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