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Updated December 29, 2013 - 11:13 PM EST
Obama's NSA Reforms Might Make Things Worse
  Glenn Greenwald: 'A Lot' More NSA Documents to Come
  Judge on NSA Case Cites 9/11 Report, but It Doesn't Support His Ruling
Secret HQ in Jordan Directs Syrian Rebels
  Aid to Syrian Rebels Flows Through a Complex Maze
Suicide Bomber Kills 18 at Russian Train Station
Israel 'Responds' to Rocket Fire From Lebanon
Afghan Gains Will Be Lost Quickly: US Intel Est.
Iran: Arak Reactor Can't Make Plutonium for Bomb
Iraq Sunni MP Arrested as Attacks Leave 33 Dead, 52 Hurt
AIPAC's Fed Candidate Stanley Fischer on a Warpath Against Iran  by Grant Smith
US Drone-Aid Won't Repair Iraq's Woes  by James Gundun
If Snowden Returned to US for Trial, All Whistleblower Evidence Would Likely Be Inadmissible  by Trevor Timm
Free Press Weather Report: Cloudy With a Severe 'Chilling Effect'  by Wilson Dizard
The Peace Process and the Fierce Urgency of Never  by Max Blumenthal
Government Shouldn't Snoop in Our Email  The Detroit News

More Viewpoints

A Deadly Mix in Benghazi
Cyber Spying? China Points Finger at US
UK's Iraqi Death Toll Probe Broadens as Bill Mounts
New Study Raises Doubts on US Version of Syria Sarin Attack
FBI Allowed Informants to Commit More Crimes in 2012 Than Year Before
Bahrain's Shi'ite Opposition Says Its Chief Arrested
NSA Actions and Reactions
Judge Pauley's Deliberate Blind Spot: Systematic Section 215 Abuses
IT Firms Lose Billions After NSA Scandal Exposed by Whistleblower Edward Snowden
Fight the Spies, Says Chaos Computer Club
The War at Home
Lewis-McChord Rocket Battalion Soon Will Head to Mideast Site
Air Force Concerned About Possible Exodus of Pilots to Civilian Sector
Injured Veteran Keeps Up His Fight, Deciding to Live
Neither Drone nor Retaliatory Suicide Attacks Justifiable: Pakistan Defense Council Chair
Polio Worker Killed, Two Others Injured in Shooting at Hospital
Balochistan Politicians to Protest Against Unrest, Kidnappings
Missile 'From Afghanistan' Kills Man in Bajaur Region
Five Found Dead at Historic Tomb in Keenjhar Lake in Pakistan
Hand Grenade Attack Kills Karachi Girl
Attack on Shi'ite Leader Kills Two in Karachi
All Three Children of Benazir Bhutto to Enter Active Politics Before Next Elections
Pakistan Frontier Corps Recover Huge Cache of Arms Near Quetta
Thai Protester Shot Dead as Political Crisis Deepens
Two Slovak Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan, Third Was American
Separatists Behind Deadly India Bicycle Bomb: Police
Tamil Council to Count Sri Lanka War Casualties
Northern Ireland Deal 'Must Be Struck by Monday'
Russia Screening of Pussy Riot Film Is Blocked
ETA Convicts Say Recognize Spanish Justice, Eye Sentence Changes
Over 100 Journalists Attacked in Ukraine in 2013
Mexico: Five Decapitated Bodies Dumped in Michoacan Capital
In Nod to Military, Venezuelan President Promotes Officer Who Took Part in Chavez-Led Coup
Americans Still Dying
Heavener (OK) Pilot Dies in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Arizona Soldier With St. Louis Ties Killed in Helicopter Crash
Abdington (MA) Father Talks About Marine Son Killed in Combat
Shubuta (MS) Soldier Killed in Chopper Crash in Afghanistan
Weekend Reviews
Cato: Opponent of Empire
Goliath – Life and Loathing in Greater Israel
Homeland Tells It Like It Ain't
Donald Rumsfeld Revealed
Teen Wounded in Beirut Car Bombing Dies
5 Die of Hunger in Besieged Syria Camp in Lebanon
Report: 'Barrel Bomb' Strike on Aleppo Market Kills 25
Cameron, Clegg, and Miliband Unite for Syria Appeal
Kerry to Mideast Next Week for Peace Talks: Palestinians
Israel Says It Will Release 26 Palestinian Prisoners Over Next Two Days
'Reprimanded' Israeli Soldier Still Posting Violent, Racist Material on Instagram
Palestinian Writer Ahmad Qatamesh Freed After 2.5 Years in Administrative Detention
Sunni MP Under Arrest as Attacks Leave 33 Dead, 52 Wounded Across Iraq
PM Erdogan Vows to Fight on Amid Corruption Row
Turkey's Prime Minister Widens Rift With US-Based Cleric
Death Toll From Yemen Shelling of Funeral Tent Rises to 19
Yemeni Tribesmen Blow Up Pipeline in South: Local Official
Egyptian Student Killed, 14 Injured in University Protests
Cairo Campus Torched Amid Egypt Protests
Egyptian Rapper Speaks for Women's Rights
Two Libya Army Officers Killed in Benghazi
Libya Says US Personnel Were Held for Failing to Stop at Checkpoint
Libya's Hariga Port to Resume Exports Within Days: Oil Official
South Sudan
South Sudan Says Will Attack Rebel Stronghold if Ceasefire Rejected
Rebel Leader Riek Machar Wary of Truce Offer
South Sudan: 'White Army' Militia Marches to Fight
Memories of 1991 Massacre Looms as White Army Advances to Bor
Central African Republic
Chadian Civilians Flee Attacks, Threats in Central African Republic Capital
Rwandan Peacekeepers Promised to Central African Republic
Tunisian Parties Reach Compromise on Constitution
Accidental Shot Kills French Paratrooper in Niger
Mali's Ousted President in High Treason Probe
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