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Updated December 30, 2013 - 10:30 PM EST
CNN Poll: Afghan War Most Unpopular in History
NSA Unit Seizing Shipments to Install Backdoors
  NSA Targets the World in Ambitious Surveillance Schemes
  Report a Software Bug to Microsoft, the NSA Gets It Too
  Hayden: NSA 'Infinitely Weaker' Because of Snowden Leaks
17 Die as Iraq Forces Dismantle Protest Camp
  Attacks Against Iraq Security Forces Leave 29 Dead, 55 Wounded
Israeli Ministers OK Plan to Annex Jordan Valley
  Kerry Framework: 'Jewish' Israel and the 1967 Borders
  Israel Shells Lebanon After Rocket Strike
Two Russian Suicide Blasts Kill 32, Wound 100
I Worked on the US Drone Program – The Public Should Know What Really Goes On  by Heather Linebaugh
Obama's Epic Fib About the NSA  by Gene Healy
Americans Need To Know More Than Snowden Has Revealed  by Seth Rosenfeld
2013: The Year Democracy Caught a Cold  by Kelley B. Vlahos
Israel Has Been 'Singled Out' in the US for a Very Long Time  by Thomas Harrington
The Year of Living Hegemonically  by Daniel W. Drezner

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Michigan Nullifies NDAA's Indefinite Detention
Private Talks Between Tony Blair and George Bush on Iraq War to Be Published
Benghazi Attack Not Work of al-Qaeda: Report
Netanyahu Named 25th Most Influential Person in US Defense
Army's 'Pacific Pathways' Initiative Sets Up Turf Battle With Marines
Spying on Everyone
NSA 'Hacking Unit' Infiltrates Computers Around the World
Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit
Shopping for Spy Gear: Catalog Advertises NSA Toolbox
FBI: Cellphone Records Linked Suspect to Robberies
Assange: US Will Cling to Mass Surveillance Like Nuclear Weapons
Afghanistan Gains Will Be Lost Quickly After Drawdown, US Intelligence Estimate Warns
4 Border Police Forces Killed or Injured in Herat Blast
Musharraf Says Army Backs Him Over Treason 'Vendetta'
Six Polio Cases Reported in Waziristan in a Day
Anti-Govt Protester Shot Dead in Bangkok Ahead of Thai Elections
Deadly Clashes Erupt After Ban on Bangladesh Protest March
China Corruption: Aide to Ex-Security Chief Zhou Yongkang Investigated
Blast at Egyptian Army Building Wounds Four Soldiers in Delta
Egypt Detains Journalists It Says Aired 'False News'
US Defense Chief Voices Concern in Call to Egypt Army Head
South Sudan
UN Says Armed Groups Close to South Sudan Town
South Sudan Forces Battle White Army
South Sudan: UN Concerned by 'Wildcard' White Army
South Sudan: Strife More About Personal Power Than Tribal Hate?
In South Sudan Camp, Lives Compressed
The Children Living in South Sudan's Camps – in Pictures
Somalia: Four Soldiers Dead in Mogadishu Teashop Explosion
UN: 2 Peacekeepers Killed in Sudan's South Darfur
Central African Rep.: Thousands of Chadians Evacuated
Ukraine Anti-Government Protest Draws Tens of Thousands
Chilcot Inquiry Into Iraq War Set to Publish Findings in New Year
German Arms Firms in Bribery Claims Over Sale of Leopard Tanks to Greece
Turkish PM Denounces 'Conspiracies' Against Government
Turkish Official Says Officers Could Be Retried
Gulen Movement: A Self-Exiled Imam Challenges Erdogan
19 Syria Rebels Killed in Fight for Air Base: Monitor
Syria Evacuates 5,000 From Town Near Damascus
Barrel Bombs 'Kill 517 in Aleppo Since 15 December'
Israel Estimates: 300 Hezbollah Operatives Killed in Syria
UN Completes First Iraq-Syria Aid Airlift
Lebanese President Says Saudi to Give $3 Billion to Buy French Weapons for Lebanese Army
Israel Warns Lebanon to Constrain Cross-Border Fire
UNIFIL Vows to Find Perpetrators of Rocket Attack on Israel
Anti-Hezbollah Coalition Wants Lebanon 'Freed' From Group's Arms
Funeral Turnout Shows Lebanon's Ebbing Morale
Two Omanis Kidnapped in Lebanon Free: Ministry
Iran Hopes to Implement Nuclear Deal Within Month
Most Iranian Lawmakers Back Nuclear Speedup if US Adds Sanctions
Israel Warns Against New Iranian Centrifuges Ahead of New Geneva Talks
Israel 'To Free 26 Palestinians on Monday'
Kerry in New Year Trip to Mideast for Peace Talks
Jordan Valley Annexation Bill Panned by Palestinians, Israelis
Gaza Power Plant Reactivates as Fuel Supply Resumes
Nuclear Leaker Vanunu Denied Exit From Israel, Again
Palestinian Villagers' Complaints of Settler Violence Are Going Unheard
EU Protests to Netanyahu Over Planned Wave of Settlement Construction
Gay Jews Have 'Higher Souls' Than Gentiles, Says Deputy Minister
Oren: Israel Must Recognize All Forms of Judaism or Risk Alienating US Jews
Israeli Forces Wound Demonstrator at West Bank Village Nabi Saleh
Attacks Against Iraq Security Forces Leave 29 Dead, 55 Hurt
Kurdish Youth May Have Been Recruited at Mosques for Syrian 'Jihad'
Middle East
Saudi Royal May Face Execution for Murder
Yemen Jails Nine al-Qaeda Members for Plot to Kill President
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