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Updated January 1, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
Surveilling the New Year: NSA Story Enters 2014
  Most Important Surveillance Order We Know Almost Nothing About
  The Metadata Program in Eleven Documents
Maliki Orders More Troops to Protesting Cities
  Sunni Militants Storm Iraq Police Stations to Free Prisoners
  35 Killed, 34 Wounded in Iraq Clashes and Attacks
US Ultimatum Fails, Afghan Deal Is Unsigned
  US Furious as Afghans Release Detainees Held Without Evidence
  US Drone Strikes Decline in 2013, But Ground Raids Grow
  Top 6 Ways to Burn Taxpayers' Millions in Afghanistan
Iran Says Deal Reached on Nuclear Details
  Exiled Diplomat Returns to Iran in Blow to Hardliners
  Report: Israeli Military Intel Sees 'Deep Strategic Change' in Iran
Palestinian Ambassador in Prague Killed in Blast
  Israel Outlaws Belgian NGO, Threatens EU MPs With Arrest
Global Poll: US Seen as Greatest Threat to World Peace
Uighur Men Held for 12 Years Leave Gitmo for Slovakia
At Least 100 Dead in Congo Televangelist's Attack on Capital
Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Members, Seizes Assets
NSA, Benghazi, and the Monsters of Our Own Creation  by Robert Scheer
Ignore Saudi and Israel Goading for Mideast Warmongering  by Ivan Eland
Bullet Diplomacy: Small Wars, Faraway Places  by Daniel Larison
The Big Issue of 2014: Iran  by Justin Raimondo
The Danger of New Iran Sanctions  by Colin H. Kahl
2013: The Year Defiance of the State Became Cool  by J.D. Tuccille

More Viewpoints

Hazards of Revolution
by Patrick Cockburn
Judge Orders Release of Dying Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terrorism
Transvestites, 'Erotic Massages,' Metadata: DEA's Colombia Scandal Deepens
Myanmar Pardons All Political Offenders
Report: 8 Countries on UN Human Rights Council Restrict Religious Freedom
Glitter Nail Polish: The New Way to Protect Your Data
'JFK Customs Destroyed 11 of My Instruments'
The Islamist Enemy of Our Islamist Enemy
Anti-Assad Monitoring Group Says Syrian Death Toll Passes 130,000
Activists: Missile Hits Bus in Syria, Killing 10
Ships Return as Chemical Removal Timetable Slips
Palestinians Trapped in Syria War Denied Aid, Stalked by Starvation
Syria Expects 'Victories' Thanks to Russia, Iran, China
Israeli Forces Killed 27 West Bank Palestinians, 9 Gazans in 2013
West Bank Cars Torched, House Vandalized in Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack
NGO Accuses Israel of Torturing Palestinian Children During Winter Storm
Abbas Threatens Legal Action Against Israel Settlements
Palestinians in Gaza Said to Test Long-Range Rocket
Palestinian Authority to Invest $4 Million in Jordan Valley
Kerry to Push for Solutions as Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Intensify
Yisrael Beytenu Seeks to Disband Israel's Religious Councils
Poll: Most Israelis, Palestinians Support 2-State Solution
Ya'alon Reveals Why He Rejected US Security Proposals
Jordan Valley Seeds Domestic Division in Israel
35 Killed, 34 Wounded in Iraq Clashes and Attacks
Iraq Army to Quit Tense Cities After Protest Cleared
4 Killed as Tension Spikes Over Iraq Protest Camp Closure
Maliki Under Fire as Iraq Violence Continues
Iraqi PM Calls on Rivals Not to Quit Parliament
Increase in Iraq Executions Draws International Ire
Middle East
Three Yemeni Soldiers Killed in Suicide Car Bombing
Iranian Billionaire Babak Zanjani Arrested
A Beloved Singer Dragged Into Lebanon's Divisions
Erdogan Sues Turkish Journalist Over Critical Tweets
Winter Olympics Inflame Political and Social Tensions in Russia
Volgograd Blasts: Putin Vows to 'Annihilate Terrorists'
Russian Authorities Criticized After New Attack
US Disappointed by End of Northern Ireland Peace Talks
Sweden Inquiry for Asylum Seekers Suspected in Kurdish Genocide
Fast and Furious Gun Turns Up After Mexican Resort Shootout
Dissidents Free to Travel but Influence in Cuba Wanes
The War at Home
Activists Play Dead in Portland, Urge Sen. Susan Collins to Support Disclosure of Civilian Drone Deaths
Iraqi Vet Bicycling Across Country to Raise Awareness About Suicide in Military
Spying on Everyone
US to China: We Hacked Your Internet Gear We Told You Not to Hack
NSA Worked on iPhone Spyware to Remotely Monitor Users, Leaked Documents Show
Apple Denies Working With NSA on Iphone Backdoor
French Telecom Firm to Sue NSA Over Underwater Cable Hacking
Lawsuit Challenging Laptop Searches at US Border Is Dismissed by Federal Judge
Ex-NSA Chief Calls for Obama to Reject Reform Recommendations
NYPD Cites Mosaic Theory, Favored by FBI and NSA, to Deny Access to Budget Records
Coalition Casualties in Afghanistan Drop in 2013
Violent Protests Leaves 2 Dead, 8 Injured in Northern Afghanistan
The Year It Became 'Afghan Versus Afghan'
Afghanistan's Opium Crop Sets New Records
Afghan Firing Ranges a Deadly Temptation for Metal Scavengers
Leading Cleric Tasked by Pakistan PM to Initiate Talks With Taliban
Musharraf Likely to Be Indicted Today
Pakistan Appoints First Female Judge to Sharia Court
Blast in Peshawar Leaves Three Dead, Six Wounded
North Korean Leader Says He Wants Better Ties With South
North Korean Leader Says Purge Was a Cleansing of 'Filth'
US 'Gathering Evidence' Against Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade
Indonesia Anti-Terror Squad Kills 6 Militants Amid New Year's Eve Celebrations
Bangladesh Political Violence Kills 507 in 2013: Rights Group
Egypt Security Forces Arrest Brotherhood Leader's Son
Egypt Remands Al-Jazeera Journalists for 15 Days
Gunmen Blast Natgas Pipeline in Sinai: Security Sources
Hamas Rejects Egypt Branding of Brotherhood as 'Terrorist'
Sudan Army Retakes Border Region as South Sudan Boils
South Sudan Rebels Take Most of Strategic City of Bor
New Rebel Attacks in South Sudan as Both Sides Prepare for Cease-Fire Negotiations
South Sudan Government, Rebels Set for New Year's Day Talks
Old Rivalries Reignited a Fuse in South Sudan
Central African Republic
Crowds Block Airport in Central African Republic
Fresh Violence Rocks Bangui as Vigilantes Attack Army Base
Mali: France Announces Big Troop Cuts
Cameroon Gunmen Free French Priest Georges Vandenbeusch
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Justin Raimondo
The Big Issue of 2014: Iran

Ivan Eland
Ignore Saudi and Israel Goading for Mideast Warmongering

Kelley B. Vlahos
2013: The Year Democracy Caught a Cold

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Moments of Revelation

Philip Giraldi
We're The Good Guys

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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