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Updated January 5, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
Hundreds Dead as Fallujah Falls to al-Qaeda
  Most of 53rd Iraqi Army Brigade Taken Captive by Qaeda in Fallujah
  Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Bombing of Hezbollah in Lebanon
  Iraqi Army Shells Fallujah to Try to Dislodge al-Qaeda, Tribes
  Iraq's Anbar Province Under Siege: 107 Killed, 46 Wounded Saturday
NSA Won't Deny Spying on Members of Congress
  Moves to Curb Spying Help Drive Clemency Argument for Snowden
  The Snowden Saga: Spies, Secrets, and Security
  Obama Plans Intelligence Surveillance Reforms, Aides Say
Afghan Officials Defy US: Will Free Prisoners
  Pakistani Official Complicates NATO's Afghan War Plans
Power Vacuum in Middle East Lifts Militants
Senior Saudi al-Qaeda Figure Dies in Custody in Lebanon
'Transparent' Detention at Guantánamo? Not Anymore
Dear NYT Editors: If Snowden Is a Whistleblower, What Is Chelsea Manning?  by Kevin Gosztola
Top Marine General on America's Way of War  by Jon Basil Utley
Hollywood Cloaked South Sudan in Celebrity and Fell for the 'Big Lie'  by Daniel Howden
All Lawyered Up in Washington  by Philip Giraldi
The Danger of Entangling Alliances  by John Glaser
The Supreme Court Logic That Could Destroy Privacy in America  by Conor Friedersdorf

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UK Education Secretary Slams Blackadder for Making People Anti-WW1
Supreme Court May Not Review Conflicting NSA Phone Spying Rulings
NSA Chief Didn't Lie to Congress, Says NI Counsel
Yemen: Clashes in the North Leave 17 Dead
The Secret History of the Vietnam War
Taliban Attack Kills 1 NATO Soldier in Afghanistan
NATO Military Convoy Attacked in Kabul Diplomatic Quarter
Violence Against Afghan Women More Frequent, Brutal in 2013
Afghanistan's Worsening, and Baffling, Hunger Crisis
3000 Observers to Monitor Afghan Presidential Polls
12 Killed in Karachi Violence
Gunmen Kill Two Policemen in Orangi Town
MPA Injured in Quetta Explosion; Two Killed in Naseerabad Blast
Afghan Taliban Admit Two Senior Members Killed in Quetta
Musharraf Moved to Hospital; Court Grants Exemption
Pakistan Not Immediately Lifting Musharraf's Travel Ban: Official
Prosecutor in Musharraf Treason Case Says Family Receiving Threats
Cambodia Launches Broad Crackdown on Opposition
Dozens of Polling Stations Ablaze on Eve of Disputed Bangladesh Poll
Dennis Rodman Names Team for North Korea Exhibition
Ukraine Protest Leaders Assaulted Outside Kiev Police Station
Basque ETA Ex-Inmates Recognize 'Damage' From Violence
Nine Dead After Attackers Dressed as Police Enter Mexican Prison
Americans Still Dying
Spokane (WA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan on New Year's Day
Sandpoint (ID) Air Force Captain Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Weekend Reviews
Bullet Diplomacy: Small Wars, Faraway Places, by Michael Burleigh
The CIA's Lawyer: Waterboarding and Memory
War, Empire, and the Military
How Police Became a Standing Army
Iraq's Anbar Province Under Siege: 107 Killed, 46 Wounded Saturday
Iraqi Army Evacuates Civilians of Albo-Faraj Village Before Shelling It
Many Residents of Fallujah Flee, Fearing Major Battle
Al Qaeda Growing Stronger in Iraq and Syria
Syrian Rebels Launch Fierce Offensive Against al-Qaeda Fighters
Influential Syrian Opposition Bloc Says Will Shun Peace Talks
Fears of Retaliatory Attacks in Lebanon After al-Qaeda Chief Dies in Army Hospital
Kerry Cites Some Progress in Mideast Diplomacy
Last Palestinian Family Vows to Remain as Israel Gentrifies Historic Haifa Neighborhood
Outside Prison, Protesters Demand Conscientious Objectors Be Freed
Erdogan Denounces 'Plot' Against Turkey's Future
Turkish Court Orders Release of Kurdish Lawmakers
Turkey to Mull Proposals for Military Re-Trial
Death Toll in Latest Egypt Clashes Rises to 17
Egypt Vows 'Full Force' Against Defiant Brotherhood
Army Vehicle Bombing Leaves One Soldier Dead in Arish, Egypt
Egypt Summons Qatari Envoy After Criticisms of Crackdown
Tunisia MPs Reject Islam as Main Source of Law
South Sudan and Rebels Open Peace Talks
British Weapons Could Be Arming Somali Pirates
Man Last Seen With Ex-Spy Chief Was Rwandan Friend
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