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Updated January 9, 2014 - 11:22 PM EST
Syria Rebels Attack Two Chemical Arms Sites
  Rival Rebels Oust al-Qaeda From Aleppo Headquarters
Fallujah Tribes Ready to Fight Iraqi Army
  Fallujah Leaders to al-Qaeda: Get Lost
  Bombers and Gunmen Kill 62, Wound 54 Across Iraq
  Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Ramps Up Regional Violence
Israeli Knesset Rejects 'Two-State Solution' Bill

IDF Soldiers Escort Masked Settlers Attacking Palestinian Village

Government Asks for Stay in Surveillance Lawsuit
US Drone Strike Kills Two in Southeast Yemen
Centrifuge Dispute Stalls Iran Talks Again
Libya PM Threatens to Sink Oil Tankers Near Coast
Secretive Congressional Talks to Settle Pentagon Spending
Cointelpro Leakers Were Heroes, Just Like Snowden  by Glenn Greenwald
The Suffering of Afghan Refugees in Winter  by Kathy Kelly
Disaster Centennial: the Disturbing Relevance of WWI  by Klaus Wiegrefe
Spying on Congress  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Palestine's Quislings  by Philip Giraldi
Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the Long Shadow of US Interventionism  by Ed Krayewski

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Critical Gates Memoir Rocks Obama Administration
NBC Reporter Recounts Breaking FBI Spying Story
Rand Paul Moves to Repeal Iraq War Authorization
Top Pentagon Official: Unleash Accountants of War in Afghanistan
Former US Ambassador: Iraq 'is Our Fight'
US Witness Report Found on Stalin's Katyn Massacre
NSA Actions and Reactions
Obama Edges Closer to Decisions on Intelligence Reforms
How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet
NSA Critics Meeting With White House Officials Thursday
German Leader to Visit US Amid Discord Over NSA
Report: NSA Reforms to Include Increased Scrutiny
Feinstein Admits That Her 'NSA Reform' Bill Is About Protecting Existing Surveillance Programs
The War at Home
A Charity Claims the IRS Is Harassing Them Because They Sent Aid to Palestine
CIA Sued to Solve Decades-Old Nelson Mandela Mystery
1971 Article From NYT on Break-In of FBI Office in Pennsylvania
US Military
Study Cites 'Dangerous Weak Link' in Nuke Security
Pensions Continue to Grow for Military Brass
The Air Force Totally Lied to You About the Fiery Fate of Its Stealth Bomber
Man Accused of Having Nearly 50 Bombs in Ohio Is Guardsman, Intel Analyst
Suicide Caused Decorated Veteran's Death in Texas
Navy's 757-Sized Drone Will Provide Big-Time Surveillance
2 Crew Members Dead, 1 Missing After Norfolk Helicopter Crash
Mohammed Morsi Absence Halts Cairo Trial
El-Sissi Seeks Mandate From Vote on Charter
Copts Celebrate Christmas Amid Political Uncertainty
North Africa
US to List Libyan Groups and Militant Tied to Benghazi Attack as Terrorists
Tunisia's Islamists Compromise to Secure Legacy
Sudan Army Clashes With Rebels in South Kordofan
South Sudan's Bentiu City Residents Flee Govt Advance
South Sudan: Machar Says No Ceasefire Until Detainees Are Released
Central African Republic
Central African Republic President to Step Down
Aid Workers Get Food to Airport Camp in Central African Republic
Congo's Army Battles Militia Near Capital of Mining Province
Nigerian Mosque Attacked in Kano Village of Kwankwaso
France to Reduce Its Troops in Mali to 1,600
Equatorial Guinea Denies Closing Cameroon and Gabon Borders
New President of Somalia's Puntland Vows to Fight Insecurity
US Travel Warning for Hamburg After Police Crackdown
Greenpeace in New Feud With Russia Over a Ship Seized by Senegal
UK Police Pick Through Bullet-Strewn US Helicopter Crash Site
German Man Charged Over WW2 Oradour Massacre in France
Bombers and Gunmen Kill 62, Wound 54 Across Iraq
Obama's Iraq Dilemma: Maliki's Enemies Are Not Limited to al-Qaeda
13,000 Families Flee Fallujah Amid Iraq Standoff
Iraqis Divided Over Massive Weapons Purchases
UN Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Anbar
Traffic Police Back on Streets of Iraq's Fallujah
Biden Calls Iraqi Leader for 2nd Time This Week
Russia Again Blocks UN Security Council From Condemning Syria Attacks
Syria Called Eager to Be Rid of Chemical Arms
Two Swedish Journalists Freed in Syria Amid Concern for Hostages
UN Aided 38,000 Victims of Syrian Gender-Based Violence in 2013
Three Days in March: New Details on US Iran Direct Talks
Arrested Iranian Activists and Bloggers Accused of BBC Links
Deadly Blast at Iran War Film Shoot
Ya'alon: 'Price Tag Attacks' Are Acts of Terror in Every Sense of the Word
Hamas Frees Fatah Prisoners to Mend Palestinian Ties
Ambassador Shapiro: Kerry Heard Things From Netanyahu, Abbas 'No One Ever Heard Before'
Peace Now Calls to Demolish Illegal Outpost of Price-Taggers
Gaza Explosion Kills Palestinian Militant
Israeli Bureaucrat Decides Who Can Marry in the Jewish State
Video Shows Nightly Brutality of Israeli Occupation Forces in Jerusalem
Israeli FM: Opponents of Population Transfer 'Hypocrites'
Canada Appoints Pro-Israeli Lawyer as Ambassador
Middle East
Turkey Removes 16 More Police Chiefs
Shepherds & Farmers – Not Militants – Were Killed in US Drone Strike on Wedding Convoy in Yemen
Afghan Police Search for Brother of 'Suicide Attack' Girl
Afghan Soldier Who Murdered Marine Awaits Execution
17 Dead in Northeast India Clashes as Thousands Flee
Devyani Khobragade Row: India Orders 'More Reprisals' Against US
India Tells US to Close Embassy Club; Dispute Exposes Flaws in Ties
Three Soldiers, 10 Militants Killed in South Waziristan Clash
China to Allow Some Foreign Ownership in Telecom Services
Thai Graft Body to Charge Lawmakers Over Trying to Change Constitution
Canadian Spy Watchdog Also Lobbies for Pipeline Firm
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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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