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Updated January 10, 2014 - 11:20 PM EST
US Marines Shoot and Kill 4-Year-Old Afghan Boy
  Angering US, Karzai to Free Bagram Prisoners
  Militants Brought Down Afghan Helicopter That Killed Six US Soldiers
  US Envoy: Karzai Unlikely to Meet Deadline on Signing Security Deal
Tribes Winning Against Iraqi Govt and al-Qaeda
  Bomber in Iraq Kills 22 Recruits Seeking to Fight al-Qaeda
  Iraq: 86 Killed, 82 Hurt as HRW Condemns Abuses Against Civilians
EU Reveals Massive Scope of NSA Surveillance
  Congressmen Reveal Secret Report's Findings to Discredit Snowden
  Pentagon Report You Can't Read Claims Leaks Have Helped Terrorists
  Lawmakers Skeptical Obama Will Reform NSA After Summit
  The Bipartisan Effort to Deprive the NSA of Water and Electricity
58 Senators Challenge Obama With Iran Sanctions
  Neocons Who Brought You the Iraq War Endorse AIPAC's Iran Bill
  Khamenei: Nuclear Talks Revealed US Enmity Toward Iran
Rebel Car Bomb Kills 16 Near Syrian School
  At Least 45 Rebels Killed in Ambush by Troops in Homs
  Geneva Talks in Doubt as Syria Opposition on the Brink of Collapse
Egypt's Military Prepares a General's Constitution
Poll Shows Israeli Arabs Warming to Transfer
FBI Chief Slams Panel's Call for Judicial Oversight
Time to Return Edward Snowden With Honor and a Pardon  by Nat Hentoff
When Will They Ever Learn? Americans and Support for War  by Lawrence Wittner
How the NSA Threatens National Security  by Bruce Schneier
Lessons of 'Bridge-gate'  by Justin Raimondo
US-Iran Detente Will Be Biggest Geopolitical Story of 2014  by Stephen Kinzer
Deliver Us From Evil in Egypt  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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European Parliament Wants to Hear From Snowden
Six Bodies Found in Russia Near Olympics Host Sochi
FBI Sending Security Help to Sochi Olympics
Bahrain: National Dialogue Talks Collapse
Who Does Israel Sell Arms To? The Defense Ministry Won't Tell
86 Killed, 82 Wounded as HRW Condemns Abuses Against Civilians
Iraq PM Faces Major Crisis Just Months Ahead of Polls
'Abuse by All Sides' in Anbar Province Says Human Rights Watch
What's Really Going on in Iraq's Anbar Province?
Iraqi Kurds Announce Start of Crude Flow to Turkey
US Considers Resuming Nonlethal Aid to Syrian Opposition
Protest After Sexual Assault on Syrian Kurd Refugee
Polio in Syria Is Said to Be Under Control
Germany to Help in Disposal of Syrian Chemical Weapons
Fatah Proposes Unity Government Plan to Hamas
Lieberman: Citizenship Annulment Is a Condition for Peace
Israeli Arabs: Palestinian Citizenship Is for Us to Decide, Not Lieberman
Protesters Disrupt Israeli-Palestinian 'Normalization' Meeting in Ramallah
Palestinians Mark Subdued Christmas at Gaza's Orthodox Church
US Denies Kerry Pressing Arab League to Recognize Israel as Jewish State
Anti-Arab Graffiti Scrawled in West Bank Village
Iranian-Born Soldiers Are Hot Commodity in Israeli Military
Dutch Pension Fund Manager PGGM Divests From 5 Big Israeli Banks Over Occupied Territories
Palestinian Govt Hails Villagers Who Beat Up Settlers
Israel Excavates Site in Flashpoint West Bank City
Middle East
Cyber Attack Targeted 28 Embassies in Tehran, Report Shows
Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas at Kurdish Protesters
UAE Arrests Iranians Suspected of Kidnapping Briton in Dubai
Pakistani Boy Who Died Trying to Stop Suicide Bomber Is Hailed as Hero
Taliban Suicide Blast Kills Karachi 'Super Cop'
Afghanistan 'Suicide Vest Girl' May Be Sent Home
Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade Indicted in NY, Leaves US
Japan Ruling Party Drops Past Campaign Pledge to 'Never Wage a War'
US Embassy Photo, Tweet About Civil War Anger Sri Lanka Military
Mexico Protects Wounded Leader of Citizen Militia Trying to Fight Off Cartels
Mexican Townspeople Protest Arrival of Vigilantes
NSA Actions and Reactions
NSA and GCHQ Activities Appear Illegal, Says EU Parliamentary Inquiry
Ron Wyden: The Future of NSA Programs Is Being Determined Now
House Intel Committee Releases Fact-Free Fearmongering About Impact of Snowden Revelations
The First Phone Company to Publish a Transparency Report Isn't AT&T or Verizon
EU Draft Report on NSA Surveillance (pdf)
NSA Surveillance Lawsuit Tracker
In 1st Case Reviewed, Guantanamo Board Approves Release of Yemeni Held at Prison Since 2002
Russia's Human Rights Commissioner Confirms Plans to Visit Guantanamo on Jan. 17
US Military
Army Must Disclose Fate of $900 Million Stryker Part Stockpile
Reports of Sexual Assault Dip at Military Academies
Egypt Courts Jail 113 Pro-Morsi Protesters
Egypt Renews Detention of Al Jazeera Journalists
US to Start Libya Soldier Training Mid-Year
Libya Yanks Salaries for Militiamen in Bid to Gain Control
Ali Larayedh Resigns as Tunisia's PM to Make Way for Caretaker Government
Tunisia's Assembly Appoints Key Electoral Council
US Mission in South Sudan Shows Limits of Military
New Estimate Sharply Raises Death Toll in South Sudan
US Scrambles to Avert Civil War in South Sudan
US Officials Worry Over South Sudan Violence, May Cut Aid
Sudan Won't Form Joint Force to Guard South Sudan's Oil-Spokesman
South Sudan: Thousands Flee City as Government Troops Launch Offensive
South Sudan Rivals Battle Over Key Oil Region
South Sudan's Army Advances on Rebels in Bentiu and Bor
China's Oil Fears Over South Sudan Fighting
Central African Republic
French Troops Fail to Stop the Violence in Central African Republic
Central African Parliament Summoned by African Leaders in Chad
Government Says 34 Killed in Raid on Central Nigerian Village
Somalia's Al-Shabab Militants Issue Internet Ban
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